Poll about emil agent by erxeto | tildeverse BBJ

>0 erxeto @ 2019/04/03 13:52

Hi folks !

I was thinking about writing some documentation about email (and maybe
more) encryption using GnuPG. The target would be not-so-techy tilde
users. And the objective would be that anybody can use public key
encryption if they want to with minimal hassle.

I would like to know what people use for handling email, as I've been
using mutt for so long I don't really know what other folks do.

Please answer to this post (I'll publish it also on mailing list and
maybe tilde.news) with your combo of OS/email agent or simply with a
"not interested".

That way  I'll have an  idea of what config  examples to include  on the
docs or that perhaps there's no interest at all in this and I can use my
time on other stuff ...

That's it, please take a couple of minutes to answer this ;-)

Have a nice day !

>1 eli_oat @ 2019/04/06 02:22

>>OP I've always used mutt, too, but recently started to play around
with Alpine since it seems to be available on many tilde servers.

>2 tomasino @ 2019/04/08 03:10


I think you got most of your answers on the mailing list, but just for the
record I use Thunderbird, alpine, and K9. I will on occasion use mutt or mail
but only in brief.

>3 Zeth @ 2019/04/10 11:29


I've been using neomutt which handles pretty much like mutt except with nice side-bar. The thing can be set up automagically using Luke Smith's [mutt-wizzard](https://github.com/LukeSmithxyz/mutt-wizard) - now I did end up fiddling with the setup afterwards, I guess some guide to how to do these things manually would be nice.

>4 ben @ 2019/04/10 16:06


what's the differentiation between mutt and neomutt? i haven't found a notable difference, but then again, i'm not a power user by any stretch of the word.

>5 Zeth @ 2019/04/11 08:45

Neither am I to be fair. I think the difference is mostly visual - there is the sidebar which you can customize. Aside from that, I've heard that it had some fixes patched from the upstream while mutt is still taking time to implement them.
>Neomutt is not a fork of mutt but rather the upstream mutt with extra patches applied, nicely organized into a project and maintained across many distributions.

There was a blog post in that regard I guess: https://hobo.house/2016/08/08/switching-from-mutt-to-neomutt/

Also seems like bbj doesn't handle markdown syntax for links. Oh well

>6 tfurrows @ 2019/04/11 17:02


For my part, I use alpine. No particular reason, just started using it once upon a pine and can't stop. It's often available, so that helps.

>7 Zeth @ 2019/06/05 10:19

I've recently discovered how to convince alpine to use vim for text editing rather than it's default pico editor:
To use vim as an editor for emails in Alpine instead of pico:
  - *S* for Setup
  - *C* for Configuration
  - enable *Enable Alternate Editor Implicitly* option
  - change the *editor* option to "vim"
  - *E* for exit, *Y* for yes to commit changes

>8 notopygos @ 2019/07/21 19:19

I've always used claws mail, I never understood mutt and other cli email clients

Claws Mail is simple and light weight, I've also used thunderbird before claws
but it was too heavy for me (slow startup)

>9 Zeth @ 2019/08/19 10:01

Thanks to Luke Smith and his stubborness, there's now new and improved version of a script he's called "Mutt-wizard" which simplifies the process of setting mutt up with relatively minimal dependencies - I've been using it on both of my machines with relative ease. You can check it out at https://github.com/LukeSmithxyz/mutt-wizard

Also Arch users can simply get it from the AUR.

>10 lugubris @ 2019/09/12 16:48

mu4e ftw!

>11 LickTheCheese @ 2019/09/14 14:03

i use Alpine because i dont have Pageup and Pagedown keys on my keyboard, so its harder for me to scroll in mutt

>12 snowcrash @ 2019/09/26 00:38


But that would mean I'd have to learn emacs.. something that my brain has resisted for years :(

>13 ben @ 2019/09/26 15:41


have you tried fn + arrow keys? i've found that's a common keybind for it!

>14 l4p1n @ 2019/09/29 14:11


I use Thunderbird with Enigmail on ArchLinux for my day to day email needs.

Nearly every mail is signed with my GPG key when it makes a bit of sense or I don't want to scare the non tech workers at the state or something else. Could put a bit of an explaination about what the heck is the seamingly random string of letters and numbers :p

>15 LickTheCheese @ 2019/10/01 02:04


no its not (i dont have a Fn key because its a chromebook with Arch installed on it) and ctrl+arrow is also not mapped, but i ended up binding my volume keys to pgup and pgdn using xmodmap
so i guess i have no excuse now