Monospace Fonts by cdmnky | tildeverse BBJ

>0 cdmnky @ 2018/09/10 17:02

I've been looking around for good monospace fonts, and found
a new favorite today: Office Code Pro:

what are some of your favorite monospace fonts that you use in your

>1 brendantcc @ 2018/09/10 22:35

cringe all you want, but i use the default on the windows command prompts - consolas

>2 aewens @ 2018/09/10 22:37


Two that I really like are Hack[0] and Fira Code[1], the latter being my monospace font of choice today.


>3 cdmnky @ 2018/09/11 12:29


Fira code's ligature idea is pretty interesting, I've never seen anything
like it before

>4 ben @ 2018/09/11 18:27

My favorite is still Plex Mono:

~arne also recommended input mono which is also quite nice

>5 desvox @ 2018/09/29 23:49

Fantasque Sans Mono:
envypn (bitmap):

Right now I use Fantasque for all my main terminal and emacs. Sometimes I use xterm with 12pt envypn to save some screen space.

>6 cdmnky @ 2018/10/01 16:57

monaco looks really neat! I like the more curved styles, not every
monospaced font has to look angular like a typewriter

>7 evn @ 2019/01/02 02:29

I love Anka/Coder.

>8 peter @ 2019/02/07 00:04


I've used the Office Code Pro D variant for quite some time now, 
and I keep reverting back to it after trying other fonts.

>9 tildebeast @ 2019/02/10 18:53


+1 for fantasque sans mono. I keep trying other fonts but it's just so readable against a dark background, even with iffy close-up vision.

>10 jebug29 @ 2019/03/27 05:48

I'm using Terminus right now for Termite. It's nice, clean, and non-aliased
(which some people might not prefer but I really like how it looks)

>11 jeschust @ 2019/04/18 15:58

I switched from Source Code Pro (our work laptops come with Adobe's
Source family bc branding) to IBM Plex Mono. I like it because it's very
readable and renders nicely on screens but has that retro IBM Selectric
charm. There are fairly good Prestige Elite fonts out there but they're all more
designed for word processing and don't work well in a console.

>12 anonymous @ 2019/06/09 15:13

I am using Inconsolata right now

>13 SinaCutie @ 2019/06/24 22:40


I used to use Hack a lot, but lately I have been enjoying Ubuntu Mono incredibly much. I use it in my Gentoo daily driver as well as my Windows build VM.

>14 exr @ 2019/09/16 14:05

I use PragmataPro Mono, for me it is incredibly readable. I have tried with Hack and other fonts already mentioned, but my eyes love this one.

>15 pants @ 2019/09/16 18:49

I really like the artwiz fonts:

They are bitmap fonts designed at the single pixel size.

Right now I'm using lime, which is a 5x10 fixed width font. Tiny, but very readable!

>16 exr @ 2019/09/17 11:11


Never heard about them. Thanks for sharing, I will try both :)

>17 Guest @ 2019/09/17 15:58


I love Iosevka:

>18 computer t-shirts @ 2019/09/18 16:43

I have used Hack (mentioned above) for a good while and I love it

>19 jc1984 @ 2019/09/20 13:34


I also prefer Input Mono

>20 gmw @ 2019/11/10 21:41

Just switched to DejaVu Sans Code ( 
I love the ligatures, check their page for examples.

>21 mhd @ 2019/11/14 08:11

In the beginning, I've used Lucida Typewriter for quite a while.
The regular old X11 Type 1 font.
For TTF, I went with Inconsolata mostly.

In the last few years, I've been switching a bit more, as I work
with different operating systems and displays and haven't really
settled in. Monaco was great on regular Mac displays (non-AA),
these days I'm liking Iosevka's more condensed display at greater

But lately I've been working against font bikeshedding in the
weirdest way:

>22 mayhair @ 2019/11/17 07:50

Fantasque Sans Mono. EVERYWHERE :)

>23 a @ 2019/12/17 14:36

Inconsolata is such a good font. I've been using it for VSCode and tera term. >>12

>24 silverwolf @ 2019/12/24 19:29


I use 12pt Terminus most of the time myself, it's fantastic! In things other than terminals I use Fantasque Sans Mono, just because I like the aesthetic.

>25 stephanstanisic @ 2020/01/01 19:32

I'd say Roboto everything. So for me it would be Roboto Mono[0]. I am drifting from Roboto on the sans-serif front, sinc I am in love with the Inter[1] font. This font **customizable**! Take a look if you want.


>26 LickTheCheese @ 2020/01/07 12:38


wow cool i didint know customizable fonts existed!

>27 guy @ 2020/01/11 01:28

I was full-on Anonymous Pro for several years, then switched over to Envy Code at some point. Lately, I've been pretty happy with Menlo, actually. Never liked the parens in Monaco (functions without args were confusing to look at), so loving that change. To my eye, Menlo looks as close to a "plain" font as I can get and, generally speaking, good design goes unnoticed because that's what makes it good :)

>28 thecomputergeek @ 2020/01/11 15:33

I use Determination Sans. IDK if it's monospace or not.

>29 blitzkraft @ 2020/01/15 00:22


I love Iosevka. Previously Source Code pro.

>30 artyr3 @ 2020/01/15 03:38

Plex Mono. 

Also iA Writer's monospace font.
Which is actually just Plex Mono with a different "t" and "g".

>31 blitzkraft @ 2020/01/15 20:42


New font - jetbrains mono: 

Seems good.

>32 antharia @ 2020/01/23 11:14

Great thread, you typo nerds ! ;)

Just read the first posts and switched from Inconsola to Office Code Pro.

>33 a @ 2020/02/23 11:16

After switching to linux, I've starrted to like Termius 14pt. I use it on everything.

>34 ben @ 2020/02/27 04:39


I'm really liking JetBrains Mono

feels similar to my other favorite, Input Mono but is open-sourced

>35 if @ 2020/03/17 23:15

For xterm I use leggie (lots of personality/easy to distinguish characters) and for emacs I use code new roman (like monaco, but a little rounder)

>36 LickTheCheese @ 2020/03/18 16:46



hmm it does look nice maybe il use it too

>37 LickTheCheese @ 2020/03/20 00:18


i just decided to switch to jetbrains mono and its nice :3

>38 codingquark @ 2020/04/04 14:19

Used Source Code Pro for 3-4 years. Switched to Iosevka 3 weeks ago. Pretty nice.

>39 Zeth @ 2020/04/07 00:15

Been using Inconsolata until last update where it somehow messed up spacing. Switched to Hack Nerd Font Mono. Along with joypixels for emoji support, fontawesome for glyphs and Ipa Gothic for them japanese symbols - mostly because of some weebs using japanese to mess with me on discord ☹

>40 a @ 2020/04/13 15:29

>>39 My friend has japanese chars in his name, and it has broken a lot. I recently changed to some better cjk fonts.

>41 cano @ 2020/04/15 13:37

I honestly like Ubuntu Mono a lot. I have a hard time warming up to others.

Also that Office Code Pro font is really nice as well!

>42 tubbo @ 2020/05/09 20:49

I use Source Code Pro, and the "Source Code Pro for Powerline" variant
in particular since I use Powerline.

>43 Rushd @ 2020/05/14 17:55

how can I change my monospace font on my blog? >>OP

>44 spacehare @ 2020/05/19 16:33

my favourite would be ttyp0, a bitmapped font that's sort of like and improved
version of misc-fixed.

>45 ben @ 2020/05/22 14:41


i have a couple webfonts hosted in my public_html:

feel free to use them

>46 dfa @ 2020/06/01 05:11


some interesting other recs here

>47 kst @ 2020/07/05 21:26


Take a look at Iosevka [1] if you want a real customizable typeface.
The author built Iosevka using his own programming language (PatEL [2]), and
you can easily compile a custom build of the font customizing the
width/thickness and cherrypick glyph shapes from built-in variants.

I wrote some scripts [3] a while ago for building and patching my own Iosevka.
If you want to customize your own fonts, it might be helpful.


>48 tinfoil-hat @ 2020/07/13 01:51

I use NotoMono. You can find it in almost any package repo on Linux and BSD also it looks very great.

>49 Hazel @ 2020/07/14 06:05

ibm plex rocks

>50 schlurp @ 2020/07/22 18:52

Definately a huge Fira fan, using Fira mono 14 right now in guake.

>51 vex @ 2020/08/01 12:20

just installed IBM Plex Mono, it's a really nice font that i'll probably stick with for a while :)

>52 Geo @ 2020/08/04 05:24

Lots of really good recommendations in here I'm going to check out, but the font I currently use is the X11 classic, misc-fixed. The specific size right now is the 7x14 version. It has pretty good UTF-8 coverage, looks super sharp and crisp at small sizes, and is typically available on any unix/linux system with X11. Only downside is it's getting increasingly hard to use bitmap fonts on Linux, Firefox for example won't even touch it anymore :( but it's still the king in xterm and emacs for me!

>53 mieum @ 2020/08/31 14:07

Interesting to see everyone's different tastes! :)

For me, good ol' Terminus and Tamsyn were personal favorites for a long time. Lately I've been trying something different, and started using Fira Code and Mononoki~ I mostly compose manuscripts, and they are both great for that.

>54 snowdusk @ 2020/09/05 13:28


My personal favourite is the Menlo font :-)

>55 peron @ 2020/09/07 04:36

I use DEC Terminal Modern Regular, as it seems a VT320 terminal font.
It's incredible iseful and has all the glyphs I need.

>56 petitpoil @ 2020/09/18 11:02


My goto font is Dina, at bitmap font ( So if you want to use it make sure your editor support .fon files. There is a ttf version on github but if your editor forces font smoothing it looks ugly.

Otherwise, I use Consolas, and if it isn't present IBM Plex.

>57 mattx @ 2020/09/18 13:48

I once used Iosevka but I now use Victor Mono. It just looks nice really.

>58 amrowsell @ 2020/09/23 01:59

Well, almost everyone here has mentioned Fira Code, Source Code Pro, DejaVu Sans Code, etc. But nobody has mentioned (that I saw) Go Mono, which has been my default terminal font for ages, mostly because it does i, l and t correctly.
When I'm coding inside an IDE, I do tend to use Hack or Fira Code (or Fira Code's cousin, Hasklig).
So many other suggestions in here that I will have to check out!

>59 SeerLite @ 2020/11/03 19:26

I fell in love with Cozette, another really pretty bitmap font:

>60 peron @ 2020/11/23 14:00

By the way, I would like to gift everyone my monospace font collection.

It includes:
DEC Modern Terminal
F25 Bank Printer
Fantasque Sans Mono Regular
FixedSys Excelsior 3.0
Hack Regular
Input Mono Regular
Jet Brains Mono Regular
Nouveau IBM
Office Code Pro D Medium
PerfectDOS VGA347-Win
Proggy Vector Regular
PxPlus VGA SquarePx
Source Code Pro Regular
Sportlight Typewriter NC
Terminus TTF
Unicode Optima
VT323 Regular
Video Terminal Screen Regular

>61 Shufei @ 2020/11/29 02:07

I really enjoy Fixedsys Excellsior, especially the 3.1 with thr nice symbol ligatures.

I do wish more monospace had CJK.  Many CJK fonts have awful looking latin and vice vera (if any).  I'd like a nice retro font like fixedsys with total cjk coverage.

>62 mieum @ 2020/12/14 13:59


Shufei, yes! Lately I've been wondering how I could go about combining the best parts of my favorite latin and CJK fonts.

I am also bummed that inputting CJK into a terminal is pretty awkward on Linux. Do you have any tips for having a better terminal typing experience in CJK?

>63 karx @ 2021/02/08 20:43

I can feel the cringe coming by saying this, but I use Microsoft's Cascadia Code font. It just looks so pretty, especially with its font ligatures!

>64 konomo @ 2021/02/09 14:28


That's a pretty nice font, thank you for sharing it!

>65 wgreenhouse @ 2021/02/11 23:54


>66 hrnekbezucha @ 2021/02/13 16:10

ubuntu mono is my all-time favourite

>67 cano @ 2021/03/04 04:05

Lucida Console is a pretty nice font I think....

>68 fastidious @ 2021/03/24 17:29


My favourite is Hermit (

>69 tym @ 2021/03/29 14:03

+1 Iosevka

>70 prisonpotato @ 2021/05/20 19:35

Does anyone use Iosevka?

>71 easeout @ 2021/05/22 00:07

Fantasque Sans Mono 19 for main content, Scientifica 11 for side channels.

Here's a few more:

>72 dgy @ 2021/05/22 01:05

I've created several custom versions using their customizer
Outside of that, my go-to are Pragmata Pro and Jetbrains Mono

>73 zero @ 2021/06/22 04:08

In no particular order:

- Consolas (vscode default)
- Fira Code
- Cascadia (windows terminal default)

All of them look nice in their own ways, its mostly what's easiest to get for me, for fira code and cascadia, they play nicer with some vim plugins due to nerd-fonts already having a prebuilt copy

>74 anonymous @ 2021/08/09 04:39

DejaVu is the best lol
just install and forget

>75 anthk @ 2022/01/17 21:46


Liberation Mono in the framebuffer, you can get those there:
uncompress the psf{u} files at  /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/ under Linux.
For X, I use Roboto as the Sans font and Unifont for terminals.