What have you guys been working on? by clone | tildeverse BBJ

>0 clone @ 2018/08/08 03:12

I'm interested in hearing what you all have been working on. I just joined tilde.team and i'm looking for ideas/inspiration. The first order of buisness is to relearn html and attempt to make a decent page.

>1 ubergeek @ 2018/08/08 11:32


I'm dipping my feet into this tilde, and looking for "cleanup tasks" that people ask for in solutions already deployed here.

But, mostly IRC, lol

>2 cmccabe @ 2018/08/08 13:38


Hey ubergeek! One long-term goal of tilde.team is to build an environment in which users of any skill level can advance their skills with the GNU/Linux operating system.  If you're looking for cleanup tasks, or even content development tasks, your help with building supporting material or tools would be really valuable.

As one example, I put together a starting-from-zero guide to the command line here: https://tilde.team/wiki/?page=cli-for-beginners

And we have a "learning opportunities" page that always needs help: https://tilde.team/wiki/?page=learning-opportunities

If this is your thing, there are many opportunities on or off the wiki to make tilde.team a challenging and supportive environment for learners.

>3 ubergeek @ 2018/08/08 23:19


Thanks for the heads up on where to look for :)

>4 tomasino @ 2018/08/15 23:51



This is the new pb utility running here on team. It does what
the old one did and has some new tricks. Check out help with
the -h option, or browse the git repo. Please let me know if
you find any bugs.

>5 aewens @ 2018/09/07 02:29


I've currently worked on the 0x0 instance here (0x0.tilde.team, now ttm.sh), the locate-user tilde script, and the IRC bot BabiliBot.

My current projects are to create a digital currency that can be exchangable across other tilde servers (I'm currently working with someone at ~town on this) and creating a general purpose authentication systems (and to potentially work across other tilde servers maybe?).

>6 dpc @ 2018/09/07 04:39

im just bad at everything and am struggling to make my gopher site looool

>7 khuxkm @ 2018/09/07 13:44


can I work with you guys? that sounds cool!

>8 tomasino @ 2018/09/09 17:28


Hit me up if you have any gopher questions. I'm always happy to help. You can
find me on IRC in #team or #meta, or on irc.sdf.org in #gopher.

>9 khuxkm @ 2018/09/09 20:25


I'm working on a PyWright case called "Blue Zircon: My Turnabout Diamond". It's based on Steven Universe.

>10 murii @ 2018/10/11 13:16

Currently I'm working on my bachelor degree thesis which consists of a game made in my game framework and language: 

>11 ben @ 2018/10/11 16:14


heh gitgud

i feel like i've made that joke before...

>12 ben @ 2018/10/15 15:27

latest projects are:

* bbj improvements - https://github.com/desvox/bbj/projects/1
* twtxt registry - https://tildegit.org/tildeverse/twtxt-registry
* SLBR - https://tildegit.org/tildeverse/SLBR (also https://slbr.tildeverse.org)

>13 fessus @ 2018/11/05 07:19

I'm working on a gpu accelerated frequent contrast pattern mining tool for some scientific research in my lab. I'd like to use it to show how individual genetic variations map to different health outcomes. Ideally, you can build a causality tree which incorporates all of the base level logical operations (AND, OR, NOT) and show exactly how an individual feature from your dataset interacts with outer features to affect the final health outcome.

>14 LickTheCheese @ 2019/10/01 21:25

Im working on a weird online public database for QR codes (for orginizing papers and stuff) (lol i stole tilde.team's css colors)

* GitHub  - https://github.com/LickTheCheese/qrchive
* Website - http://qrchive.tk/

>15 codingquark @ 2019/10/11 06:14

Been trying to package some stuff for Debian.

>16 LickTheCheese @ 2019/10/13 01:21


are you going to put your packages on the Debian repos?

>17 ngp @ 2019/10/13 01:40

I've been working on cleaning up a durable queue library I wrote for the Go programing language.

The library can be found here: https://github.com/chiefnoah/goalpost
I'm also working on a blog post about it, hosted on ~club: https://tilde.club/~ngp/blob/posts/goalpost/

>18 gingertek @ 2019/11/22 02:46


I'm still python and flask development. I really like virtual environments, never used those before.
I like how all the libs and stuff I need is packaged up along with my app; very portable.

Still getting used to the syntax (subcontiously still type ; and {} lol)

Pretty great language, and the performance is really good, despite being an interpretted language.

>19 a @ 2019/12/17 14:35

https://senpai.cf - Main Website
https://npmjs.com/packages/mincdn - Mintifying css, html and js
https://tilde.club/~kuteshi - christmas version website
That's about it. Also my discord bot (rikka (invite.gg/rikka)
I have a assload of stuff to do atm. But it's all working out so I'm happy.

>20 thecomputergeek @ 2020/01/09 12:05

Working on getting my website back up after moving the stuff for it to here.
Also, need to clean up my Tech Room and start a massive editing project for a recently recorded video.

>21 blitzkraft @ 2020/01/17 03:49


I'm working on developing a python/django based video content selling system - like youtube but only for paid users. 

Today, I replaced switches in my mouse. Applied to a few jobs.

>22 thecomputergeek @ 2020/01/19 02:21


What mouse? And I guess the old switches just wore out?

>23 blitzkraft @ 2020/01/20 00:38


Logitech M705. Yeah. I've been using it for over 3 years now. Old ones were Omrons. Got a few new C&K ones from digikey. The new ones are heavier switches.

>24 antharia @ 2020/01/21 21:34

I don't know if it is "work" but i'm writing a (kind of) lisp language in C based on 'Build your own lisp' online book.

>25 blitzkraft @ 2020/01/24 20:29


Neat. Is the book free? I'd like to try and follow too.

>26 antharia @ 2020/01/24 23:43

Yep. You can read it online for free.

>27 a @ 2020/02/23 11:13

Adding to this, I've been distro hopping around for a while, and started on Gnome Fedora.
After understanding that gnome ate way too much resources, I changed to Manjaro KDE.
You can see the long story in my discord server (posted in brackets on >>19).

>28 antharia @ 2020/02/24 07:36

I finished reading 'Build your own lisp' (free online book). I started another C learning project : 
Build your own text editor - https://viewsourcecode.org/snaptoken/kilo/
It's a terminal text editor in 1000 lines of code.

I build a small shell too.
Write a shell in C - https://brennan.io/2015/01/16/write-a-shell-in-c/

I tried to build a virtual machine with this tutorial :
Write your Own Virtual Machine - https://justinmeiners.github.io/lc3-vm/index.html
But I felt that it eludes the essential part (bitwise operations and stuff).

>29 seisatsu @ 2020/06/25 18:49

For a few years off and on, I've been working on a MUD sandbox called Dennis. It's a multiplayer text adventure that starts with a single empty room, and the users can create new rooms, exits between rooms, and items, and then give them descriptive text and other attributes, using in-game commands. There's also a built-in chat system. The world isn't very interactive yet, but it's fun as a collaborative world-building exercise. It's inspired by the older and more powerful ifMUD, which is frequented by many contemporary interactive fiction authors. There's more info on my public HTML/Gemini pages, or you can try the telnet service on localhost port 37381.

>30 skeetcha @ 2020/07/28 21:46

I've been working on an EP of original songs (that I recorded guitar parts for
last night; thanks not-playing-guitar-for-a-long-time for giving me a blister
on my thumb) alongside a book and a video game in the same universe and another
book inspired by both the Harry Potter series and the pantheon I created for
a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I wrote a while ago that is based on the
Celtic wood calendar. Hopefully I'll be able to release my EP soon, but I still
have a lot to record for that (like piano, vocals, some bass--I don't own a
bass guitar--and some form of percussion--I don't own a drumset nor could I play

>31 isvarahparamahkrsnah @ 2020/07/30 14:44

Been working on a unified Linux experience for my phone and netbook