Sharing emails and contact details!? by Esso98 | tildeverse BBJ

>0 Esso98 @ 2021/03/10 14:54

Hey folks! wanna share emails?
So we can write emails to each other? Or be 
penpals or something like that.

>1 Esso98 @ 2021/03/10 14:55

my email :

My main character(s) : Esso
His username : Esso98

>2 anonymous @ 2021/03/10 19:12


I read gemini:// (seems to be the most active site,
since it's always at the top of Spacewalk, along with
but I do not contribute. You're always welcome to email me
(; my inbox is currently empty.

(Sorry I can't be arsed to log in)

>3 erin @ 2021/04/02 23:11

Hey, I'm (I think that should be it, I'm new to this)
I'd be happy to have new people to talk to!

>4 klu @ 2021/04/21 04:15


well i just started. it'd be nice to have some sort of commenting system here
at cosmic voyage logs :)

>5 tomasino @ 2021/05/06 10:21


If you are a cosmic user you can find out who controls a ship by using the "roster" command (also available in the menu). "roster melchizedek" will show that I'm the owner, for instance. You can then email that user if you want to chat or collaborate.

The roster command works in reverse too. Enter a username or part of one and it'll show you all their ships.

Aaaand, if you're not on cosmic and you know a user's username you can use finger to find out their ships: finger

I should note that cosmic's mail system is limited. You can only email to other tildes & pubnixes and only receive mail from other tildes and pubnixes.

Finally, I should mention that we've recently added a way to post anonymously whether you're a cosmic user or not. If you send an email to (again from a tilde or pubnix only), make sure that mail is plaintext and not html, and make sure to wrap it to a max of 80 columns, then it will automatically post your email as a QEC log from The subject line of your email will become the post title.

You can use this to suppliment your own stories as Voortrekker did with