Too many channels? by cano | tildeverse BBJ

>0 cano @ 2021/02/27 07:10

Are there too many communication channels?

We have the BBJ, IRC, mailing list, and whatever else. I don't think the Tildeverse is large enough to warrant having so many different platforms just to make posts.

I'd say it definitely thins the community out to have so many, though I definitely understand WHY there are so many...

That's just my two cents though. What do you guys think?

>1 tomasino @ 2021/02/27 15:33

Eh, you're probably right. We don't get a lot of traffic in the boards here when there's IRC for casual chat and the fediverse stuff. Net news is even more sparse. Even so, I like having these things. If the tildeverse has taught me anything it's that we don't need a lot of traffic for a thing to be successful. If bbj gets 2 posts a week and people are having fun then it's working.

>2 voytek @ 2021/03/02 21:52


The proliferation of various chats has really gotten to me. 
I'm constantly on Teams at work, there are discords for 
various hobbies and games, a couple of buddies set up a Slack. 
I tried to remain active on IRC but there's only so much attention.

I like the boards in particular because when I have a few 
quiet cycles to spare, I can log in and check it. 
And if I get interrupted mid-thought (as I did a few 
minutes ago) I can just leave the terminal open and not 
have to worry about getting back, or remembering what I was going to say.

For people who love the immediacy of chat, IRC is great. 
This works better for me, and I'm glad it's around.


>3 cano @ 2021/03/03 06:08


I agree with you; IRC and BBJ are fantastic to have around. Everything else goes by the wayside to me. I wish that these boards were more active.

>4 tomasino @ 2021/05/06 10:27


Our net news communications have been steadily increasing. We used to get a message per week and now we tend to get several per day. It's pretty exciting. It fits the same niche as bbj, so I can understand people not being on both. I just need to remind myself occasionally that the tildeverse proves a thing doesn't need to be popular to be successful. A little use is just fine.

>5 dgy @ 2021/05/06 23:14

They're different ways of communicating different matters. IRC style bantering here is rather difficult here. Long form posting like in newsgroups wouldn't work in irc either.

They all fill a need. That said, i need to start paying more attention to nntp again