Monospace Fonts by cdmnky | tildeverse BBJ

>0 cdmnky @ 2018/09/10 17:02

I've been looking around for good monospace fonts, and found
a new favorite today: Office Code Pro:

what are some of your favorite monospace fonts that you use in your

>1 brendantcc @ 2018/09/10 22:35

cringe all you want, but i use the default on the windows command prompts - consolas

>2 aewens @ 2018/09/10 22:37


Two that I really like are Hack[0] and Fira Code[1], the latter being my monospace font of choice today.


>3 cdmnky @ 2018/09/11 12:29


Fira code's ligature idea is pretty interesting, I've never seen anything
like it before

>4 ben @ 2018/09/11 18:27

My favorite is still Plex Mono:

~arne also recommended input mono which is also quite nice

>5 desvox @ 2018/09/29 23:49

Fantasque Sans Mono:
envypn (bitmap):

Right now I use Fantasque for all my main terminal and emacs. Sometimes I use xterm with 12pt envypn to save some screen space.

>6 cdmnky @ 2018/10/01 16:57

monaco looks really neat! I like the more curved styles, not every
monospaced font has to look angular like a typewriter

>7 evn @ 2019/01/02 02:29

I love Anka/Coder.

>8 peter @ 2019/02/07 00:04


I've used the Office Code Pro D variant for quite some time now, 
and I keep reverting back to it after trying other fonts.

>9 tildebeast @ 2019/02/10 18:53


+1 for fantasque sans mono. I keep trying other fonts but it's just so readable against a dark background, even with iffy close-up vision.

>10 jebug29 @ 2019/03/27 05:48

I'm using Terminus right now for Termite. It's nice, clean, and non-aliased
(which some people might not prefer but I really like how it looks)

>11 jeschust @ 2019/04/18 15:58

I switched from Source Code Pro (our work laptops come with Adobe's
Source family bc branding) to IBM Plex Mono. I like it because it's very
readable and renders nicely on screens but has that retro IBM Selectric
charm. There are fairly good Prestige Elite fonts out there but they're all more
designed for word processing and don't work well in a console.

>12 anonymous @ 2019/06/09 15:13

I am using Inconsolata right now

>13 SinaCutie @ 2019/06/24 22:40


I used to use Hack a lot, but lately I have been enjoying Ubuntu Mono incredibly much. I use it in my Gentoo daily driver as well as my Windows build VM.