RPG Group by Piusbird | tildeverse BBJ

>0 Piusbird @ 2022/12/01 20:39

Hey All:

  I'm looking to recruit an RPG group to improve my GM skills. 
My favorite System is GURPS Classic the setting is  
a custom setting of mine, an Urban Fantasy kind of thing on 
a Teraformed Mars. 

  For those that understand GURPS you'd be building 175 point 
characters, initally, with 25 points awarded at every milestone.
there are as of now, a total of 5 milestones planned. 
So you'd be leveling to superhuman range by the end of this.

  I'd need prep time on the GURPS Campagin, so i am thinking 
a start date of mid January or early Febuary. 

  I'm posting this now so I have a written thing to motivate me,
and to drum up interest. So let me know. I'd perfer at least one 
experinced GURPS player, but if you're a total newbie you are also
welcome to join.

Thanks for Reading 

>1 x51 @ 2022/12/03 15:47

Haven't played GURPS in years. Still have the Cyberpunk book on my shelf (and an adventure book). Wish I had to more time to participate in campaigns.