Puttygen for pairs fo keys in Win7 by jazei | tildeverse BBJ

>0 jazei @ 2023/04/18 19:46

hi,anyone uses puttygen for get keys for ssh in win? [ES] Spanish better

>1 jazei @ 2023/04/19 19:27

If you want to write a tutorial about make and using pairs keys SSH on Windowsfor put in tilde.team first steeps .  
Write here.

>2 ultrachip @ 2023/04/19 22:41


I don't know if this helps or if you really want to stick with Putty, but Windows has a native OpenSSH implementation these days. That's what I used back when I was still on Windows - it has a few small quirks compared to the Linux build but for the most part it works the same.

>3 jazei @ 2023/04/20 01:15

It is an alternative, not everyone has the latest windows, and also putty runs on all windows (and linux too, but of course in linux the terminal is superior to everything). and also mainly the tilde.team tutorial lacks support for putty is not even mentioned and I do not want others to go through the same thing that happened to me when using putty. that's why I want to make a tutorial on the use of putty, so that others do not go through the same thing that happened to me. Putty is not even mentioned in tilde.team. 

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