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>0 roy @ 2019/09/20 13:05

Check title!

Post your instagram, behance, or website below. Maybe you'll find new friends or organize collabs!

you can check my photography on and

I mainly post street photography, but I have projects involving portraits and whatnot :)

>1 jspreis @ 2019/10/03 00:53

Nice photos, Roy.

my after-work interests dwell mostly with music and, well, my work isn't particularly interesting.
So, check out my bandcamp:


>2 mpnordland @ 2019/12/29 03:07


I recently made some ~club inspired art:

>3 antharia @ 2020/01/21 17:29

>>1 Are you happy with Lyra-8 ?

>4 jspreis @ 2020/01/21 23:55


I am! It's a weird beast. You can try all that caos approach with cool results, but i find that the delay section - specially if you fuse another instrument with the lyra, like i did with a microfreak and a Korg Modular - allows for great precision. I really like it but it still seems foreign to me. It needs more trips!

>5 jspreis @ 2020/01/25 03:46

New work:

>6 blitzkraft @ 2020/02/02 01:42


Just finished designing a character from a show I like - One-One from Infinity Train

Here's the design:

>7 citylizard @ 2020/06/26 16:13

Hey all! Glad to see a few other synth nerds here :P

I make ambient music, mostly using my Make Noise modular system...

I also have some Monome, Ciat Lonbarde (well Shbobo), and Nord stuff... Doing a lot of programming for the Ciat/Monome stuff lately.

Also, I've been experimenting with visual art and creative coding lately. You can see my experiments here: