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>0 abc6 @ 2021/04/28 03:39


since few weeks with a friend we are working in a project (a handcrafted website). each installed apache2 to serve own PC and then connect in a vlan with ZeroTier.

Zerotier is a great software that do (so basically) the same that Hamachi does (create a fake local area network to (at conventional default) play games, useful years ago when play in lan but not in internet multiplayer was the way).

The think that i dont like much about zerotier is that it's connect to some centralized server to hang with other users in the vlan.

I read a bit about freelan, looks nice but documentation is just for 1 to 1 (for now, it would be useful to my friend and me, but we want in future connect with more people)...

So, im here to ask, do you know some software to make vlans, and can share with me info about it? (for info i mean experience with it, i can read the sites lol).

Also, my first post here, sorry my ape-english (im not being rude, if appears so). Nice to meet you :-)