Christmas around the world by jacksonbenete | tildeverse BBJ

>0 jacksonbenete @ 2021/11/14 20:37

So, I know that people here are from all around the world.

I've been thinking, Christmas is so close and I'm clueless where to go.

I was living alone on Argentina until March when my parents asked me
to visit them until Covid ends (they were infected and afraid).
They're fine now, and I've been in Brazil (were they live) since then.

Now they're selling the house and moving to the countryside.
Since they're fine and healthy, I'll not go with them, it's time for
me to go my own way again.

Christmas is close so I've been thinking, although I don't have much
money I can travel, and I was thinking were would be a good place to
be at Christmas.
Maybe would be a good experience being on nature during Christmas?

Where would you go, or where would you suggest me if you've travelled
during Christmas before.

I guess most places shutdown (restaurants and such) at least in my country,
so I wonder if there is any place around the world were people don't
stay shut on their houses during Xmas.

Where will you be this Christmas and what you'll be doing?

>1 mieum @ 2021/11/15 02:33


I'll be at home with our soon-to-be-born third child. By then I will
be finished with my dissertation, so I expect that it will be an
especially cozy holiday season around here finally being done with
school :)

>2 jacksonbenete @ 2021/11/21 19:12


Hey mieum, congratulations for your third child!
I wish you a beautiful holiday with your family.
I'm happy to see that tildeverse members are doing well.

What is your dissertation theme/topic?

>3 mieum @ 2021/11/22 08:52


Thanks jacksonbenete :)

My paper is in the field of philosophy of education.
It's on a kind of "ecological" interpretation of learning
as the "cultural inhabitation of nature" and all the fun 
and interesting ideas that sprout from that perspective.

7+ plus years in the making, and about a week left to go @_@

>4 hakushu @ 2021/11/28 10:11


In Australia there are so many beautiful places to spend time in nature if you can get all the way down here. Summer is great, and this year won't be as dry and scorching.