How would today's world look without JavaScript? by grizzly | tildeverse BBJ

>0 grizzly @ 2022/03/21 23:02

JavaScript is literally everywhere, even the settings in the new macOS are built in ReactJS, 99% of websites use JavaScript. Even our home machines are working with JavaScript like your smart washing machine or fridge.

So this is what I wonder, what would the world look like if JavaScript was never created?

Settings macOS in React:

>1 tomasino @ 2022/03/22 11:45


It'd just be something else. 12 years ago Flash had this sort of coverage on
the web and was also expanding into desktop apps with Air.

>2 jacksonbenete @ 2022/03/22 18:37

I agree with ~tomasino, Flash dominated web for a long time before.

I think that the world without JavaScript would be a better place.
Perhaps we wouldn't have as many programmers as we have today because
JavaScript is an "easy" language, part because it's a mess.
On the other hand "bad code" always existed (looking at php, also pearl), but
it's not totally bad because those languages were trying to solve
specific problems that were new back then and it's just normal
for things to take time to evolve, people write bad code in any language.

I don't like what the web turned to be, JavaScript is a memory leak fest,
but this is not only JS fault but also the change of paradigm to take
data prosessing from the backend to the client side.

Settings in macOS aren't written in React or JavaScript but only a specific panel
inside the iCloud configuration settings.
This probably explains why things were freezing when I was trying to invite
my sister to my iCloud family plan last week.
JavaScript is a mess.

But it's not going anywhere so soon, we have to deal with it or
just avoid the mainstream web.

>3 anthk @ 2022/04/05 17:58


Active X and Java plugins everywhere. Malware paradise.
GNU and BSD users get fed up
at the web for sure, recovering Gopher and NNTP much earlier
and setting up Gemini earlier, too.

>4 dozens @ 2022/04/06 19:11


According to legend, Eich wanted to use a lisp scripting language instead of a java-like.

The web scripting language would still have taken over the world. It might be more lispy is all)))))

>5 anthk @ 2022/04/18 18:24


I forgot, TCL would be today's JS. But without NPM.
Maybe with something like Mojolicious for TCL
and cool and secure C integration and sandboxing.

>6 ffuentes @ 2022/04/25 12:45

Honestly I don't hate javascript though I wish it didn't websites unusable in terminals and slow in old computers when it's overused (most of the time). I was learning React.js before landing my current job. 
For instance, javascript is great when you want a static website that has some dynamic capabilities.