introductions by ben | tildeverse BBJ

>0 ben @ 2018/06/11 05:31

thought it might be nice to have an introduction thread now that we have our very own bbj :)

i'm ~ben. i'm a software developer in michigan and i created a little over a year 
ago when i found and was unable to join. so here we are!

i like sysadmin stuff, writing nice code, and playing some videogames (destiny 2 has been my
main addiction lately).

hit me up on irc if you need anything!

>1 cmccabe @ 2018/06/12 17:05

i'm ~cmccabe, as you might infer from my username.  i'm the resident social science geek who initially got into computers through data analysis.  now my interests have gravitated to exploring and evangelizing non-commerical shell-based communities like  

i am interested in connecting and supporting shell-based communities and bringing people together in recognition of their societal value.  as corporate giants expand their control over an ever greater percentage of the information we see (both through news media and social network sites), non-commercial alternatives are increasingly important. to me, this is what is all about.

i also like programming on the unix os just for fun.  all i need is more time!

finally, i'm from maryland and if i'm not online here, i might in my canoe on the potomac river -- although occasionally i'm online *and* in the canoe on the potomac. :)

>2 ben @ 2018/06/12 19:51


enjoy nature a bit. disconnect for a while :P

>3 khuxkm @ 2018/07/07 00:34

Hi! I'm ~khuxkm, or ~minerobber (if you know me from elsewhere), or MineRobber9000, or... you know what? I have too many names.

I'm a sysadmin here and I try to be helpful. If you have any questions, I may be able to help.

>4 tomasino @ 2018/07/29 23:41


I'm tomasino. I run a team (or a couple of teams depending on the time)
of developers in a marketing agency specialized in healthcare. Our
clients are mostly big pharma. It's pretty evil work, but hopefully it
will be ending for me soon.

I'm a gopher evangelist. I guess I'm generally a CLI evangelist. You can
find me on gopher here, or more actively on I write a lot.

That's my other thing. I like writing. Coding is good to pay the bills,
but writing is my fun zone. I have some in-progress stories on gopher
that you're welcome and encouraged to check out.

I play some instruments. I'm a dual Italian/USA citizen, currently in
Pennsylvania, USA. I'm soon to be headed to Iceland. Depending on when
you read this, I may have already gone!

I squat in IRC and like chatting. Hit me up.

>5 aewens @ 2018/07/31 03:27

Greetings, I'm ~aewens. I'm a systems engineer, software developer, and graphics designer. You can find me here and there on the IRC (particularly on #chaos) and may come to interact with my bot, BabiliBot. You may also see some of my design work on,, and maybe more along the way.

>6 brendantcc @ 2018/08/20 01:19

G'day, i'm brendantcc, but you can call me Brendan. I probably shouldn't be writing here, as from what I can tell, this is just intros for the sysadmins. 
I'm just a kid who loves tech, I suppose. Sad part is, I have to suck up with Windows on a Pentium processor, n 4GB ram.
I really don't have much to say, except if you want to chat with  me, i'm on the irc pretty often, so try and get in
touch with me there, making sure you highlight me, or you can email me:
[HOME (I use this the most)]:
[~TEAM (not as often, but I still use this)]:
See you around, I suppose. :)

>7 anonymous @ 2018/08/23 18:05


Not just for sysadmins -- this thread is for anyone in ~team to introduce themselves. :)

>8 ben @ 2018/08/23 18:06


that's right! maybe it looked like sysadmins only because they responded first?

>9 brendantcc @ 2018/08/29 04:27

and ben wins the prize! :D

>10 dpc @ 2018/09/06 11:12


how the heckie do you still use a pentium in 2018 lmao

i'm dpc and my only talent is shitposting

>11 anonymous @ 2018/09/06 20:29


No shitposting please. We prefer people who put effort into making quality contributions to the community.

>12 khuxkm @ 2018/09/06 20:58


No ShItpOsTiNg PlEaSe. We PrEfEr PeOpLe WhO pUt EfFoRt InTo MaKiNg QuAlItY cOnTrIbUtIoNs To ThE cOmMuNiTy.

>13 dpc @ 2018/09/07 00:38

All posts must be constructive and contribute to the well-being of this society.

>14 dozens @ 2018/10/11 00:28

my name is dozens and I like to make constructive shitposts that contribute to
the well-being of this society.



>15 jk008 @ 2018/10/11 07:22


I'm jk008 (of course, that's not my real name). My hobbies
are  programming, sketching and puzzling. I came across
~team by chance, and I'm still a new user.

I'm really busy these days, having a lot of work to do and a
personal project at hand alongwith it.


>16 murii @ 2018/10/11 12:55

Hi! My name is Muresan Vlad Mihail, known on the internet as murii. I'm a CS student in Romania,Arad, currently in 3rd year. 
I work as a software developer for 2 years in C++ and Java. I enjoy coding and learning as much as possible. 
In my free time I work on my programming language and my games!>>OP

>17 ben @ 2018/10/11 16:10

welcome to! 

feel free to holler if you need anything!

>18 calypso @ 2018/10/23 17:01

hi, i'm calypso. nice to meet you, i do embedded systems programming and reverse engineering

>19 limni @ 2018/11/10 01:16

howdy! my name is limni, and i'm a weird internet person.

i'm not terribly good at computers, but i enjoy learning new things and exploring interesting corners of the web.

i'm currently trying to wrap my head around haskell, and have been tinkering with a disassembly of sonic 1 as a way of learning 68k asm.

cats are cool.

>20 erxeto @ 2018/11/10 16:34


hey limni, welcome !

there are some sysadmings and developers on ~team. Feel free to ask if you have any doubts or need help with any tech subject. I'm sure you'll get help pretty quickly ;-)

>21 limni @ 2018/11/10 21:52


thanks! and if i see an opportunity to help, i'll try to chime in, as well. C:

>22 anonymous @ 2018/12/27 16:52

I'm Mike. I work on a farm in the English countryside. Live in a field. Am interested in life 
the universe and everything, and where life collects into small cosy places to socialize in
the digital Aether. Gopher, text based (or otherwise) conferencing systems, talkers, and
non commercial internet - freedom/humanity with a drop of UNIX: are some of my favourite things.

>23 anonymous @ 2018/12/27 17:35

Greetings to

>24 mijk @ 2018/12/27 17:43

Hi i'm no longer anonymous - Mike from England!

Greetings to all at!

>25 ahriman @ 2018/12/28 06:04

I'm ~ahriman. I'm a general nerd living in Virginia Beach.
I came across over the summer and the larger
tildeverse soon after that. Now I run my own tilde based
around OpenBSD, have a tildeverse IRC node on ~institute,
and run the tildeverse DCSS / Dungeon Crawl server!

>26 procmon @ 2019/01/09 22:40

Hi everyone! I'm a medical student in London. I was scrounging about in the fediverse and stumbled upon, which led me down a deep rabbit hole and here. Love the idea of the tildeverse! Thank you sysops <3

>27 ben @ 2019/01/09 23:16


welcome everyone :)
make sure to check out the wiki:
and the mailing list:
archives here:

the main communications stuff is on irc though

see ya around!
holler if you need anything

>28 christyotwisty @ 2019/01/24 02:03

I wrote an intro blog post

I am a housewife who once upon a time was a web project manager, web developer, content manager and editor.
Command-line interfaces make me feel young. I would like to get back to work, maybe do QA and let my
inner critic run riot and get paid for it.

I like geocaching, puzzles, reading, snail mail and fountain pens. 

What attracted me to were the initial mentions on Mastodon, particularly of
I have always enjoyed community-supported and independent radio and internet streaming.
As more of my friends from Mastodon and a venerable and mighty public social network came over to
broadcast and to play, my attraction grew. What prolonged my debut was the sense that
was for NetBSD, OpenBSD, greybeards and young'uns. 

So here I am, playing with the blog, watering plants, doddering around the byobu window management like a dementia patient out for a stroll,
 and thanks to introductions, I know to whom to holler. 

I use some Gopher, and like learning how to use curl, wget and Python to solve geocache puzzles.

Thank you, ben and team!

>29 tfurrows @ 2019/01/24 18:27

Greetings ~team! Before you stands tfurrows, a casual *nix lover and frequent pubnix participant of regular proportions. You may know me from other haunts; I may know you too, because I am always lurking in the shadows.

I'm happy to join ~team. I login daily over at ~town, and wasn't sure if joining other tildes was acceptable behavior. I've always wondered- and today, I asked ben in irc and found out that my idea was legitimate and normal. That's always nice to find out, especially when it's not apparent :)

My interests are varied, but include fiddling with musical instruments (yes, including the violin,) computery stuff of all varieties, electronics z80 stuff (recently, in the past couple years,) and writing. There must be other interests, but those are the ones that are sitting in front of me on my desk, so they're probably among the chiefest (oh yeah, the dip pen/nibs that my wife bought me are sitting here on the shelf *next* to my desk; a new hobby, but we'll count it!)

People are, above all, very interesting to me. Reach out to me any time, any way, and I'll try to reach back.

And finally, a special note: I'm a little odd, perhaps, because I don't fly well in screen/tmux/byobu. It's not that I *can't* fly that way, it's that I don't *enjoy* it as much. I like to do one thing at a time, and to clean up each thing when I'm not actively doing it (except my desk, as noted above.) It's not you, it's me... I have nothing against tmux/etc, I just don't thrive there. So... if you see me in irc and I duck out, or anywhere else, that's the reason!

>30 deepend @ 2019/02/10 05:22

hey its deepend,  I run as well as a few other sites /services.   Great to be a part of this great community!

>31 drgbr @ 2019/02/20 20:16

Hello all!

I'm an economist from Brazil. I'm really into computers and eletronics as a hobby, and I look forward to learn and to contribute to the community :)

>32 branko @ 2019/02/20 21:40

Hi all,
I am Branko, I really don't know what will turn out from this whole experience, but let's see. I work in Microsoft
(yap, that one, contact me at my username here for proof if needed:), but I also have my Mastodon
instance, and I am into self-hosting. I am "opsessed" these days to wrap up project I am doing with some Argentinian dude
which is here: It is Nextcloud app for face recognition. We are on it
for months and we just want to release first beta. But, yeah, enough for introduction...:)

>33 apple @ 2019/02/25 16:25

Hi All. This is apple. I am from Toronto and I am a sw developer. Thanks all admins who provide and maintain the servers and shell accounts to ppl. I learned a lot with the help of you guys!

>34 txusinho @ 2019/03/03 22:19

Hi, this is Txus from Bilbao, Basque Country

I'm a Computer Engineer, and I've worked as many things (researcher,
consultant, support engineer, and developer). So, you're right, I have
no idea of almost anything, lol. Currently I'm most focused in web
frontend, and a bit of backend, but I'd like to move to backend/C/C++
programming. I've a deep interest in 3D stuff.

I love puns, retro consoles and gaming. Learning new things is between
my priorities, as well as know new people.

I didn't know this tilde thing, and I'm impresses with the people here.
Everyone seems to be nice, and eager to contribute. I love that.

I try to be around at least once a day, so feel free to email/chat, I'm
a very social person :)

>35 anonymous @ 2019/03/15 14:01

hi I'm audiofile! came here from and this is my first experience joining a pubnix! I'm write code as a hobby and am majoring in compsci. also love dabbling in house music production. that's about it I guess haha

>36 codingquark @ 2019/03/16 13:11

Hi, I am codingquark.

You can find me in the cyberworld with the same handle at most places.

I works as a software developer in India.

I try to get people to use Free Software as much as I can. Really. I
got my $WORK to move to from Slack. I run my own XMPP and
stuff from my home.

Apart from really enjoying programming, I love mathematics. I also
enjoy music and reading. I read quite a bit. I always have books in
queue so that I am never in the situation where I do not know what to
read. And I buy physical books, so that I can avoid proprietary crap.

There are places where I have to use proprietary shit in my life, but
I am surely trying. Some day!

I also help a local university with various things (including teaching
once in a while).

An important thing is that I LOVE emacs. It is life, it is love. It is
"The Way".

Boy message boards! Thanks for this!

>37 tomasino @ 2019/03/16 13:51


Welcome, codingquark! Glad to have you around, even if
you cherish the wrong $EDITOR

>38 codingquark @ 2019/03/16 13:57

I respect the choices of people! I hope it will give you salvation!

>39 brendantcc @ 2019/03/20 03:21

No, it's fine - I should be saying how i suck up with an Intel Pentium in 2018- ahem... 20*19*.. Like, WHO USES THEM THESE DAYS?

>40 txusinho @ 2019/03/20 12:04

Wise people who don't like to waste nature resources and know they're limited.
I salute you!

>41 johnblood @ 2019/04/05 01:05


I am johnblood. I enjoy playing with technology. I find the whole terminal expierence very interesting bcause I'm a fan of the wearly history of the PC. 

Like ~ben, I am from Michigan. I like writing fiction (I have writin several detective stories), but the manjority of my output is out Linux and other FOSS topics. If you are interesred you can check out a little site named

I hope to learn a lot of the next couple of months and beyond about the world of terminal computing.

>42 starkweather @ 2019/04/05 14:06

Hey guys! I'm Starkweather on here, and I'm as close to a professional lurker as 
you can get. I joined a while back, and then life happened and I forgot about
the tildeverse in general. But I'm back! I've ran Linux exclusively for about 15
years now, but I've forgotten more than I care to admit. These days I spend a 
decent amount of time reading either fantasy, or Tudor/Stewart era histories, 
and playing table-top roleplaying games (Call of Cthulhu, D&D, Apocalypse World,

Anyway, Nice to finally say hello!

>43 tomasino @ 2019/04/08 03:08


Oooh, a writer. Have you checked out yet? We're your tilde friend

>44 txusinho @ 2019/04/11 10:23


More than happy to see you around. I'm not very constant, but hey, there's life far from the terminal, too :)

>45 hauntologikal @ 2019/04/20 20:10

hello friends and users of computers!
my name is hauntologikal on this interface but you can call me meir! i'm just a little dude who loves design and philosophy, specifically logic and philosophy of aesthetics! i've been getting my feet wet in unix for a few years but never really sunk myself in all the way, so for me this is a way to learn and grow with a bunch of other users/friends! im an amateur dj and a huge fan of field recordings, glitch music, traditional east asian folk, lowercase/onkyo, drone, krautrock, etcetc, and a lover of bugs. im hoping to learn more about computing as a Place and Space through this!!! i grew up in japan, so feel free to practice your japanese with me as well! i don't really know what to say here, but i just can't get over how excited i am...

>46 wingy @ 2019/04/29 22:23


Hi! I'm ~wingy from I requested my account here to join IRC/BBJ.

>47 notopygos @ 2019/07/21 19:09

hello ~team

I am ~notopygos from ~town, I like playing with computers, currently I am
working on a fast word unscrambler in rust.

>48 thekingofbandit @ 2019/08/20 18:18

Hello, I am Khanafi! From Indonesia. If no one know where is it, I might say BALI! 
I used to be an QA for software developer, 
but as my back-end guys lazy to setup mariadb, on our ugly server, 
So I am start googling journey, mostly "how to" do something.
start from cron job-ing database backup restore from rasberry-pi to our windows server.
I don't know if you understand my english, but yes, I am english literature department '*fai**products'
Not quite sure, but I 'd love to do the job using terminal, maybe devops is my dream,  
but yes I just training about container on my sony VAIO laptop 3GB RAM with partition ubuntu 19.0 married with  windows 10, 256GB drive
I hope someday I can make big lot of money by opening terminal!!
OK, I have to go to sleep now, it was 01:15 AM, feel like a vampire.
my nickname thekingofbandit. 

Mohammad Khanafi