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>0 roy @ 2019/09/20 13:05

Check title!

Post your instagram, behance, or website below. Maybe you'll find new friends or organize collabs!

you can check my photography on and

I mainly post street photography, but I have projects involving portraits and whatnot :)

>1 jspreis @ 2019/10/03 00:53

Nice photos, Roy.

my after-work interests dwell mostly with music and, well, my work isn't particularly interesting.
So, check out my bandcamp:


>2 mpnordland @ 2019/12/29 03:07


I recently made some ~club inspired art:

>3 antharia @ 2020/01/21 17:29

>>1 Are you happy with Lyra-8 ?

>4 jspreis @ 2020/01/21 23:55


I am! It's a weird beast. You can try all that caos approach with cool results, but i find that the delay section - specially if you fuse another instrument with the lyra, like i did with a microfreak and a Korg Modular - allows for great precision. I really like it but it still seems foreign to me. It needs more trips!

>5 jspreis @ 2020/01/25 03:46

New work:

>6 blitzkraft @ 2020/02/02 01:42


Just finished designing a character from a show I like - One-One from Infinity Train

Here's the design:

>7 citylizard @ 2020/06/26 16:13

Hey all! Glad to see a few other synth nerds here :P

I make ambient music, mostly using my Make Noise modular system...

I also have some Monome, Ciat Lonbarde (well Shbobo), and Nord stuff... Doing a lot of programming for the Ciat/Monome stuff lately.

Also, I've been experimenting with visual art and creative coding lately. You can see my experiments here:

>8 cyrus @ 2020/07/18 03:23


A few years ago I downloaded every comment made on reddit going back to the site's formation in 2005 (a total of 80.9 billion words). I wrote a program that extracted all the haikus that happened in those comments -- most were unintentional. I then put them up on a site to be voted on:

Suffice to say, there are still hidden gems in there.

>9 annathecrow @ 2020/07/22 07:59


Oh whow, I love it! The rating is a good way to surface the gems. Is there a way to get to the original post from the haiku?

>10 grinphox @ 2020/08/04 19:02

I've been working on music for about 10 years. Many people don't know if it fits
under a specific genre, which I am surprised by. I like the concept of
categorization of music for consuming purposes. Not that being unique is a bad

Anyways, here are my picks from the music I have made. Enjoy! 
Like a meandering Jazz Fusion, mixed with pretty funky electronics. Spastic break-beats. Weird melodies. 
This one's really trippy. Samples an unreleased Hypercube Extrusion track. 
A cover of Strigid's excellent track Confusion. I believe when I showed it to Strigid, 
fella said "it feels like it's trying to escape itself" which is how I had been feeling 
at the time of production. 
Probably my most accessible and palateable track. Keeps it fresh with biomechanical beats, 
live drums courtesy of Mint Potion Studios, driving arps, and spacey leads. 
My dad described this song as "the kind of music you hear at the end of a 
psychological thriller movie."

Very good stuff IMO and I'm not afraid of saying that. 
Very proud of the work I've done and how far I've pushed myself. 100% self taught.

My setup currently consists of:
Renoise (latest ver -- my main daw)
FL Studio (latest ver -- when I feel like it)
Audacity (staple of all my music software setups)
Korg Minilogue (Not the biggest fan of the filter but it's a good 
poly with a specific sound)
Korg MS-20 Mini (Good mono, would use more if it 
didn't have that god awful noise, might find a way to mod it out)
Korg Volca Bass (AMAZING mono synth box, fun to screw with, 
it's just not very good at acid haha)
Korg Volca Beats (I broke it, my fault)
Arturia Minibrute (My first synth, still an absolute banger, 
even if a lil limited)
Cort CR100-SP "Classic Rock" (I was gonna get my strings replaced by a pro but my 
dad insisted on his friend. Now everything sounds like a shitty grunge band 
cos the strings are low.)
Yamaha FG-700S (Was big at first but now it's just right, and 
after getting it properly restrung at a shop it's fuckin NICE to PLAY ON)
Pearl River acoustic upright piano (Detuned -- my favourite thing to play on ever, 
but also it's located in the office where my sound-sensitive brother basically 
lives, so I can never play without angering him.)

I bought the first 7 non-free items listed. 

Bigups! If you listened to the music, thank you, that's very kind of you :D

I always strive to become a better musician, so let me know how I can
improve in the field.

>11 dgy @ 2020/10/04 16:58

I dabble in music and C64 textart.
I have some of the first on my bandcamp:
And some of the other on my instagram account @itsdeadguy

I'm not very good at either yet, and i struggle sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) but i like making it and i want to make more and "git gud" as they say.

Also very interested in pixel art, but i don't have stuff i would consider fit to be showed yet.

My tools are Marq's Petscii Editor for the graphics, and an assortment of things for the music. I'm still wrapping my head around Reaper and things like piggy tracker and klystrack (i love 8bit, it's the kind of stuff i want to make more of), so most of the stuff on my bandcamp was actually made using a combination of python and supercollider.

>12 jspreis @ 2020/10/17 23:28

while finishing a new album for bandcamp,i've  been playing with a bit of ambient. Check it out:

>13 anonymous @ 2020/12/03 05:56


>14 Julian Marcos @ 2020/12/03 05:59

Mpnordland i like the artwork

>15 dgy @ 2020/12/21 22:34

took down the instagram. my doodles are at

bandcamp link is still good.

>16 nm4 @ 2020/12/22 01:49

I've been dumping some "experimental" covers I've been doing to pass the time since covid started on soundcloud lately. Most of them are just my attempts to improve my ear while following a dumb idea that popped into my head (e.g. "what if Gilbert Gottfried sang on a hyperpop track?")

This is great. Just poured over some random ones and founder this treasure:

>A shot in the butt
>  and they sent me on my way.
>Got a bill for 5k.

Definitely stealing that next doctors visit.

>Probably my most accessible and palateable track. Keeps it fresh with biomechanical beats, live drums courtesy of Mint Potion Studios, driving arps, and spacey leads. 
This is sick. Love the drums from 5 minutes in and onward