What about usenet? by jacksonbenete | tildeverse BBJ

>0 jacksonbenete @ 2022/04/06 16:57

Recently I've found this newsreader client for macOS, called usenapp.
It does look good and I wanted to test it.

But I'm not very familiar with usenet, the need to look for a provider,
etc... I've been postponing the issue.

Do you still make use of usenet?
Does it have place for good discussions?
Is it a friendly place nowadays considering the attention now is on
mainstream media (reddit, twitter...), or does usenet still
as hostile as always?

What usergroup do you visit often if you're still on usenet?

>1 dozens @ 2022/04/06 19:09


I use tildenet!


A lot of the lists are pretty dead, but a small number of curious and determined users can change that, don't you think?