BBJ not displaying properly under TERM=screen-256color by klu | tildeverse BBJ

>0 klu @ 2020/09/16 17:28

Hi I noticed that BBJ can't display the grey text (and also the post editor, vim, in my case) when the TERM is scsreen-256color, which is what Tmux sets. When TERM is set to `xterm-256color`, it is then displayed properly.

Here's how it looks like:


I mean I could force set tmux's term to xterm-256color, but that's strongly adviced against by tmux FAQ[1]. And also, that makes other applications (e.g., alpine) displays strangely. So it feels like a bug for bbj, I think i'm too paranoid, but thought might still share it here :)


>1 klu @ 2020/09/16 17:29


Looks like BBJ also not displaying properly under the newer `tmux-256color` TERM

Looks like a reasonable work around is to force xterm-256color for only bbj:

    $ TERM=xterm-256color bbj

>2 tomasino @ 2020/09/16 19:51


Did i really not notice this until right now or is this a recent issue?