A new story that I am writing by blakesmith | tildeverse BBJ

>0 blakesmith @ 2021/12/16 13:04

I like to write stories as a hobby. 
I've been entertaining the idea of writing a serialised story for quite some time.
So I thought I will write and publish it here.
Russia and China has turned into a closed off nation with their own intranet completely isolated from the outside world.
While America has turned into a corporatocracy the government is nothing more than a puppet.
The divide between the rich and poor is widening, the poor has no way of climbing the social ladder and become rich.
Jobs are dwindling due to automation and the citizens couldn't be anymore stupider after immersing themselves in social media.
Since one corporation controls all the social platform, they have full control over what the users see and thus by extension, what they think.
America has become the complete opposite of Russia and China.
The EU has weakened due to infighting and lack of cooperation. The Union is falling apart.

The story follows a number of people all over the world,
an information smuggler in Russian borders, an activist in China and a fixer + druglord in Mexico - USA.

I am confused as to where I should publish it. 
This bbj is rarely checked by few people, I wanted to use bbj but the generated Gemini page wasn't that great.
I thought I should just publish it tk Gemini with handcrafted *.gmi documents.
This way the quality and reading experience will be good and anyone who will read the story will probably have some kind of Gemini browser already installed in their system

Where do you think I should publish?
(also there will be a lot of linux and networking stuff in it, explaining how they are hiding their tracks on the internet)

>1 ayko @ 2021/12/16 18:26

Intresting idea.I would like to see it as a gempub(Gemini Epub).
I think you are going in a little to much details.I woudl realy like to read it.

I tnink it will also be fine to post it on bbj. :)

>2 fenris @ 2021/12/17 14:00

Where ever you will publish it, publish it at this bbj, too.

>3 blakesmith @ 2021/12/18 05:14


That's manageable

>4 ayko @ 2021/12/24 18:23


That is basicly what i ment.

>5 mirage @ 2022/01/01 11:26


I'm afraid I don't have anything to add in terms of giving advice, but I just wanted to lend my encouragement. That sounds like an excellent story - the multiple perspectives idea reminds me a lot of World War Z, a book that narrates a zombie collapse of the Earth. One of the cool gimmicks of the book is that it's narrated from the perspectives of various people in different countries and in different points in the timeline. I thought it was an excellent twist to storytelling, and I look forward to reading your book if/when you publish it! :)

>6 exxxxkc @ 2022/07/12 18:01

> Where do you think I should publish?

your tilde html site and your tilde  gopher site and your tilde gemini site.

Nice story it is close to what happening in world. :(