How often do you visit, and how often do you interact with others? by Frostcake | tildeverse BBJ

>0 Frostcake @ 2023/01/10 01:04

Personally I'm too shy to interact much with the people on here, but I thought I'd give it a shot today through the bulletin board. How often do you log on, and how often do you interact with the people on here?

>1 fenris @ 2023/01/11 16:06

I log on the system several times a day.
But I don't interact besides of bbj.

>2 marval @ 2023/01/19 08:49

I log pretty much every day, but I also don't interact much.
I think people here mostly interact via irc, but I wish slower channels (like the bb) would be more active.

Aside for irc and bbj what do people use the most here?

>3 preger @ 2023/01/23 03:54

haven't felt this excited to be on something new on the Internet since back in the day when I had a Netcom shell account. Plan on checking in daily.>>OP

>4 bradbrownjr @ 2023/01/25 01:48

Yeah, this is great. I love the low-tech lifestyle. So much less noise compared to the modern web.

I leave it logged in with a tmux session keeping windows open to IRC, BBJ, and Alpine. I try to check in throughout the day, but often get distracted by life and forget to return for days at a time.