Facebook is down. Long live Tildeverse! by peron | tildeverse BBJ

>0 peron @ 2021/10/04 20:29

Today, Facebook has fallen!
Several associated data-gathering enterprises dependant of their co0mputer systems also interrupted their activities.

Since I use Federated services, I feel safe.
Anyone experienced difficulties on the Tildeverse while FB is going down?

>1 jacksonbenete @ 2021/10/07 18:30


Well I don't visit Tildeverse everyday so I didn't noticed any issues.
I still don't know why FB went down as I'm not paying much attention
to newspaper lately.

But I can say that, I felt free and easier without my phone alerting
about new messages on WhatsApp.
There's something really nice about being unreachable, I guess that's
about peace...
I'm a Software Engineer but I kind of hate technology.
At least, I hate what it turned to be, I used to like.

>2 rmgr @ 2021/10/07 22:55


I've recently turned off most of my notifications and it's heavenly. I leave my SMS app unmuted as I figure if it's REALLY important people are going to call me or send a text.

>3 ew0k @ 2021/10/10 06:21


The short of it is that facebook f-ed up their BGP (border gateway protocol) settings, causing their entire network to effectively disconnect from the internet. This even included the security of their offices and data centers: they had employees not able to enter because the card readers didn't work :D

I'm actually becoming quite fond of twtxt as an alternative. Have a couple of projects around that I'm working on.

>4 jacksonbenete @ 2021/10/10 18:10


Interesting, didn't knew about twtxt.
Sometimes I think about implementing my own protocol
and service, just for fun.

I'm thinking about something like gopher/gemini, but in a format like
microblogging, but when you submit a "post", you also generate a
document to be accessed like a hole/capsule.

I don't know if it would work, but sometimes I like to think about
new ways of doing things. :P

>5 skye @ 2021/10/11 02:55


I made a rudimentary version of something like what you were describing using cgi scripts on here. gopher://tilde.team/1/~skye/bbs . maybe you could take some inspiration from that?

>6 ew0k @ 2021/10/13 06:40


This page has the same format as a twtxt registry would deliver when asked for all posts: gemini://warmedal.se/~antenna/twtxt.txt

And here the same page is rendered in a more gemini-friendly format: gemini://warmedal.se/~antenna/twtxt.gmi

I think that's a pretty good compromise. Of course the main issue with twtxt is the same as RSS/Atom: no push updates. I guess that's the problem your custom protocol could solve.