Linux users out there; what WM/DE are you using? by aspect | tildeverse BBJ

>0 aspect @ 2023/02/05 07:16

I live in Awesome about 99% of the time these days because of how configurable it is but sometimes switch to gnome when I'm feeling like it.

>1 Thumos @ 2023/02/05 22:19


I sort of ran down the line: first Gnome, then Awesome, then Ratpoison, and now evilWM. I do most of my work in full-screen mode and just flip between desktops, rather than split the screen, so it works for me.

>2 fenris @ 2023/02/07 21:13

I started with Kde and switched to Fvwm2 later.
I had a lot of fun with Fvwm2 because its almost unlimited configurability.
Additionally I could use the same enviroment by just copying the ~/fvwmrc from
home to work.

When I stopped working in the IT industry I began to use Xfce at home.
I really like not to get annoyed by computer and Xfce2 gave it to me:
It just works and has all the desktop features I want.

>3 skolem @ 2023/02/10 01:10


I live inside xmonad+polybar. I really like declarative software.

>4 anthk @ 2023/02/13 11:20

Icewm, nothing fancy. I always run UXTerm and Tmux, so I could
use any minimal WM with the same keybindings everywhere.
I don't use CWM because moving windows under it always uses a 
full content refreshing compared to the 'wireframe' moving 
of most wm's, and my netbook it's an Atom so saving cycles 
it's always good.

>5 jdtron @ 2023/02/13 19:00

My first time with a WM was about 5 years ago with bspwm.
I loved that setup, but I switched to dwm a few months ago.

It has a super low memory footprint and runs smooth like butter,
even on older machines.

>6 taro @ 2023/02/15 14:45


I use i3 in my personal laptop and cwm at work. I am very happy with both, specially with
cmw, since it's minimal resource usage, easy to configure and I don't need any feature it hasn't the capability to do. I know many people really need all the bells and whistles found in other WM for a very good reason, but for me, they are a distraction. CWM helps me to focus on the task at hand.

>7 primenumber7 @ 2023/02/18 19:00

I've been using nearly bone stock KDE for a while now. 
The only modification I've made is to enable the full window title for
currently open windows in the taskbar. And on a low spec machine
I tend to stick with MATE. Also bone stock :P.
Maybe some day I'll not be lazy and actually try to rice my machines.

>8 nagi @ 2023/02/23 13:50

I use i3 (with i3blocks + rofi) as my main wm, its lightweight and powerful.
Before this one, i used GNOME for a long time and I feel like i3 is better if you take time for customize it.

Like, setup a cool theme (dracula), terminal, application launcher, binds, status bar, etc..
At the end I'm faster while working and it worths the effort !

>9 Shufei @ 2023/02/24 22:03

I kept stubbornly to MATE for so long, but recently gave in to
LXDE.  It works nicely for tablet, really.  Sometimes Iuse Xfce.

>10 anonymous @ 2023/03/01 07:24

I recently moved my laptop to fbterm. It's really pretty 
with background image and have 9 desktop. As xwindow is not
started it saved a load on battery. I also activated the 
mouse for copy and paste which is rarely useful. 

My main computer run i3 with nothing else, only keyboard
shortcut. So the difference with fbterm isn't big while
I'm in my terminal.

>11 gasconheart @ 2023/03/01 09:19


I usually install KDE or XFCE4, only to "downgrade" soon to Openbox. I like the looks of KDE, it looks fantastic, but it does not suit well my personal workflow. So I tend to use, view rather, KDE for some days, then I switch to Openbox. If I can't avoid having a permanent desktop environment, I leave XFCE4 installed instead, though. For example, in computers all my family use. KDE is heavy and bloated in my opinion, but XFCE4 is less heavy and intrusive.

In the machines only I use, I install Openbox. I have it very customized. Ask me for my dot files if you want! I have a dynamic menu for applications, automatically generated upon right-clicking on the desktop, and some key bindings for pseudo-tiling. I want to say "pseudo-pseudo-tiling", since I suspect these qualify as just tiling. Anyway, I have the perfect combination of floating and tiling--"perfect" for my workflow and to my liking.

>12 manul @ 2023/03/02 17:09

I use Gnome. I find it soothing and it gets out of my way. I have used awesome and KDE for long stretches of time, but they always seemed like too little or too much, respectively.

>13 savoy @ 2023/03/07 16:24

Been a bspwm user for a while now.

Went initially as a newish user for Linux to try out i3 after going from Cinnamon -> XFCE, but it may have been too big of a jump and I went back to XFCE. But I decided to give another go to tiling window managers as I became more terminal focused and saw recommendations for bspwm which I've been using for maybe like 5-6 years now.

It's the biggest reason I don't think I could make the jump to Wayland anytime soon; redoing a config i3-style for sway and having to replace different rofi plugins just seems like such a hassle.

>14 quark @ 2023/03/09 16:38

None. Nothing but tmux. :-)

>15 ekkie @ 2023/03/18 20:17

I used to use i3 exclusively. No need to recompile for config changes like with dwm, solid tray-icon support... But even with a well maintained git repo for my config files, getting everything up and running after a reinstall was still so much of a hastle that I ended up switching over to xfce. Funny thing is that my workflow barely changed, since I mostly used one window per workspace with i3, so now I just use alt-tab instead of workspace switching.

>16 lkh @ 2023/03/20 22:44



>17 anonymous @ 2023/03/27 12:53

I Mostly use suckless dwm. It's awesome!!

>18 ultrachip @ 2023/04/07 00:34

Cinnamon, because that's the default that came with Mint and I'm not really all that picky about it. 

I use Gnome at work because it's a requirement, and I've played around with KDE a few times just to see. They're both fine.

>19 anthk @ 2023/05/15 16:24

I've been using Emacs' EXWM under a week, replacing the 
whole CWM+Tmux+nchat+mupdf+herbe... workflow.

Tedious at fist, having to install Telega+Telega-alert+
pdf-tools+mu4e and a bunch of settings to make it as fast
as my previous env (which I keep in case of an emergency),
but overall except for a slight lag (compared to the ultra
blazing speed of cwm+tmux even on my Atom netbook) it
seems to work fine.

>20 sloan @ 2023/05/25 19:07

I've done a lot of environment-hopping and tinkering, and I've always come back to GNOME. I used to trick it out pretty far with extensions and such, but nowadays I pretty much just run it vanilla. It makes it easy to work with absurd numbers of windows, and I've always just liked it on an intuitive level.

As much as I adore lighter and especially tiling WMs, most of what I love about them is actually just what I like about tmux, so half my time is not really interacting with GNOME, just a fullscreen terminal environment.

>21 ultrachip @ 2023/05/26 13:49


I kinda feel similar sometimes - occasionally I get the urge to just boot in to multi-user and see how far I get before I miss graphical.

>22 anonymous @ 2023/06/04 22:36


>23 reallyniceusername @ 2023/06/08 11:47


Hyprland + waybar

>24 anonymous @ 2023/06/10 10:00

KDE Plasma, its really nice and with the Activities, i have a "3D" Layout for my Windows and Virtual Desktops.
I save my config with konsave and export it occasionally to be transportable

>25 userfxnet @ 2023/06/29 21:14


On my main linux boot-up, I use MX Linux w/ fluxbox over it. 

On my VM's I have an antix instance that uses IceWM which I enjoy navigating a lot. 

I think they both provide a pretty good workflow for what I need to do w/ music and docs.

>26 emymin @ 2023/07/08 13:42

Gnome (with a few extensions)! I find it delightful to use, especially on a laptop

>27 anonymous @ 2023/07/12 12:35

I am giving i3 another try. Generally, I find it exhausting when things don't work and if you don't use mainstream distro with its default DE that happens a lot.

>28 marikar @ 2023/07/12 13:59

I have using MATE for many years. But recently switched to a minimalist arrangement with blackbox and fbpanel.

>29 jazei @ 2023/07/19 17:41

Hi, have you got any data about the desktop Xfce of L. Mint?
I'm may be changing from cinnamon desktop to xfce DE... the technician will do it if he can...
the netbook work fine with cinnamon but I 'd like to test xfce...
Tnank and regards>>18

>30 anonymous @ 2023/08/12 22:45

We've been en>>5

>31 anonymous @ 2023/08/13 15:42

I only use the terminal

>32 fenris @ 2023/08/15 19:03


Go for it!

>33 maha @ 2023/08/18 17:52

i3wm + vim for most of my coding, simplicity and speed

>34 corey @ 2023/08/22 06:34

i3 on my Desktop (Arch). Will move to Awesome eventually.

I need something a bit more reliable on my laptop so I've been using KDE on Fedora.  Eventually Kinoite (sp?)

>35 anonymous @ 2023/08/23 22:20

If I ever use one, I think I will try KDE plasma for my first one.

>36 fishfinger @ 2023/08/28 08:46

FVWM (3) :-S

>37 userfxnet @ 2023/08/31 06:19


I'd like to update: my MX install now has Xfce. 
I have no VM's atm but would love to set one up w/
GNUstep. I'll update more soon.

>38 ceayo @ 2023/09/26 09:41


>39 darrenwjlau @ 2023/10/15 12:36

I use gnome on popos

>40 calor @ 2023/10/30 02:25

Went through MATE, gnome, the works, until I settled on awesomewm, might try hyprland at some point

>41 nebula @ 2023/10/30 21:28

i have tried a lot of them over the years. id say my favorite one ive ever used was EXWM, which is an X11 window manager built inside of Emacs, but ive lost my old config/code and it requires a lot of work to get it comfortably usable. StumpWM is good too.

in more recent years, i have gravitated towards KDE plasma and MATE. GNOME 3 never really clicked with me but i dont hate it. i liked gnome 2 back in the day. when i first started using linux over a decade ago, i REALLY liked compiz! i liked all the crazy 3d effects and glitter of it. but i dont really care for that anymore.

>42 iddqd404 @ 2024/01/11 21:21

Just wanted to leave my contribution to the thread:

I currently use XFCE on my main/work computer and jwm on my retrolaptop, which I use mainly to navigate the fediverse/tildeverse :)

>43 vagabond @ 2024/02/12 14:29

I run arch under cinnamon, but also a big fan of xfce.

>44 squidink @ 2024/02/12 23:12


right now i use KDE on my laptop and XFCE on my desktop. i have messed around with i3 and i do like it a lot, i think im going to switch to it when i eventually replace my laptop's distro.

>45 luchiz @ 2024/02/25 10:08

i3 all the way

>46 jazei @ 2024/03/10 10:51

Now I am using Lubuntu at netbook 2Gb RAM before was Linux Mint, then Win 10 and now Lubuntu with LXQt like my DE ( in another Desktop: still win7 I need to learn how to change boot order for put pendrive like first place to find drivers. I can not see where is this order... and old desktop win ME working fine. I will try Live-Lubuntu just for test.
Thank you! & Regards.
10/03 07:41hs (-0300).>>29

>47 cano @ 2024/03/14 16:41

I'm using Cinnamon on Linux Mint. In my eyes Cinnamon and KDE are the two "mainline" Linux desktops. I look forward to the day when the greater community agrees with me.

>48 anonymous @ 2024/03/22 22:57

I'm using Gnome, but I think I'm going to try out the fbterm and see if there's
anything good in it. I spend all my time in screen, so its basically doable except
that I need a good pdf reader, whether on fb or tty, I like to read in dark mode a
lot, idk. any advice or suggestions?

>49 etc404 @ 2024/04/03 17:31

I've always been a big fan of simple bspwm with sxhkd, it keeps everything nice and lightweight, and I like very keyboard-oriented setups ^^

>50 mjdxp @ 2024/04/18 21:07

Devout Xfce user here. Absolutely my favorite desktop compared to everything else I've used before. Its simplicity brings me back to the Windows XP era.

>51 anthk @ 2024/04/27 10:25


fbi/fim for images
fbpdf2 for PDF's 
fbpdf/fbpgs for PS'
mocp for music
imagemagick for image editing
mpv -vo drm || mplayer -fo fbdev2 for videos
nchat for telegram
irssi+bitlbee for IM+IRC.
Get the libpurple version, and install any
libpurple plugin to connect to odd 
protocols, such as Discord, Teams...

/usr/local/bin/fbplayer script:

echo -e '\033[?25l'
mplayer 2> /dev/null -really-quiet -vo fbdev2 "$@"
echo -e '\033[?25h'

Lynx and Links both can be set to open images with fim/fbi.

SDL1 games:

export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=fbcon

SDL2 games:

Configure your game to switch between fullscreen and software.
Crispy Doom and Wesnoth work fine.

For most cases, fbterm is not needed. Set up your TTY font for something
sane, such as ter-v18n which comes under the Terminus package.
In my distro, these are under /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/*, 
but you need to configure your terminal according to your distro.
Debian/Ubuntu has dpkg-reconfonfigure console-data or similar.
Parabola/Arch/ have similar settings. Hyperbola has these at

>52 tech64 @ 2024/05/05 20:50


Personally i use KDE as my daily driver, with the old Oxygen theme.
I am using a pretty stock configuration, but i have made a macOS style menubar with no dock,
I switch windows using a little menu in the corner, a bit weird but i like it.

>53 shrubbery @ 2024/05/21 23:36

For my work laptop, I spent some time getting Arch, KDE Plasma 6
and i3wm working together.

It's a nice combo, you get the 'niceties' and conveniences of a heavier DE,
with the tiling and organisation of i3.

I still need to sort out little quirks like the logout menu not working properly,
but overall, it works pretty well.

I was using Gnome with Pop OS Shell for a long time, and that worked pretty well
on Ubuntu without being too drastic a change. I ended up writing a plugin for
the launcher to grab browser tabs too from Firefox