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>0 deepend @ 2019/04/24 01:24

How to participate in tildeverse news using alpine.

1. Start alpine


2. Press "S" to get to the Setup menu

3. Press "C" to get to the Configuration screen

4. For NNTP server, Change the value to

5. Exit Setup and save your changes.

6. Now, from the main screen in alpine, Press "L" to go to your folder list. You should see a new folder list called "News on". Select this collection and Press > or Enter to view it.

7. At first it will be empty. Press "A" to add groups.

8. Alpine will ask you to enter a newsgroup name. You can enter "*" to see all the groups.

9. From here you can select a group to add, or Press "L" to enter List Mode which lets you select multiple groups. The yourtilde.general group is a good place to start.

10. Press "S" to subscribe to the selected group(s).

11. Now you should be back in your folder list and your subscribed groups will be visible. To see the news in a group, select the group and press > or Enter.

12. From here you can read articles, reply to articles, or post a new article. Consider reading these guidelines:

Guide created by: ~dbucklin

Information can also be found on

>1 tomasino @ 2019/04/27 01:30


Tilde Net News is now syncing between,,,, and Most
systems have private groups available only on their respective
systems. Any groups that start with tilde.* are shared amongst all
the systems. Post in one and we can see it from any system.

In addition to the alpine instructions above, you can also use
slrn (aliased as "news" on It's a more dedicated
newsgroup reader that you may enjoy.