What are you listening to right now? by thecomputergeek | tildeverse BBJ

>0 thecomputergeek @ 2020/01/12 00:12

What are you listening to right now?
Right now, it's Tribal Bass by Rebel MC (1991)


>1 stilbruch @ 2020/01/17 23:26


Pines by Men I Trust. It's very relaxing

>2 antharia @ 2020/01/21 16:59

It sticks to my head those days.
Genre : Space Doom Goth Post-Rock
Artist : ISON
Album : Inner Space

>3 Zeth @ 2020/04/07 18:27

ThePrimeThanatos channel's livestream on Youtube - it plays synthwave retrowave and similar. The channel has bunch of collections of synthwave music. It induces that neon-colored 80's cyberpunk feeling that I fell in love with https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePrimeThanatos

>4 echo137 @ 2020/04/07 18:41

the flopotron

>5 codingquark @ 2020/04/11 08:29

I like the channel a lot. I usually play it on mpv.

>6 cano @ 2020/04/13 05:01


Glass Tiger - Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)

>7 a @ 2020/04/13 14:21

>>OP I recently changed to Youtube Music as my main streaming platform. I was using Spotify for most of the time. Now I'm listening to
xD, the good ol lofi hiphop radio

>8 thecomputergeek @ 2020/04/24 01:31

Elton John- Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (1974)


>9 cano @ 2020/04/24 07:25

Electric Citizen - Burning in Hell


>10 ynac @ 2020/06/24 18:32


It is web-based version of MyNoise - a binaural+ meditation app I use on my phone.


A little trippy, but mostly it just sort of "cleans the line" for my brain electricity.  Keeps it all at a clean 120.

>11 gambit @ 2020/07/01 01:36

I really dig https://somafm.com/ it is a collection of internet radio stations...sort of. 

All the stations are run by somafm, there are NO commericals at all, it is just curated music by soma's "DJ's". They rely on donations and merch sales to stay a float.

There are lots of stations, my personal favorites are:

 * DEF CON Radio
 * Indie Pop Rocks!
 * Fluid
 * Fokd Forward
 * The Trip

They even have a desktop client for Mac OS and Windows, but sadly not one for Linux (your can always listen through the browser, or use Amarok).

>12 schlurp @ 2020/07/22 18:54

Best music player on linux, usually use it for FLAC.
Big kraftwerk fan, loving Computer World right now.

>13 thecomputergeek @ 2020/07/23 14:49


>14 skeetcha @ 2020/07/28 05:40

Mostly a lot of Cavetown. He recently put out a new track with Tessa Violet called "Smoke Signals" and it's
the correct mix of homesickness and wanderlust. Here ya go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkIX6rux-yI

>15 thecomputergeek @ 2020/07/28 20:22

Corp.- News at 11


>16 isvarahparamahkrsnah @ 2020/07/29 08:10

Seoul - Stay With Us


>17 vex @ 2020/07/31 23:18

the first glass beach album has been on repeat for me a lot lately

>18 username @ 2020/08/01 00:33



>19 grinphox @ 2020/08/04 01:43

Been digging a lot of SHXCXCHCXSH, their album SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs is 
absolutely in my Top 10 Techno LPs. There's so much to it, such a unique style. Pretty great!

Here's my more specific listens:
- Dead Neanderthals' "Dolphin" (listen if you are a free jazz fan/metalhead/punk and 
you think circular breathing is a neat concept I guess)
- Coin locker kid "Traumnovelle" (Probably the most engrossing and interesting experimental 
pop-adjacent album I've ever heard. Daunting, psychological, like if you were stuck inside some 
kid's body while they go insane, without being able to control anything.)
- Arpanet "Quantum Transposition" (Gerald Donald is experienced in the art of making electro sound 
like you're an experimental physicist working alone trying to figure out some problem that bugs you 
with some cool-looking machinery)
- Maxo "FAWM '10" (I like this fella. Too bad I don't exist at all.)
- Ellen Arkbro "For organ and brass" (Really big stuff. Even if you don't like the music you'll get 
something out of it!)

Give me more music to listen to. Make sure it isn't only on Spotify :)

>20 ayko @ 2021/12/24 18:35


>21 blakesmith @ 2021/12/25 04:05


hatsune miku??

>22 anthk @ 2022/01/20 13:14


Tokio Ska Paradise Orchestra - Live Concert.

>23 anonymous @ 2022/01/20 16:43

Lots of Emancipator and Bonobo.

>24 anonymous @ 2022/01/23 18:25

Slayer. South of Heaven. 

But I also listen to a bunch of bandcamp stuff in the "experimental" sections. Its great to just open a tab, click around and then let that be the vibe for a little bit.

>25 fenris @ 2022/01/26 15:56

Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

>26 anonymous @ 2022/01/29 11:21

paramour by sub urban (featuring aurora)

>27 zero @ 2022/01/30 02:16

dawn fm (the new weeknd album), together by uni deluxe, some city pop, a little porter robinson

my preferred music is very random

>28 athenion @ 2022/02/24 13:20

For me it's "The Dreadnoughts" specifically their Polka Never Dies album. Absolutely amazing.

>29 sudoz @ 2022/02/26 14:48

UB40 Kingston Town

>30 membrillo @ 2022/02/26 19:52

Astor Piazzolla y Su Quinteto - AdiĆ³s Nonino

>31 tomasino @ 2022/03/25 20:05


Silence. It's glorious.

>32 jdtron @ 2022/04/13 19:27

A lot of Phonk lately.

>33 rmgr @ 2022/04/17 23:09

I've been getting in to my Author & Punisher lately!


>34 anthk @ 2022/04/18 14:00


Tunguska - Electronic Music Society
Nocreeps - Live Album

You can get those totally and legally free at Archive.org's
mirror done from Jamendo by Jason Scott (Textfiles.org).


>35 ffuentes @ 2022/04/25 12:39


Cool finding

>36 m1k3 @ 2022/06/21 11:32


Same! I actually got my kid into it which you'd think it would be the other way around.

>37 barlow @ 2022/06/22 15:13

Keith Jarrett - Summertime

>38 anonymous @ 2022/06/24 01:05

Discovering barber beats through macroblank


>39 savoy @ 2022/09/06 21:56

Was listening to Entertainment! by Gang of Four earlier, now onto some Emotional Creature by Beach Bunny.

>40 anthk @ 2022/11/21 13:45


snowdusk@sdf.org 's Intergalactical Wasabi Mix, offline.


>41 aspect @ 2023/02/05 07:06

A Man Without Love by Engelbert Humperdinck (No idea if i spelled that right lol)
Give it a listen, it's good!