How many users? by jk008 | tildeverse BBJ

>0 jk008 @ 2018/10/10 20:09

How many user names are registered? How much is an average daily load?

>1 ben @ 2018/10/11 14:45

grep 100 /etc/passwd | wc
shows 125 members at the moment

average load is somewhere between .5 and 1

>2 ben @ 2018/10/15 15:22

another way to check is with the members tool

members team | wc

>3 cmccabe @ 2018/12/12 20:58


related to this question, i checked on monday and 
found 60 distinct users that had logged in between
saturday and then, and over 1500 total logins 
during that period.

this is a huge increase relative to early 2018, and
judging by the pace of new user sign-ups, it has
the potential to grow a lot more over the next year.

ben will be renting a dedicated server room for soon.

>4 ben @ 2019/01/11 22:41

if you want to see how many people are online, try the following command

users | tr ' ' \\n | uniq | wc -l

34 online following last weekend's reboots

>5 psy @ 2019/01/13 08:44


>6 tfurrows @ 2019/01/24 18:33


On busy *nix systems, I love to see who is online in a cleanish way, and to quickly recognze out of that list the people I know. To that end, I wrote a little shell script called "whoa." It simply re-formats and compresses the output of who, and reads from ~/.whoiknow to highlights known users.

If you're interested, I've placed it in ~tfurrows/share/

I'd also be very interested in knowing if people can access ~tfurrows/share, or if there are any permissions problems!

>7 cmccabe @ 2019/01/28 14:43


I am able to view the whoa file, tfurrows.  I haven't read or run it yet, though.

>8 tfurrows @ 2019/01/30 20:23


Glad the permissions are correct at least, thanks for checking it!

It's messy, there may be much better ways to get the same output, but it does the job. Fellowsh is another great tool to accomplish similar ends and more though!

>9 ben @ 2019/02/01 16:48


hey ~tfurrows,

if you place whoa in your ~/bin directory, you can submit it with the `tilde` command.
there was a bug with it recently that i haven't had time to fully investigate, but the idea is to have people be able to submit and find other scripts :)

>10 tfurrows @ 2019/02/06 14:45


I'm still getting an error:

are you ready to continue? [y/n]: y
enter the name of your script: whoa
whoa already exists. rename your script and try again.
tfurrows@tilde:~/bin$ ls -lrt
total 4
-rwxr-xr-x 1 tfurrows team 2549 Jan 24 12:51 whoa
tfurrows@tilde:~/bin$ tilde whoa
whoa not found. try tilde list to see what's available

>11 ben @ 2019/02/06 14:56

i just pushed a fix. could you try it again?

>12 jan6 @ 2019/02/06 14:56


That script's just stupid and doesn't recognize relative paths it seems?
I put "tilde submit load" while in ~/bin and it failed, I put "tilde submit /home/jan6/bin/load" and THEN it worked...

>13 tfurrows @ 2019/02/08 21:10


Hey, it's working now! Just placed it in ~bin/ and ran 'tilde submit' and the walkthrough process worked. Thanks!

>14 tfurrows @ 2019/02/08 21:11


I like the output of 'load' jan6... it's the little things that make life better in *nix space.

>15 Rushd @ 2020/05/12 00:48

So now it's 2020. How many users are there ? :D just wondering .. >>14

>16 ben @ 2020/05/22 14:39


a couple quick ways to count users:

members team | wc -w

ls -1 /home | wc -l

to see who's online:

users | tr ' ' '\n' | uniq | wc -l



>17 ben @ 2021/03/07 17:57


i made a little tool to display tilde.json stats for each tilde

some of them aren't working at the moment