What are you plans for the summer? by nsturtz | tildeverse BBJ

>0 nsturtz @ 2021/05/27 13:32

What are are your plans for the summer, I plan on going hiking in the mountans.

>1 fenris @ 2021/05/29 16:27


>2 jacksonbenete @ 2021/05/29 21:51

After years out of the career, I'm going back to Software Engineering.
Pandemics frustrated my last plans and I'm running out of money.

I need to study and understand all the new tools and practices going on,
last time I've worked for a company was 2014, DevOps was not something 
practiced where I live, no one knew about docker and node was still starting.

Now there is a lot of those "new" things to learn and I don't even
know where to start.

Summer will be studying and looking for a job abroad.

>3 rmgr @ 2021/05/30 11:15

In the southern hemisphere here so summer's a way off but I'm hoping to get interstate on a rock climbing trip. I broke my leg, then got married, then old mate coronavirus happened and now we have a baby so climbing has definitely taken a bit of a back seat.

>4 mirage @ 2021/07/08 22:23

I finished my Chemistry class over summer for college, so next on the list is moving to my new place near Pearl Harbor. Moving is stressful af and the older I get, the less fond of it I become... but I am looking forward to finally getting AC. Especially the second half of Hawaiian summers, can be rather miserable without it.

>5 ben @ 2021/07/09 16:31

i proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes so we're engaged now!

got lots of other weddings to go to this summer. gonna try to get outside
as much as possible hiking with the dog and seeing friends now that we're
all vaccinated!

>6 Krabs @ 2021/07/11 03:20

I started my first software internship at the beginning of the summer. I'm really excited about it and I've already started doing things which is cool :). Also congrats ~ben!

>7 tomasino @ 2021/07/12 14:48


WOO! Congrats, Ben!