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>0 anonymous @ 2022/03/25 15:30

well, after unsuccesfull installing of solus linux i've booted to USB flash drive and formated my hard drive. so, usb flash drive had some problems and i can't boot in both of them :D

so did u were in this situation and how solved it?

>1 jacksonbenete @ 2022/03/25 22:01


Sure, if you never messed up everything at least once, you're either
special or you weren't using Linux...

I'm not sure what happened exactely, if you boot from USB flash, why
didn't you recovered and installed it?
You were using live usb for a while and forgot to rescue the hard drive?

Anyway, without knowing more information of what got wrong, it's hard
to help, but if you're trying to install an OS and things keep getting
wrong, a common issue is about MBR, search about it.
When you mess the partition table, even if you have successfully instaled
an OS, you'll not be able to boot.

The "solution" is, go to another PC (lan house, cyber cafe, your sister, etc)
and create a new live usb (buy a new pendrive) and recover your hard drive.

There are Linux distros specially for recovering from mess, like CDLinux
and SystemRescueCd.
It also worth to have a spare pendrive with a Linux distro inside it, and
never, I said never, use this pendrive for anything else. Forget that this
is a writtable pendrive and interpret it as a static OS stick.
Always have a USB device with a live image available.

You might want to start using virtual machines for testing new distros,
and you might want to partition your HD in two, three or more partitions.
One of them you put a stable Linnux, and only play with the other partitions.

If you want a honest suggestion, save a partition for a Windows installation,
as much as you might love Linux, eventually you'll need Windows because of
School or Work, save yourself some trouble and keep a Windows partition
there as well just in case.

Similarly of having a spare pendrive with a live image always on it,
you can buy a cheap SSD and have an OS always on it as well, if
you broke your PC again, boot from USB with the SSD or the Pendrive.