FAQ for Tildeverse by murteza | tildeverse BBJ

>0 murteza @ 2020/11/04 10:46

I suggest that we have a `faq` command for Frequently Asked Questions. It can be an alias for another clinte instance where we can ask and answer tildeverse related questions.

There are so many things to do here and one simply can forget what commands are available or which command was used for some particular thing.
You may thing that "We have `motd` for that!" but adding everything to motd is gonna make it too long. And remembering `motd` can be a challenge too.

Until such program or clinte board is created and being used serverwide, we probably can use this thread.

Using this thread for FAQ can get confusing since answers to questions can be far away from each other.

>1 murteza @ 2020/11/04 10:47

I set the wrong timezone during initial setup. How can I change the timezone now?

>2 murteza @ 2020/11/04 10:48


Use `welcome` command. It will run the initial setup program.