Trying to get into miniature/diorama building by frank | tildeverse BBJ

>0 frank @ 2021/12/19 13:34

Hey all,
Long time tilde-visitor, first time poster ;-) I just wanted to share here that I'm trying to get into a new hobby. Since most of my day is spent behind a computerscreen I want to try something new. 
I have always been fascinated by the miniature builders, who build complete landscapes to the tiniest detail.
I want to try something similar, but based on games. For instance the landscape of Super Mario World.
On Youtube everything is paperbased, more of a diorama. Or it's the realistic buildings. 
Does anyone have a pointer where to find tutorials or ideas on this specific sort of builds?

Thanks and a have a safe Holiday ;-)

>1 anonymous @ 2022/01/24 01:11


>2 hifikuno @ 2022/02/06 22:29


What about tutorials for minature's painting? I imagine the skills you use to
do that could be transfered to model building. 

Also another term you could search is "kitbashing tutorials". On the off chance you
haven't stumbled across it yet it is a pretty cool way for making models from
random parts of other models. 

Good luck in your new hobby. I know the feeling of wanting something that
isn't on the computer.