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>0 brendantcc @ 2018/08/29 04:32

Uhm hey there! Welcome to Quick Tips! I promise this isn't some spin-off of an LTT segment.
Let's get on with the tip already. Need a quick way to backspace a whole word? hold down [Ctrl]
while pressing [Backspace].
Thank me later.

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>1 ben @ 2018/08/29 05:53


see these readline keybinds.

ctrl-backspace isn't going to work somewhere with readline enabled.

you'll need ctrl-w.

>2 brendantcc @ 2018/08/31 00:13

Right, okay. Thanks Ben! :)

>3 justin @ 2018/10/13 02:43


And if you put "set -o vi" into your .bashrc file, you can get Vi keybindings at the command prompt. Hit Esc to get into Control Mode, then you can h, l, b, w, $, and 0 to your heart's content.

>4 ben @ 2018/10/20 04:29


heh this is assuming that he uses bash :P

but yeah most shells have a vi mode!

>5 Rushd @ 2020/05/12 11:01

Does that work on nano?>>OP

>6 blitzkraft @ 2020/05/21 05:44


nano works with readline shortcuts, which are also emacs shortcuts. Example, Ctrl-a takes to the beginning of the line.