Mailboxes and BBJ by jacksonbenete | tildeverse BBJ

>0 jacksonbenete @ 2020/08/21 19:57

Hello there,

I used mutt and now I'm using Alpine, it is ok to have the two mail
folders or I need to delete one of them to avoid problems?

I'm also very insterested in BBJ since I was looking for a BBS lately.
There is a way to install a BBJ instance in a private server or is it
pretty much for the tildeverse only?

I can't research about it right know because I will be a week or so
without interent, that's why I'm asking to check later.

See ya.

>1 gasconheart @ 2020/08/22 12:34


Hi ~campfire!

1. How come you have two folders, one for mutt, other for alpine?
Usually you have one mail folder, and you access it with whatever
application you want. I think.

2. bbj is open source, up for grabs, to all and sundry. I have my
"personal pubnix" on a Raspberry Pi, I downloaded it, couldn't
install it, but a normal person should be able to. I suck at
computer stuff. In spite of detailed instructions by my deputy
commander guy, I could not install it. My Raspbian repositories
couldn't find some of the required packages. But a competent user of
computers should overcome this easily. Heck, when you manage to
install it, please teach me! hehehe.

>2 jacksonbenete @ 2020/08/26 17:10


The first time I've used mail I run mutt, it created a "mail" folder,
then I've run alpine and it created a "Mail" folder, so now I have two
folders and I'm not sure it could create a problem later.

About BBJ, good to know. I'm fact I'm interested in code a simple BBS
of my own, but I might stick with BBJ if I lack time to code one. If I
manage to install it I will let you know. I don't have a raspberry, do
you know if it supports Docker? Maybe would be easier to just create a
Docker image of BBJ so people could easier install it.

See ya.