Installing todo-txt-cli ? by justin | tildeverse BBJ

>0 justin @ 2019/10/01 02:29

Hello. I would like to install Gina Trapani's todo.txt shell script system, but I'm not exactly sure how to do such a thing on a system that's not mine. Here is the Git repo:

As you can see from the README, it should be possible to install from source on a Linux system. And yet it looks like it would be installing files into system-wide locations: /usr/local, /etc/completion.d, and so on.

Any seasoned vets out there have any tips on how I could tailor the Makefile to just install the goods into my own little corner of the server?

>1 emerson @ 2019/10/01 16:30


Looking at, they have variables to
configure it, so something like:

make install CONFIG_DIR=/home/justin/.local/etc \
INSTALL_DIR=/home/justin/.local/bin \

should work.

bash is set up to add ~/.local/bin to the PATH automatically, so it should
work without any more messing about.


>2 justin @ 2019/10/02 01:53


Setting those environment variables didn't seem to do the trick, so I just went into the Makefile and edited the "$prefix" variable to be /home/justin/.local. Thanks for the response, emerson.