Which tildes share this BBJ? by ew0k | tildeverse BBJ

>0 ew0k @ 2021/09/01 06:55

I connect to this board from tilde.team, but is it a ~team only board? Where is it hosted and who can connect?

>1 rmgr @ 2021/09/02 10:00

I'm posting this from Tilde.club

>2 tomasino @ 2021/09/02 13:49


Cosmic connects here too.

>3 anonymous @ 2021/09/05 21:08

Im from texto-plano.xyz
with the bbjrtv program

>4 anonymous @ 2021/09/05 21:08


>5 jacksonbenete @ 2021/09/06 17:38

I don't know much about pubnix and tildeverse, but what I understand about
~ is that it's a community, so I think about it as a condominium with
various buildings, and the bbj is a board for communication across the
entire condominium.
I'm living in the cosmic.voyage building, on the second floor,
but I know about some people that have apartments on multiple buildings.
So I guess that all tilde share this BBJ, as well as all members of the
tilde community even if doesn't have a "tilde" in it's name like cosmic.voyage.

>6 ew0k @ 2021/10/01 17:00


That's my guess too :) I'm just not entirely sure which pubnixes the tildeverse consists of, or if all of them connect to this bbj.

Really cool that several connect to it. A little hidden forum of sorts.

>7 hakushu @ 2021/11/28 04:29


aussie does too

>8 peron @ 2021/11/29 02:35


In texto-plano.xyz (the first Spanish speaking tilde) you can access this BBJ using the bbjtv command.

>9 luqaska @ 2021/12/15 19:32


I think this is for all tildes wich are members of the Tildeverse

You can even access an web, read-only, a little outdated, version of this forum via https://bbj.tildeverse.org

>10 luqaska @ 2021/12/17 16:44


* It isn't outdated