Old Gopher Users by gritty | tildeverse BBJ

>0 gritty @ 2022/03/30 13:40

Hey everyone,

I came across a really good dive into the history of Gopher by a new gopher user (szczezuja), and they were polling folks to see how the used the internet in the 90s and in particular if you used Gopher, and what you used it for, and what your thoughts were on it.

I'm reaching out to you all to see if there's anyone that wouldn't mind sharing their thoughts and I can pass along to szczezuja for their research.

You can find their multi-part dive into gopher here:

if you don't have a gopher client, Lynx from the commandline works perfectly well here, and may be even preferred.  If you prefer mobile, Lagrage is a great client for Android and iOS, and also has Windows and Mac binaries as well.

I've also posted this over on Lemmy (an alternative to Reddit), if you'd prefer to reply there:

I appreciate the sharing of any experiences!


>1 tomasino @ 2022/04/05 21:04


I'm a big gopher user. I run gopher.black and have for the past few years. in
the 90s I used it as well, but by the time I had a persistent internet
connection its influence was already fading.

Anyway, I'm a huge gopher enthusiast and apologist and I'm happy to talk about
it anytime.

>2 erase @ 2022/04/10 17:38


I'm a "new" gopher user (had made servers on and off since 2020 but have one set up permanently) and own a personal gopher hole and I prefer it over gemini and http for text information. Hosting a bunch of things in simple plain text is a better aesthetic in my opinion over the web since everything is more uniform while allowing enough creativity for uniquness (stuff like ascii art)