Good news and bad news by tychi | tildeverse BBJ

>0 tychi @ 2020/09/27 20:28

Not real news, let's keep it personal.

Starting us off on a light note.

The good news is I got a haircut for the first time in a loooong time. The bad news is it's like, really, really short.

>1 anonymous @ 2021/12/09 01:49

this was a year ago, how is your hair now

>2 ogmios @ 2021/12/16 02:45

Well? How does it look now?

>3 anahata @ 2022/01/09 04:42

I also want to know about ~tychi's hair.

>4 fenris @ 2022/01/11 14:24

Me too.

>5 anonymous @ 2022/01/23 18:23

Same. Really want to know about haircut! 

I'm super overdue for a haircut, and starting to mind it. I'm nearing 40 and still hate the interaction of delivering a haiku to the person "this much off the sides, this much on top" or showing them a picture .. only to have them gland at it and then give me the haircut the think would look best on me, or their interpretation of my haiku. 

All of this is probably in large part due to the fact that I'm a kinda cheapskate when it comes to paying for haircuts. But it just keep growing back and I guess I'll be in this loop until i change my strategy. 

So .... totally wanna hear about haircuts! :)