what programming language do you hate the most? by reddish | tildeverse BBJ

>0 reddish @ 2022/03/23 20:42

i think the programming language that i hate is Java.

>1 jacksonbenete @ 2022/03/24 13:48

I used to hate PHP when I didn't wanted to work with PHP but I had to.
I used to hate JavaScript when I didn't wanted to work with JS but I had to.

Apart from thinking that some language wasn't nicely designed, I don't really
hate anything I guess, despite not wanting to touch it.

I try not to shit on languages, such as PHP, because there are a lot of families
that have food on their tables because of it.
Same for any other language.

Apart from a language not being as good as it could be, the problem lies on
JavaScript code can have a lot of memory leak and performance problems,
and so can have a C code from an unexperienced C programmer.

Part of the problem is from the education "system", maketing that
programming is easy, and that anyone can get rich and work with a laptop
on the beach.
Those courses teaches you the bare minumum, and due to the high demand,
those people lacking understanding and knowledge will get hired anyways,
and bad code will happen.

As for Java, I personally don't like the verbosity, and I used to
"hate" it as well.
But nowadays even though I still don't use Java on my projects,
I think that someone that know Java well, is a very good programmer.
A strongly typed language and a very strict syntax like Java
demands a lot of discipline, and that's something that can tell
a lot about you as a professional.
The Java ecosystem is also very good and consistent, high a very high
quality. There is a reason that the industry will rely on Java
for their business. You don't want to have your Bank infrastructure
written on JavaScript.

Java nowadays is just some syntax, you can take advantage of the JVM
and the Java ecosystem by using other JVM languages, like
Clojure and Scala.
So learning and working with Java can be good not only because of
the discipline and good practices (design patterns) you'll have to learn
but also the Java ecosystem that will be useful even if you're working
with some other languages like Scala, Clojure and Kotlin.

>2 jdtron @ 2022/03/29 17:58

I'd say that I hate JS the most.
It's a total mess and trying to do it in a nice way usually ends in
a lot of WTFs and/or a massive toolchain, that is sometimes harder
to maintain than the code itself.

Maybe it's just me, but I only work with it if I absolutely have to.

I have to deal a lot with PHP, which I don't like that much either.
The language is inconsistent and I personally don't like to rewrite half
of my codebase every time a major update takes place.
PHP became sort of comfortable with Laravel again, but just because
Laravel is so well done.

As a word for closing:
Nowadays I mostly like working with compiled langages, that produce a real binary.
Like Go, Rust or sometimes C++, mostly because of the advantages of a compiler.

>3 anonymous @ 2022/04/03 22:26

javascript first, rust second

>4 anonymous @ 2022/04/12 06:21


Speaking as someone who started programming with Java,
the bloated syntax makes me never want to come back. 
That said, scala and clojure interest me so I 
might come back to to the JVM.

>5 ccodelang @ 2022/05/01 01:49

I hate javascript.  It just breaks every 5 seconds.

>6 stern @ 2022/05/14 22:13

I don't like Perl, I really don't like Perl.