introductions by ben | tildeverse BBJ

>0 ben @ 2018/06/11 05:31

thought it might be nice to have an introduction thread now that we have our very own bbj :)

i'm ~ben. i'm a software developer in michigan and i created a little over a year 
ago when i found and was unable to join. so here we are!

i like sysadmin stuff, writing nice code, and playing some videogames (destiny 2 has been my
main addiction lately).

hit me up on irc if you need anything!

>1 cmccabe @ 2018/06/12 17:05

i'm ~cmccabe, as you might infer from my username.  i'm the resident social science geek who initially got into computers through data analysis.  now my interests have gravitated to exploring and evangelizing non-commerical shell-based communities like  

i am interested in connecting and supporting shell-based communities and bringing people together in recognition of their societal value.  as corporate giants expand their control over an ever greater percentage of the information we see (both through news media and social network sites), non-commercial alternatives are increasingly important. to me, this is what is all about.

i also like programming on the unix os just for fun.  all i need is more time!

finally, i'm from maryland and if i'm not online here, i might in my canoe on the potomac river -- although occasionally i'm online *and* in the canoe on the potomac. :)

>2 ben @ 2018/06/12 19:51


enjoy nature a bit. disconnect for a while :P

>3 khuxkm @ 2018/07/07 00:34

Hi! I'm ~khuxkm, or ~minerobber (if you know me from elsewhere), or MineRobber9000, or... you know what? I have too many names.

I'm a sysadmin here and I try to be helpful. If you have any questions, I may be able to help.

>4 tomasino @ 2018/07/29 23:41


I'm tomasino. I run a team (or a couple of teams depending on the time)
of developers in a marketing agency specialized in healthcare. Our
clients are mostly big pharma. It's pretty evil work, but hopefully it
will be ending for me soon.

I'm a gopher evangelist. I guess I'm generally a CLI evangelist. You can
find me on gopher here, or more actively on I write a lot.

That's my other thing. I like writing. Coding is good to pay the bills,
but writing is my fun zone. I have some in-progress stories on gopher
that you're welcome and encouraged to check out.

I play some instruments. I'm a dual Italian/USA citizen, currently in
Pennsylvania, USA. I'm soon to be headed to Iceland. Depending on when
you read this, I may have already gone!

I squat in IRC and like chatting. Hit me up.

>5 aewens @ 2018/07/31 03:27

Greetings, I'm ~aewens. I'm a systems engineer, software developer, and graphics designer. You can find me here and there on the IRC (particularly on #chaos) and may come to interact with my bot, BabiliBot. You may also see some of my design work on,, and maybe more along the way.

>6 brendantcc @ 2018/08/20 01:19

G'day, i'm brendantcc, but you can call me Brendan. I probably shouldn't be writing here, as from what I can tell, this is just intros for the sysadmins. 
I'm just a kid who loves tech, I suppose. Sad part is, I have to suck up with Windows on a Pentium processor, n 4GB ram.
I really don't have much to say, except if you want to chat with  me, i'm on the irc pretty often, so try and get in
touch with me there, making sure you highlight me, or you can email me:
[HOME (I use this the most)]:
[~TEAM (not as often, but I still use this)]:
See you around, I suppose. :)

>7 anonymous @ 2018/08/23 18:05


Not just for sysadmins -- this thread is for anyone in ~team to introduce themselves. :)

>8 ben @ 2018/08/23 18:06


that's right! maybe it looked like sysadmins only because they responded first?

>9 brendantcc @ 2018/08/29 04:27

and ben wins the prize! :D

>10 dpc @ 2018/09/06 11:12


how the heckie do you still use a pentium in 2018 lmao

i'm dpc and my only talent is shitposting

>11 anonymous @ 2018/09/06 20:29


No shitposting please. We prefer people who put effort into making quality contributions to the community.

>12 khuxkm @ 2018/09/06 20:58


No ShItpOsTiNg PlEaSe. We PrEfEr PeOpLe WhO pUt EfFoRt InTo MaKiNg QuAlItY cOnTrIbUtIoNs To ThE cOmMuNiTy.

>13 dpc @ 2018/09/07 00:38

All posts must be constructive and contribute to the well-being of this society.

>14 dozens @ 2018/10/11 00:28

my name is dozens and I like to make constructive shitposts that contribute to
the well-being of this society.



>15 jk008 @ 2018/10/11 07:22


I'm jk008 (of course, that's not my real name). My hobbies
are  programming, sketching and puzzling. I came across
~team by chance, and I'm still a new user.

I'm really busy these days, having a lot of work to do and a
personal project at hand alongwith it.


>16 murii @ 2018/10/11 12:55

Hi! My name is Muresan Vlad Mihail, known on the internet as murii. I'm a CS student in Romania,Arad, currently in 3rd year. 
I work as a software developer for 2 years in C++ and Java. I enjoy coding and learning as much as possible. 
In my free time I work on my programming language and my games!>>OP

>17 ben @ 2018/10/11 16:10

welcome to! 

feel free to holler if you need anything!

>18 calypso @ 2018/10/23 17:01

hi, i'm calypso. nice to meet you, i do embedded systems programming and reverse engineering

>19 limni @ 2018/11/10 01:16

howdy! my name is limni, and i'm a weird internet person.

i'm not terribly good at computers, but i enjoy learning new things and exploring interesting corners of the web.

i'm currently trying to wrap my head around haskell, and have been tinkering with a disassembly of sonic 1 as a way of learning 68k asm.

cats are cool.

>20 erxeto @ 2018/11/10 16:34


hey limni, welcome !

there are some sysadmings and developers on ~team. Feel free to ask if you have any doubts or need help with any tech subject. I'm sure you'll get help pretty quickly ;-)

>21 limni @ 2018/11/10 21:52


thanks! and if i see an opportunity to help, i'll try to chime in, as well. C:

>22 anonymous @ 2018/12/27 16:52

I'm Mike. I work on a farm in the English countryside. Live in a field. Am interested in life 
the universe and everything, and where life collects into small cosy places to socialize in
the digital Aether. Gopher, text based (or otherwise) conferencing systems, talkers, and
non commercial internet - freedom/humanity with a drop of UNIX: are some of my favourite things.

>23 anonymous @ 2018/12/27 17:35

Greetings to

>24 mijk @ 2018/12/27 17:43

Hi i'm no longer anonymous - Mike from England!

Greetings to all at!

>25 ahriman @ 2018/12/28 06:04

I'm ~ahriman. I'm a general nerd living in Virginia Beach.
I came across over the summer and the larger
tildeverse soon after that. Now I run my own tilde based
around OpenBSD, have a tildeverse IRC node on ~institute,
and run the tildeverse DCSS / Dungeon Crawl server!

>26 procmon @ 2019/01/09 22:40

Hi everyone! I'm a medical student in London. I was scrounging about in the fediverse and stumbled upon, which led me down a deep rabbit hole and here. Love the idea of the tildeverse! Thank you sysops <3

>27 ben @ 2019/01/09 23:16


welcome everyone :)
make sure to check out the wiki:
and the mailing list:
archives here:

the main communications stuff is on irc though

see ya around!
holler if you need anything

>28 christyotwisty @ 2019/01/24 02:03

I wrote an intro blog post

I am a housewife who once upon a time was a web project manager, web developer, content manager and editor.
Command-line interfaces make me feel young. I would like to get back to work, maybe do QA and let my
inner critic run riot and get paid for it.

I like geocaching, puzzles, reading, snail mail and fountain pens. 

What attracted me to were the initial mentions on Mastodon, particularly of
I have always enjoyed community-supported and independent radio and internet streaming.
As more of my friends from Mastodon and a venerable and mighty public social network came over to
broadcast and to play, my attraction grew. What prolonged my debut was the sense that
was for NetBSD, OpenBSD, greybeards and young'uns. 

So here I am, playing with the blog, watering plants, doddering around the byobu window management like a dementia patient out for a stroll,
 and thanks to introductions, I know to whom to holler. 

I use some Gopher, and like learning how to use curl, wget and Python to solve geocache puzzles.

Thank you, ben and team!

>29 tfurrows @ 2019/01/24 18:27

Greetings ~team! Before you stands tfurrows, a casual *nix lover and frequent pubnix participant of regular proportions. You may know me from other haunts; I may know you too, because I am always lurking in the shadows.

I'm happy to join ~team. I login daily over at ~town, and wasn't sure if joining other tildes was acceptable behavior. I've always wondered- and today, I asked ben in irc and found out that my idea was legitimate and normal. That's always nice to find out, especially when it's not apparent :)

My interests are varied, but include fiddling with musical instruments (yes, including the violin,) computery stuff of all varieties, electronics z80 stuff (recently, in the past couple years,) and writing. There must be other interests, but those are the ones that are sitting in front of me on my desk, so they're probably among the chiefest (oh yeah, the dip pen/nibs that my wife bought me are sitting here on the shelf *next* to my desk; a new hobby, but we'll count it!)

People are, above all, very interesting to me. Reach out to me any time, any way, and I'll try to reach back.

And finally, a special note: I'm a little odd, perhaps, because I don't fly well in screen/tmux/byobu. It's not that I *can't* fly that way, it's that I don't *enjoy* it as much. I like to do one thing at a time, and to clean up each thing when I'm not actively doing it (except my desk, as noted above.) It's not you, it's me... I have nothing against tmux/etc, I just don't thrive there. So... if you see me in irc and I duck out, or anywhere else, that's the reason!

>30 deepend @ 2019/02/10 05:22

hey its deepend,  I run as well as a few other sites /services.   Great to be a part of this great community!

>31 drgbr @ 2019/02/20 20:16

Hello all!

I'm an economist from Brazil. I'm really into computers and eletronics as a hobby, and I look forward to learn and to contribute to the community :)

>32 branko @ 2019/02/20 21:40

Hi all,
I am Branko, I really don't know what will turn out from this whole experience, but let's see. I work in Microsoft
(yap, that one, contact me at my username here for proof if needed:), but I also have my Mastodon
instance, and I am into self-hosting. I am "opsessed" these days to wrap up project I am doing with some Argentinian dude
which is here: It is Nextcloud app for face recognition. We are on it
for months and we just want to release first beta. But, yeah, enough for introduction...:)

>33 apple @ 2019/02/25 16:25

Hi All. This is apple. I am from Toronto and I am a sw developer. Thanks all admins who provide and maintain the servers and shell accounts to ppl. I learned a lot with the help of you guys!

>34 txusinho @ 2019/03/03 22:19

Hi, this is Txus from Bilbao, Basque Country

I'm a Computer Engineer, and I've worked as many things (researcher,
consultant, support engineer, and developer). So, you're right, I have
no idea of almost anything, lol. Currently I'm most focused in web
frontend, and a bit of backend, but I'd like to move to backend/C/C++
programming. I've a deep interest in 3D stuff.

I love puns, retro consoles and gaming. Learning new things is between
my priorities, as well as know new people.

I didn't know this tilde thing, and I'm impresses with the people here.
Everyone seems to be nice, and eager to contribute. I love that.

I try to be around at least once a day, so feel free to email/chat, I'm
a very social person :)

>35 anonymous @ 2019/03/15 14:01

hi I'm audiofile! came here from and this is my first experience joining a pubnix! I'm write code as a hobby and am majoring in compsci. also love dabbling in house music production. that's about it I guess haha

>36 codingquark @ 2019/03/16 13:11

Hi, I am codingquark.

You can find me in the cyberworld with the same handle at most places.

I works as a software developer in India.

I try to get people to use Free Software as much as I can. Really. I
got my $WORK to move to from Slack. I run my own XMPP and
stuff from my home.

Apart from really enjoying programming, I love mathematics. I also
enjoy music and reading. I read quite a bit. I always have books in
queue so that I am never in the situation where I do not know what to
read. And I buy physical books, so that I can avoid proprietary crap.

There are places where I have to use proprietary shit in my life, but
I am surely trying. Some day!

I also help a local university with various things (including teaching
once in a while).

An important thing is that I LOVE emacs. It is life, it is love. It is
"The Way".

Boy message boards! Thanks for this!

>37 tomasino @ 2019/03/16 13:51


Welcome, codingquark! Glad to have you around, even if
you cherish the wrong $EDITOR

>38 codingquark @ 2019/03/16 13:57

I respect the choices of people! I hope it will give you salvation!

>39 brendantcc @ 2019/03/20 03:21

No, it's fine - I should be saying how i suck up with an Intel Pentium in 2018- ahem... 20*19*.. Like, WHO USES THEM THESE DAYS?

>40 txusinho @ 2019/03/20 12:04

Wise people who don't like to waste nature resources and know they're limited.
I salute you!

>41 johnblood @ 2019/04/05 01:05


I am johnblood. I enjoy playing with technology. I find the whole terminal expierence very interesting bcause I'm a fan of the wearly history of the PC. 

Like ~ben, I am from Michigan. I like writing fiction (I have writin several detective stories), but the manjority of my output is out Linux and other FOSS topics. If you are interesred you can check out a little site named

I hope to learn a lot of the next couple of months and beyond about the world of terminal computing.

>42 starkweather @ 2019/04/05 14:06

Hey guys! I'm Starkweather on here, and I'm as close to a professional lurker as 
you can get. I joined a while back, and then life happened and I forgot about
the tildeverse in general. But I'm back! I've ran Linux exclusively for about 15
years now, but I've forgotten more than I care to admit. These days I spend a 
decent amount of time reading either fantasy, or Tudor/Stewart era histories, 
and playing table-top roleplaying games (Call of Cthulhu, D&D, Apocalypse World,

Anyway, Nice to finally say hello!

>43 tomasino @ 2019/04/08 03:08


Oooh, a writer. Have you checked out yet? We're your tilde friend

>44 txusinho @ 2019/04/11 10:23


More than happy to see you around. I'm not very constant, but hey, there's life far from the terminal, too :)

>45 hauntologikal @ 2019/04/20 20:10

hello friends and users of computers!
my name is hauntologikal on this interface but you can call me meir! i'm just a little dude who loves design and philosophy, specifically logic and philosophy of aesthetics! i've been getting my feet wet in unix for a few years but never really sunk myself in all the way, so for me this is a way to learn and grow with a bunch of other users/friends! im an amateur dj and a huge fan of field recordings, glitch music, traditional east asian folk, lowercase/onkyo, drone, krautrock, etcetc, and a lover of bugs. im hoping to learn more about computing as a Place and Space through this!!! i grew up in japan, so feel free to practice your japanese with me as well! i don't really know what to say here, but i just can't get over how excited i am...

>46 wingy @ 2019/04/29 22:23


Hi! I'm ~wingy from I requested my account here to join IRC/BBJ.

>47 notopygos @ 2019/07/21 19:09

hello ~team

I am ~notopygos from ~town, I like playing with computers, currently I am
working on a fast word unscrambler in rust.

>48 thekingofbandit @ 2019/08/20 18:18

Hello, I am Khanafi! From Indonesia. If no one know where is it, I might say BALI! 
I used to be an QA for software developer, 
but as my back-end guys lazy to setup mariadb, on our ugly server, 
So I am start googling journey, mostly "how to" do something.
start from cron job-ing database backup restore from rasberry-pi to our windows server.
I don't know if you understand my english, but yes, I am english literature department '*fai**products'
Not quite sure, but I 'd love to do the job using terminal, maybe devops is my dream,  
but yes I just training about container on my sony VAIO laptop 3GB RAM with partition ubuntu 19.0 married with  windows 10, 256GB drive
I hope someday I can make big lot of money by opening terminal!!
OK, I have to go to sleep now, it was 01:15 AM, feel like a vampire.
my nickname thekingofbandit. 

Mohammad Khanafi

>49 exr @ 2019/09/16 13:58

Hello, ~exr here, from Spain. Coding since a child in the early nineties.

As a BBS early adopter back in the time, I feel like home here. This community is like a dream came true.

Nowadays I pay my bills coding in TypeScript, fullstack. Excited learning Rust.

Aside from coding and hacking stuff, I love cinema, festivals, parties, everything electronic,
demoscene, and learning knots (with a rope, you know =o). I used to play videogames, not anymore.

Drop me a line anytime. I will join sooner than later too.

Thanks for being here. I am really proud of joining the club.

Cheers, mates :)

>50 pants @ 2019/09/16 17:11


I'm a physics graduate student about a year out from my PhD.

Visit my homepage to see a recent picture of my desk plants.

>51 Jander @ 2019/09/16 18:15

Grizzled software dev, shedding a little tear having last used a BBS 20+ years ago :)

>52 roy @ 2019/09/16 21:56


I'm shamelessly pasting the introduction I sent on the mailing list ahah:
Hello .club!

I'm roy niang, a visual artist based in Bordeaux, France. I mainly work with analog photography but I'm working on a "procedural" print on demand book. You can check my stuff here:

I wiped my page but I'm thinking about creating something new on club and on town :)

roy niang

>53 tallship @ 2019/09/17 09:08

Well I suppose it's time that I chimed in here.

I'm tallship, in most places. That makes it easy to know it's me if you're looking.

I'm just a schmoe, like all the other little people out there that Judy Garland should thank for her Oscar (She didn't really do that).

So just opened up and I'm posting from a nice, shiney, brand new Fedora box there. Glad that has occurred, because the impetus for the ~ movement shouldn't be left to atrophe. 

And it's in good hands.

Anyway, not much to say about myself but you can always finger me if you like (No pun intended) - last time I checked it's open to outside queries.

It's been great reading everyone's intros and I'm usually idling in #team and #meta, and now I"ll be sure to do the same for #club. I'm on intermittently and usually chime in when I'm logged in, so if you need to get a hold of me or want to chat just /msg me - you don't need to ask (Unless you see me online and active in chan, if that's the case, then yes, it is polite to ask before pm'ing w/a /query or /msg). I promise to respond whenever I log back on to the ~verse as I always check my weechat before even going to mail.

You can also reach me in #tallship on freenode, but I'm not always there, so if you want to get ahold of me that way just ping me (the one with the [m] following the nick, and that will get my attention as I've always got my Riot client running on my phone, or if you're on matrix my room is :)


>54 computer t-shirts @ 2019/09/18 16:42

hi hey, you will probably find me around the nets and here as ~streetlamp or ~computershirts.
im a web application developer at a public university library which is pretty chill since libraries are rad. 

currently into dumb hardware experiments, tracking aircraft for flightaware (, postin things? on and I have been playing CS since 1.3 which I cant give up for some reason. 

i also collect 'dead' media formats, older/vintage mac hardware and C64 related things. 

just really happy to be here coach

>55 peat @ 2019/09/20 15:16

Hi peeps! I'm Peat, in real life and all over the Internets. I've been coping with a powerful nostalgia for '90s era BBSes and *nix shells, where I cut my teeth as a young lad. In my spare time I hack on some personal Rust projects, including ... which will someday be a MUD-like system for creative text play. :D

>56 pencils @ 2019/09/20 16:28

Hello, I'm, ~pencils. I had a with a different name and I got locked out of it.
I hadn't really used it in about 4 years, so here I go again on the original ~

Since then I've gotten into the Dominions series by Illwinter games and I've
been running servers for it. If you like strategy games with lots of little
details Dominions is definitely for you!

I'm technically inclined but I don't work in tech. I live in Albuquerque
which is a neat city for a good number of reasons. Feel free to send an
email or whatever.

Glad to be among the rest of!

>57 Guest @ 2019/09/20 19:16


I'm here under the name Guest. Increasingly, I use this pseudonym.

Why am I Guest? In part because it is a hilarious test on the naming systems we encounter in internet systems. It's a fun experiment! "Nobody" is another great name to have when you can get it.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, I work in information security. It was in tight little NNTP and IRC communities that I grew up and learned many of the skills that would later enable my career. I never intended to work with computers, quite the contrary, as a young adult I considered them valuable tools but that ultimately had their value frequently obscured by the drive of commercialism and consumption. My contemporary perception is not too much different.

I was an early adopter of the "social" internet, and an early abandoner of it as well. For a time around the inception of Tumblr, I was part of a group developing a social media platform that focused on blogging within small pre-connected groups. It succeeded, but was limited to the scale of real networks, and we never set up a sister site before we eventually shut down.

How and why I work with computers and what I do with them, whether my actions as an agent of some employer are ultimately enabling elevation of humanity, exploitation or entrenchment of bad habits and destructive behaviors remains an open line of interrogation.


>58 UniQMG @ 2019/09/21 01:12

Hey everyone, I'm UniQMG.

I've had an interest in older forms of social media and shared services such as BBSs, IRC, and shared unix systems (like this one!). I wasn't really around at the time when these systems were in their prime, so when I found ~club on hackernews a few days ago I thought it was perfect.

I live in the US and I'm 18. This is my first shared unix system. I've been programming for several years on my own, and I enjoy making random projects (this seems like a perfect place for some of them).

Nice to meet the denizens of ~club, I hope we can engage in some *nix and web project tomfoolery.

>59 ngp @ 2019/09/22 02:45

Hey everyone, I'm ~ngp!

I heard about this place on SDF's bboard, and decided to check it out.
I'm a 22 year old software engineer for a regional telecom and ISP in the midwest.
My time at an ISP has given me unique insight into the communication and protocols that drive the internet, and I'm always looking to learn more.
I'm very interested in *nix, FOSS, and communication between systems.

My username, ngp, are my initials, and I only recently started using it as a handle.
I'm known as a few other names across the internet: Packet Lost & Found, packet_lost, and chiefnoah are some of my other names.

I look forward to meeting you all, and I hope we can all learn something and have fun! :)

>60 jecxjo @ 2019/09/27 04:36

Hey everyone, I'm ~jecxjo

I'm a 36 year old Electrical Engineer who grew up in the dial-up BBS days,
specialised communications and OS development and after a decade working in
the energy industry inventing the first oil and gas extraction system that
used mesh networking...I quit my job and now do fulls stack development for
an advertising company doing sweep stakes, rebates, and text-to-win contests.

I'm an Amateur Radio Operator (AD0QM), grew up on the Great Lakes but now live
in Minnesota. For work I make nice pretty websites but when I'm doing them for
myself I exclusively create crappy pages. I MUD on Aardwolf (biff is my name),
I love just about every sport, including the obscure ones. Married, two kids,
two dogs, kayaking, biking and lots of outdoors when I'm not online.

Oh and I love MST3k (I'm watching it while I type this).

>61 dddaaannn @ 2019/09/28 20:13

Hello! I'm ~dddaaannn here and in a few other places, @dan_sanderson on Twitter. Delighted to see there's still an active interest in the tilde lifestyle.

I'm always interested in old computer stuff, especially '80s 8-bits but also pre-web and early-web Internet. I have a small collection of vintage machines and an active interest in digital electronics and computer architecture. I'm still pretty new at restoring the old stuff but am eager to learn.

Command line and terminal GUI apps are also my jam. I'm all for modern and browser-based UI applications, but terms are cozy, well-ordered (most of the time), and tend to provide power and flexibility intentionally withheld in modern GUIs, more like a medium than a finished work.

I have dozens of other unrelated interests and tend to bounce around between them and never make any progress. I spend most of my time looking at all the cool stuff other people do and complaining that I don't have enough time to do cool stuff of my own. :)

I've been a web tech pro for 20+ years. If anyone has any questions, no matter how basic, email me here at and I'll try to help.

-- dddaaannn

>62 LickTheCheese @ 2019/10/01 01:50

Hi im LickTheCheese

i am a student studying to be a software dev or something like that

btw i use Arch

>63 mukt @ 2019/10/01 18:54


Welcome LickTheCheese! I am new here aswell good luck with your career, how do you find arch compared to other distro's?

>64 mayhair @ 2019/10/05 03:49

Hello frens, I am ~mayhair. I am also referred to as 'MahaerHD: Rebooted' on YouTube and 'Mahaer Mahmud' on something called real life... 

I'm a teenager who likes GNU + Linux. I turned 13 a month ago.. When I was 12, I wanted to install it on my MacBook... but alas, there was no trackpad or keyboard support. So I got my HP Spectre x360, which I still use to this day. It came with Windows 10 Home. 

I first installed Pinguy OS. I was hungry for more power, so I installed Antergos. It was discontinued, though, and I was hungry for EVEN MORE power... so I installed Void GNU + Linux. I installed stock Windows 10 Enterprise twice (cracked with KMSPico - tee hee), so now I can dual boot Void and Windows. 

Of course I use Void almost all the time. 

I joined this community back in September, and I really enjoy the idea of connecting to an SSH server and writing documents... I don't know, it just is so relaxing and evokes vapourwave/future funk/whatever vibes. :)

My father wants me to learn programming. I kinda also want to... and I chose to do a school project based on that... so I am learning Python first with this video ( 

I may upload projects that run on ;)

When I grow up, I want to run my own GNU + Linux webservers as a job... if you want you can tell me some great organisations for that. (NASA comes to mind :P)

So that's my introduction. It was relaxing to write it... ahhh
And also, my contact information!
E-mail: (I can abandon Gmail, I don't really like using a Google service. Tell me why and how I should do it.)

>65 mayhair @ 2019/10/05 03:50

I'm sorry if this was long, I like writing long stuff, tee hee. >>64

>66 mayhair @ 2019/10/05 03:51

Hey! Void is a better distro! /s >>62

>67 LickTheCheese @ 2019/10/10 19:01


but i like my systemd and AUR :(

>68 hnb @ 2019/10/22 05:17

Hi! Greeting to all!

I'm hnb (or call me Hiro). I'm linux hobbyist and have been using for couple years now. Just still learning Ubuntu (specifically Lubuntu for my laptop, and I thought joining here would be a great learning opportunity!
Also I'm into plain-text websites and reading interesting contents now sine I wanted to take advantage of  the situation of  bad and slow  internet connection :P

Since I have to take care of my kids, I can't hung out long but I'll be here time to time.

Glad to be here!

>69 krabs @ 2019/10/23 15:23


I am ~krabs, you probably don't know me. I'm pretty new to software/computer 
science but everything that I've been learning so far has been pretty interesting. 
Also, I'm a freshman university student here in the states but, I started programming around halfway through highschool.
I have some experience just don't ask me to write you a compiler or anything :).
I joined mainly so that I could practice/learn programming ideas 
and be around people interested in that sort of thing.
I also use manjaro linux as my daily driver so you can make fun of me for that if
you want :).

>70 hnb @ 2019/10/24 11:06

Hi! Golad to see you!

>71 mhd @ 2019/10/27 22:23

Hi, I'm ~mhd, which makes me somewhat easy to find on other sites, too. And
no, I'm not the French rapper...

In my day job, I'm a computer programmer/team lead, currently working in
healthcare marketing. Been fiddling around with Linux and other Unices since
Win95 turned out to be a dud (and my OS/2 Warp install crashed once too

So this tilde experience is a bit of a throwback, for me like a mixture of
those early days of discovering new stuff on "sunsite" every day (another
language!, another IRC client! another editor! another UI toolkit!), and my
early BBSing days (mostly local ones, but I enjoyed FIDONet a lot).

I'm really meaning to get a "phlog" running, but have yet to muster the
persistence to get regular entries out. 

My plans here are making this a focus of my "retrocomputing" attempts in
general, so old-school website, gopher, some command line tools etc.

>72 rireki @ 2019/11/06 08:09

I'm rireki.

I'm a high school graduate, circa 2019.

I found out about this server from an SDF bboard post.

Still trying to figure out life. Prone to midday sleepyness.
That's it, I guess.

>73 gmw @ 2019/11/10 21:30

I'm gmw.

Got the Internet bug in uni circa 1991. Back then it was NNTP, IRC,
and MUD. And Slackware. And OPEN LOOK. That's what brought me here
again. Except OPEN LOOK.

Programming in Swift now, happily. 

In other news, I'm into sailing, music, cooking and eating and drinking.


>74 hexen @ 2019/12/11 16:59


I'm hexen. I'm a student too, as many others here it seems.
I study a liberal arts degree, but I really like computers (been a GNU/Linux user since I was a kid) and I'm trying to learn Scheme and improve my sysadmin abilities.
I hope to improve my HTML here too!

Have a nice day everyone!

>75 a @ 2019/12/13 20:59


i'm a coder
i code stuff
i code in javascript, html, css and node.js
i love discord
i create discord.js bots
i love communities like this with cool sysadmins who help poeple and the community is nice.
i don't know what to say this is a wrap up of my registration thingy

>76 a @ 2019/12/13 21:09

arch btw i use.>>62

>77 jy4m @ 2020/01/03 06:11

What is up folks? I'm Joe. Late-millennial neurotic. I live in MPLS MN, USA. I'm here to learn and build.

I'm still figuring stuff out but I like the community so far.

>78 thecomputergeek @ 2020/01/08 12:18

thecomputergeek here, my usual UNIX/Linux username is the-computer-geek, AKA riff-IRC on IRC.

Computer/electricity/electronics nerd here. This message sent from my triple-monitor custom-built main computer setup.

>79 antharia @ 2020/01/21 17:22

Hello, i'm Antharia Jack.

I like small online communities, so i signed up on
I'm an electronic musician.
Recently i was on :
 - "Build your own lisp" online book. I'm learning C in the same time.
 - Web hacking. I did some CTFs on hacker101 and hackthebox. Noob level.
 - Gamedev. I follow GDQuest tutorials on Godot engine.
 - Pixel & voxel art.
 - Some graphic design.
 - Custom instruments on Native Instruments Reaktor.

I really started to use Linux after stumbling upon r/unixporn. I was hooked to command line since then.
Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Some links :

>80 stelima @ 2020/02/16 16:59

~stelima here, 

old school dude, online since 1992, *nix lover, rationalist.

Nice to meet you all

>81 ~stern @ 2020/03/26 15:42


i'm ~stern, I like linux and vim, currently taking comunity colledge classes. I am happy to be here, this is my first tilde.

>82 cano @ 2020/03/30 00:27

I'm ~cano. I'm a former NEET and tinkerer. I love playing with software and seeing what I can make happen. I joined the tildes because I was referred to this community during a discussion about communal computer resources.

I love learning and anything I can learn from the tildes or any users here is appreciated.

Happy tilding!

>83 cypher137 @ 2020/04/07 01:48

hi im cypher (yea i know the name is cringe i did it for lulz ) im a 15y old developer 
and prograer both front and backend 
and i like to call myself a unix wizard cauz windows sucks 
always looking to help people 
feel free to write cypher whenever you see im loged on
best regards

>84 jormis @ 2020/04/15 08:38

Hello, I'm jormis from Helsinki, Finland. I have been doing computer stuff 
since the early 80s (VIC-20, C=64). Unix has been a friend of mine since 1989 
in various forms: Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and, obviously, Linux (since 1993). 
Nowadays I'm more in the managing or enabling software projects teams.

I do code some in my spare time, in C and Go lately.

As other hobbies, occasionally I make music:
and also watch movies:

>85 Shufei @ 2020/05/02 22:44

Howdy do, I'm a dilettante of tech, but do enjoy learning unix
systems.  Right now I'm on tilde for Cosmic.Voyage, but wouldn't mind
exploring more.  I'm often poking about SDFThanks for this lovely system!

>86 tubbo @ 2020/05/09 07:53

i'm ~tubbo, a musician and software developer from philadelphia. i
compose for video games, film, and television, and i also work on
several open-source projects such as redis-store, workarea, and
puma-dev. i'm in a live house music band called the wonder bars, but
during this quarantine i've been streaming live improvised acid house as
"payperviewacidcrew" on twitch.

>87 marsred @ 2020/05/09 14:40

Hi all, I'm mars from India, I like learning new things and am fascinated by the world of unix

>88 tomasino @ 2020/06/18 00:57


Hey roy, welcome! I just followed you on insta. Cheers!

>89 seisatsu @ 2020/06/25 15:55

Hello, I go by Sei. I've been running Linux servers and using Linux as my primary operating system for about 10 years. My interest in retro and minimalist computing and alternative Internet communities is what led me to Gemini, and then the Tildeverse. I've signed up on a few tildes and am mirroring my projects and Gemini homepage on each, while I see what they have to offer. I currently work in Tech Support and Training, and my career goal is System Administration. My interests include software, web, and games development, retro gaming and computing, anime, the occult, sword fighting, and tucked away communities like this one that don't spend money to come looking for you. My primary programming language is Python 3.

It's nice to be here!

P.S. I'm currently running something fun, multiplayer, and sandboxy on telnet port 37381 on a few tildes, including this one. I'll post more about it later in the "What have you guys been working on?" thread.

>90 annathecrow @ 2020/07/09 10:18

>>89 "sword fighting"

intriguing. Are you in SCA or...?

>91 tinfoil-hat @ 2020/07/13 01:43

Hi there,

I listen by the nickname tinfoil-hat and was a Linux Admin, before I became sick and live now from an disabillity check. I am also on IRC, but I am not good at fluent english conversations and use it rather as a tool to get held for troubleshooting. I started learning linux in 2014 and am now in the transition to migrate to BSDs. I came across tile on Fediverse and instantly liked the idea. my Page is at which is a mirror of my page at at the moment of writing. I plan to do a regulary mirrorring of the page, but I don't want to make false promises. I put very much effort in creating this page I am generating via pandoc and tree.

However have a nice day, greetings

	- tinfoil-hat

>92 jamesgoca @ 2020/07/14 13:19

Hi! I'm jamesoca. I am new to the tildeverse but I am excited to get started!

I came here from the Medium -- yeah, I know, Medium (ick)! -- post about the history of and I thought I'd join.

Nice to emeet y'all!

>93 caranatar @ 2020/07/18 06:58


I go by caranatar most places online now. You can find me on the birb site,
github,, and probably some other places I'm not thinking of right
now under that name.

I'm a software dev by trade and hobby. I'm really surprised I never heard of
the tildeverse until now, but I was going to implement a gopher server in 
typescript to start learning the language, stumbled upon the gemini project,
then stumbled upon the tildeverse from there. And I ended up starting a gemini
server implementation in typescript instead of a gopher server.

I look forward to learning more about all the awesome stuff that exists in the
tildeverse, because I know I'm just scratching the surface at this point.

hail eris,

>94 skeetcha @ 2020/07/28 05:37

Hello everyone! I'm ~skeetcha as the tag implies. I'm currently finishing
up my last year of university studying mixed media (mostly focusing on film,
musical theatre, video game design, and music) alongside a Computer Science
minor. I had Computer Science as my major for a while but after doing an
internship with a large tech company I'll refrain from naming (mostly for
privacy reasons), I decided that I wanted a change and a broader focus in
my studies. Hence the change.

I'm a video game developer (currently working on one using RPG Maker MV and
JavaScript), a hobbyist web developer (mostly for my own personal site), an
aspiring voice actor (need to get down to actually recording auditions),
a musician (recorded some guitar tracks for original songs today), an actor
(have been in many theatre shows and was going to be in one last spring),
a filmmaker (I have an IMDB page for working on a short film that apparently
entered into a film contest and won), and an all-around storyteller.

I've learned quite a bit of programming languages (Java, C++, Python, Julia,
and C# to name a few) along with being able to play basically most common
instruments except for the flute (need to work on embouchure) and any brass
instrument (can't buzz to save my life, haha). Alongside the programming
languages, I've also learned a couple natural languages (in the process of
learning German and have learned American Sign Language to an intermediate
level) and am creating a few languages for some of my stories (notably the
video game that I mentioned I'm in the middle of developing).

I'm pretty new to the Tildeverse, but would be down to sit in IRC some time.
Feel free to send a mail if ya want to chat.

>95 Geo @ 2020/08/04 08:21

Greetings! My name is ~Geo, and I'm a 21 year old dual German/American citizen currenty living in Hawaii, where I've lived for the last 3 years now. My dad is an American naval officer, so I've lived in tons of different places, but I spent most of my childhood in a few neighboring states in New England, so that's typically the answer I give if someone asks where I'm from. I'm currently studying at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and my major is Information & Computer Science, so it's little surprise I guess that I love the Tildeverse. I look forward to seeing you around! :)

>96 kalium @ 2020/08/15 16:00

Morning, evening, whatever it is  wherever you are. I'm Kalium,  currently living in Durham (NE England, just south of Newcastle).  I like many things that fall under the umbrella of "making things" - fiction writing, drawing, worldbuilding, sculpture, mapmaking, and fiddling about with webpages. I also like to mod this one 25 year old pet sim whose fanbase gleefully refuses to die, which was the first time I dabbled with code, way back when. Not much more to say about me, especially not these days. I like to go walking in the woods looking for wildlife because there's not much more to do right now. Looking to expand my horizons a little outside what the internet's turned into. Nice to meet you all!

>97 campfire @ 2020/08/21 19:53

Hello there,

my name is Jackson, I'm from Brazil but I'm currently living in
I like to write fiction and to play solo rpg (to write fiction). I'm
planning to use this BBJ often since I was looking for an active BBS
for a while.
I'm also planning to start to finger blogging, so if you finger me you
will be receiving updates already, unfortunately not much people seems
interested in it though.

Nice to meet you all.

>98 swiftmandolin @ 2020/08/25 22:02

Hey there!

I am swiftmandolin. I'm from Tennessee, a mobile developer (iOS and Android) by day.. and well, a professional rabbit hole explorer by night. Expoloring rabbit holes is how I ended up here! 
I have lots of hobbies! I like playing guitar, piano, singing, mandolin, etc. I also like photography, mainly analog photography though. I also have taken an interest in coffee, tea, bourbon, and now gopher/gemini and the tildeverse!! Looking forward to meeting everyone and having fun here.
The programming languages I know best are: Swift, PHP, and Kotlin. I also write in Obj-C, Java, and JavaScript if needed! Learned C++ in college as well.

I also spend a LOT of time helping people with git, so if you need any help with git, feel free to reach out! I might have an answer!

>99 fenris @ 2020/08/26 14:51

Hi, I'm ~fenris and I'm into playing Metal.
I play guitar in Swamp Corpse and we play 
Doom Metal:

>100 paulgorman @ 2020/08/27 22:29

Hi, I'm ~paulgorman. I live near Detroit. I've worked as a sysadmin, and enjoy programming as a hobby.

Recently, I discover the Gemini protocol, so I've been writing toy clients and servers in Go.

Sometimes I play Dungeons & Dragons.

Thanks for having me here.

>101 russell @ 2020/08/28 16:31

Hi everyone, my names Russell. I'm originally from Perth and now live in Melbourne.

Currently employed as an Automation Tester, mainly using Postman for API Testing and JMeter for Performance Testing.

I'm a bit of a lurker to be honest. I like reading/listening to what others have to say (which makes me a great date!). My plan is too open up more in a community where there may be others who have similar interests to me.

I run Linux on my main PC (I use Arch btw). My tech interests are very broad, but I would say programming (even though I'm not very good at it), Linux and Sysadmin related topics are what interest me most. I plan on building a home server shortly.

Favourite authors are Donna Tartt and Jack Kerouac.

I'll probably lurk a lot in chat. Look forward to talking further.

>102 lewiscowper @ 2020/09/02 18:55

Hi all, I'm ~lewiscowper, or Lewis for short. I'm from sunny Scotland originally, and now live in Berlin.

I'm currently working as a software developer, with a specialisation in reliability engineering.

I'm going to try and not be too much of a lurker, (I also use arch ~russell), but I'm definitely prone to it.

I'm really excited by the various concepts of the small internet, and alternative internet protocols like gopher or gemini.

Finally set up mosh + tmux so that my irc client remains connected, so I'd love to learn about anything anyone else has to know outside of the wiki about anything related.


>103 snowdusk @ 2020/09/04 15:20

Hello Tildeverse!

Welcome to all of us!

I also have just realized I really have not done a self-introduction.

I joined (now merged with I think about 3 yrs ago but I lost track (also lost the password LOL) and so I rejoined the Tildeverse in June of this year. I am now a member of

I live in a city called Brampton, Ontario, Canada. It is a large city by Canadian standards :-P part of the Greater Toronto Area. I have also lived in other countries like Japan and the Philippines. 

I DJ/host a live Internet radio show on Tilderadio (radio streamed by and for users of the Tildeverse.. please remember that :-)) every Sun Mon Tue Wed 01:00-02:00 UTC (please tune in if you can!). It's pretty much a live DJ set where I play classic and current electronic (mostly dancee) music with random babbling. I try my best to make it very interactive with my listeners who are all logged into IRC ( in the #tilderadio channel.

I do have a full time day job -- not related to computers or IT at all so please be gentle with me talking about high level computer talk because I might not understand you :-P BUT I am a huge fan/supporter/user of anything UNIX-ey (or *nix-ey to be more politically correct haha) and so I do know how to get around here and can use the highly coveted commandline interface (LOL).

I am logged onto IRC pretty much most of the time (thanks TMUX) but may not be in front of my keybored all the time but please do send me a private message or email and I will try my best to respond (responding to messages/emails is one of my biggest weaknesses btw T _ T). 

You can find out more about me on my tilde homepage!

Check it out!

See you around!


>104 arthureroberer @ 2020/09/06 05:39

hello frens, my name is arthur and I live in mexico city
dark forces in 4chan have twisted my mind and now im an emacs user
and from there I discovered gemini (the small web) and that led me here
a pleasure to meet you all \(^o^)/
and blood for the blood god

>105 peron @ 2020/09/07 04:53

Nice to meet you all. I'm ~peron, a free software user and advocate.
I use computers since many, many years ago.
Since 2009 I write Ubuntu Peronista, an indoctrination Blog dealing with  the  Ubuntu
free Operating System and the inexhaustible achievements Justicialism has granted to the Argentine Nation.
Several friends from SDF helped me on setting my user.
You can check the www and the gopherhole gopher://


>106 peron @ 2020/09/07 04:54

Un gran saludo Arthur.
Have a nice day!

>107 peron @ 2020/09/07 04:57

Un gran saludo para Argentina! Soy nuevo (en tl


>108 bl0rt @ 2020/09/08 16:11

Hey All,

I'm bl0rt. I'm not sure what I'd say I do professionally, I work for
a small manufacturing company and manage like a dozen databases and
write programs/scripts in python/c# to keep things moving in the
warehouse. I also manage a few pretty complex reporting systems.
Back when I was a teenager I wanted to be a sysadmin, and
when I was in college I became a free software enthusiast but for
some reason I've only been able to find jobs where the whole stack
is windows ;_;

I'm very excited about this community though. I can't wait to dig
deeper and learn more about this ecosystem. Outside of my interests
here I've been learning about self-hosting this year and am trying
to learn kubernetes and proxmox at home with minor success so far.
I have a history of spreading myself thin with personal projects,
but this year I feel like I'm hitting my stride wrt followthrough.
I'd love to get good at clojure this year, but it's an uphill
battle for me so far. (If anyone wants to help me learn clojure
shoot me an email at my address :) )

I do other stuff too, but for the most part those hobbies are
socially focused and have been negatively affected by coronavirus.
I have a condition that puts me at high risk which has made times
weird for me recently.

OH also I'm on the mastodon if you want to look for me
there. Nice to meet everyone!