Community list of free2play mp games by murii | tildeverse BBJ

>0 murii @ 2018/10/11 13:07


I'm writting this to propose a list of community games which we might support servers for. 
For starters I think it would be a good idea to begin with free to play games which have to be multiplayer 
and have the possiblity of letting tilde to host servers for them. Later, if everything works fine and people
like this idea we could expand the list and add non free games like: minecraft, terraria etc.

I propose:

>1 ben @ 2018/10/11 16:13

ahh i forgot about looking into the terraria server last night :(

we currently have:
* minetest -- see #minetest on irc
* minecraft -- a modded server with plugins curated by khuxkm, see #modded on irc
* minecraft -- a standard server run by sose (on his own server), see #minecraft on irc

>2 murii @ 2018/10/12 21:11


We should also mention that we're running an open spades community server! Thanks ~ben for making that happen!
The server has a limit of 18 users, more than enough imo. 
If you want to play on this server you should download the game and look for "Tile community server" but first let us know on IRC so we can join as well! 

Have fun! 


>3 anonymous @ 2019/03/15 15:41

any br games?

>4 Zeth @ 2019/03/16 21:38

How about OpenTTD?

>5 Zeth @ 2019/04/18 07:55


We _could_ in theory play some MUDs or set up a server of our own? Not entirely sure how much effort goes into setting up one of these though. It **is** a very niche thing for sure.
I myself have once brushed over SWMUD - a Star Wars themed MUD because hey why not? Then there was a conversartion I had a couple of days ago with someone mentioning Aardwolf - from what I've heard Aardwolf is the _One MUD to rule them all_ although please don't quote me on that one. The only "problem" I've had with it is that unless you're gonna set up some elaborate tmux session, you'll have to make do with their custom MUSHclient which just looks plain ugly.

>6 dozens @ 2019/06/07 14:59

- battle for wesnoth has a multiplayer mode:

- teeworlds:

that's kind of all I can think of at the moment

I'd be down to play a MUD with some tilde folk. I like the idea of us all descending on some poor unsuspecting mud and taking over their newbietown :D I've heard of Ardwolf since forever but have never played it.

>7 jan6 @ 2019/06/26 18:35

just chiming in to say that MUSHes are wayyy more fun than MUDs, especially with fewer people
instead of admin & dedicated builders team having to create a world and items and commands and stuff, the players create almost all of it, there are a few optional player-made systems needing elevated permissions (such as getting any room's description, instead of just what that person owns, or seeing all players, and admin needs to set up all global commands that aren't limited to a specific area, good to have one to teleport to some "spawn"/gathering place, maybe one to allow players to change currently running poll, and such)
also depends what you define as multiplayer
there are stuff like botany which could be considered multiplayer, or stuff like holodeck which may or may not be that because iirc only one person plays at a time, but everyone's in the same world...
teeworlds is nice if you're just killing time, it's not particularly amazing imho...
starlanes is basically a board game in a terminal, but pretty cool anyway, you need to trust other people to not press any keys during your turn, but it's a good strategy game otherwise
there's stuff like minetest, which is a voxel-based game built for modding, literally everything's a mod, including parts of the (very barebones) base game, such as a mod for buckets, and one for beds, another for plants, etc...also mods get downloaded from server on join, so you don't have to install any locally if you only play on servers (but because it always reloads then it's always long load times, especially on servers with more mods, which are more fun)
there are a few "tron" games around, some of them are multiplayer
there's tons of stuff....
@MUDs I personally love discworld mud, because it's not combat-focused (you can be pacifist, if you want to, unless you're an assassin then nothing forces you to kill anything and you usually don't get attacked unless you attack first or continuously harrass someone, especially a witch or break law and get caught (also no player-kills unless you specifically opt-in to that, no stealing from players too))
@MUSHes, for software, pennmush is basically the only one still developed, and it's testing server port 4201 is one of the most popular servers around (and old, so the world is HUUUGEE), I personally hang out on but that place is rather dead, world's pretty cool there too, to be fair, most MUSH servers online have pretty cool worlds, almost all player-built (quite often there's part which is admin-built that has a "hotel" or some place players can link to, and if you get to player-built areas funky stuff can happen, people have built games inside MUSHes, such as 4-in-a-row and tic tac toe, and even more complicated one, entire computer systems with their own "web pages" etc...)

>8 merc @ 2019/07/01 03:15

I say muds would be fun!  Never liked MUSHES much...they're good for a certain kind of dedicated player,
but sometimes It's just nice to bash things in :-) >>7

>9 ubergeek @ 2019/07/12 15:20

Thunix hosts a bzflag server as well,, standard port.

>10 Zeth @ 2019/08/30 08:27

If you're JavaScript programmer, there's this Screeps game. It's an open-source game for programmers, wherein the core mechanic is programming your units' AI. You control your colony by writing JavaScript.

>11 hifikuno @ 2022/02/09 04:21

Hope necro-bumps aren't frowned upon, but did the MUD's ever take off? I'd be keen to give one a go!

>12 rmgr @ 2022/02/21 05:23


I would also be keen for a TildeMUD/MUSH

>13 anthk @ 2022/03/18 16:07

I would love to have play at a modern, urban based MUD and not a 
Middle-Ages phantasy based one.
Even with some paranormal themes, like Twin Peaks/X-Files,

>14 jdtron @ 2022/03/18 19:07

I heard about MUDs bevore, but never actually played one.
I'd love to see this happen, so I can try out with y'all :)

>15 anthk @ 2022/11/07 15:30


If you are into cyberpunk/futuristic themes: 7777 


Now there's some climate change theming among 
the corporate cyberpunk dystopia, it looks good.
I recommend you Tintin++ under Linux/BSD, ask
your local tilde admin to set it up.

You create a file, for instance, called "~/cs.mud"
with this content:

#session cs 7777

and then run:

tt++ ~/cs.mud

Easy. Connect as guest with "connect guest guest"


help here
help world-history
help theme

Complete the tutorial first.

The game it's kinda cyberpunk 7777-like, but with
more interactivity. Also, you have The Matrix
inside the game, wastelands, a space orbit complex,
and so on.

>16 hifikuno @ 2022/11/22 04:59


Thanks for this, I have been wanting to try out a MUD for a long time.