BBJ vs IRIS by gtlsgamr | tildeverse BBJ

>0 gtlsgamr @ 2022/07/08 18:00

So I am a part of as well as, and both have their own bbs implementations. (bbj, iris). Personally I prefer iris as it is much more cleaner on the screen and easier on the eyes. BBJ on the other end looks very intuitive and with an easy learning curve. That also brings me to the question, are both of these homegrown? In the tildeverse? 

Would love to know your thoughts.

>1 tomasino @ 2022/07/08 18:05


Yep, both home grown, but I believe iris has had continued development.

>2 gtlsgamr @ 2022/07/08 18:08

That is so good to know! I wonder why this BBS culture died out.

>3 jacksonbenete @ 2022/07/08 23:20


It not really died.
It might have died quite a bit on the West, but it's still used in many places.

PTT is a Taiwanese BBS, it still have half a million new comments every day.
BBS are still quite famous on Japan as well, and many other services
have evolved from BBS, such Textboards (2channel and many others).

The evolution of Textboards are Imageboards, the most famous
one might be 4chan over here.

So, at least the legacy of BBS are still around, but PTT is not going
anywhere so soon. BBS will probably always exists.

I think that reddit, hn and other "news aggregators" might be the
modern iteration of the idea, but with social media features
(like, share, etc).

I don't like social media, so I prefer BBS and Textboards,
but I use reddit to visit some IT subs.

>4 anthk @ 2022/07/20 20:37

On Reddit I suggest you goppher://
under Lynx.

>5 jacksonbenete @ 2022/07/21 17:35


That's very very cool, thank you for sharing.
Now I have an alias for it. haha

alias reddit='lynx $lcfg gopher://'

What are your lynx config by the way? If you're not using default.

>6 anthk @ 2022/07/22 22:39

I use 'export LYNX_CFG=$HOME/.lynx.cfg' in my ~/.profile

I copied /etc/lynx.cfg to ~/.lynx.cfg and mainly I have this
changes in order to call some tools to see images and 

VIEWER:application/postscript:gv %s&
VIEWER:image/gif:nsxiv -a %s&
VIEWER:image/x-xbm:nsxiv -a %s&
VIEWER:image/png:nsxiv -a %s&
VIEWER:image/tiff:nsxiv -a %s&
VIEWER:image/jpeg:nsxiv -a %s&
VIEWER:video/mpeg:mpv %s &

Don't add them as they are, but look up for these lines 
and change them accordingly.