bsd by ben | tildeverse BBJ

>0 ben @ 2018/10/20 04:51

so i guess a lot of tilde purchasing decisions happen under the influence...

i've provisioned a bsd vps from (a company run by a friend on

with some help from ~aewens, it's now been set up to use the same ~/.ssh/authorized_keys that you use on proper.

log in when you have a chance! not sure what we're going to do with it..

but BSD!!

>1 ben @ 2018/10/26 21:42

so the webserver is set up properly to serve your public_html at$user. php is working too!

mailserver seems to be working as well.

>2 ben @ 2019/01/12 22:33

i've upgraded to freebsd 12-RELEASE and rebooted for the new kernel. i also posted about this on the mailing list but i figured i should drop a note here too :)

>3 ben @ 2019/02/10 05:21

i thought that i had bbj integration set up on but it's not currently working

one shared bbj server for the tildeverse is coming though!