What's everyone working on lately? by mieum | tildeverse BBJ

>0 mieum @ 2020/09/21 01:31

What projects does everyone have going on right now?

Currently I have:
* a neverending dissertation in the philosophy of education (hopefully just a month or so longer!)
* a gemini client as a way to learn Python and gain some programming skills. Currently it only parses and pages local .gmi files :)

>1 jacksonbenete @ 2020/09/23 21:01

Well, I think I have more plans than actual work lately.

- working on a fintech saas for a startup 
(my third, luckly, will work out this time), 
that's on React and Node.
- working on a polybar custom conf to beautify my i3/regolith.
- studying Racket, which is reading the htdp book 
and rewriting some of my python programs into Racket.
- writing a rpg book (solo rpg oracle and system)

- write a "Emacs clone" on Racket
(probably more like a nano or ed)
- write a gopher server on Racket
- resume my spanish studies
- resume my nihongo studies

>2 mieum @ 2020/09/24 01:41


Those sound like fun projects :) What got you into Racket? 

I've also been meaning to put some time into Japanese. Last time I was there I learned Katakana, but I've mostly forgotten it now!
Luckily, I already know a fair amount of Hanja, which is mostly identical to Kanji. The only problem is I don't know how they are pronounced in Japanese.
Japanese is gramatically similar to Korean and much easier to pronounce---all my Japanese friends say it would be easy to pick up for that reason.

I just wish typing asian text in a terminal was a more pleasant experience =\

>3 jacksonbenete @ 2020/09/26 18:14


On July I was looking for an older language to learn, after years avoiding Lisp 
I thought that would be the time to try it. Racket just seems a good choice as 
a modern implementation and also focused on research.

I take a look into the famous Lisp 1.5 Programmer's Manual and read about it's 
history and power. I was convinced that it would be a good choice.
The "Maxwell's Equations of Software" analogy is very interesting as well as 
what it refers to.

About Japanese, I'm very into Kanji and Shodo, I love the aesthetics and 
organization of Japanese texts and books. Sometimes I'm more pleased to look 
at the design choices for the text presentation and the aesthetics of the 
language than the content itself.

I'm also very interested on the "cultural secrets" of the language.
Look at basic math, soroban is very interesting and easy, and also kuku no uta.
I never managed to learn the times table properly in my language, but I'm doing 
good in japanese as kuku no uta made it easy.

>4 tychi @ 2020/09/27 20:41

I'm about to fork my own CSS framework. The boilerplate of complexity around building it became too high and misses the intent of simplicity.

Now it's going to just be a single stylesheet with an html to demo, the way it should have been all along.

>5 dgy @ 2020/10/04 16:18

I'm also in the "more ideas than actual projects" stage.

As much as i dislike JS, i continue learning about it and i have a plan to make a web based voting system for demoparties, most likely using react.
I would also like to learn Go, and have a couple of project ideas which i fear might be a tad much for a beginner? I guess i'll know soon enough.

On a different front, i'm gonna sit down and get some drawings done for one of those October art memes that usually make the rounds this time of year.

Eventually, i have to get back on working on my music but i've really not been feeling it lately...

>6 yaz @ 2020/11/30 18:06

I'm going to engage in some shameless self-promotion, I hope you don't mind...

I have an email newsletter about Aesthetics, Technology, and Culture. You might like it. Have a look: https://aescult.substack.com/

>7 thalyha @ 2020/12/02 00:09

I am in the process of being not homeless but also writing a guide to being not homeless based on what I do and plan to do. I'm documenting every moment pretty much.

I will get through this bad season by ignoring the non-immediate problems.

>8 mieum @ 2020/12/07 13:00

Where have you been documenting this? Anywhere we can take a peek?

>9 nm4 @ 2020/12/21 06:06

Most recently, played around with Golang to see if I like it. Seems nice so far. Prior to that, I had written a proof-of-concept "text-to-video" shell script that used imagemagick, ffmpeg, and a couple different vocal synthesis tools to create videos from text files. Thinking of rewriting it in Go and expanding it to be prettier and use more realistic vocal synthesis APIs and churn out some generated content.

At work, been profiling and debugging a 3rd party tool to fix some performance issues we were having with it. Luckily, not as frustrating as it sounds, and I have managed to make significant performance improvements with some minor tweaks.

Thinking of also digging in and doing some more serious research on the data sets available from propaganda outlets' online presence. Watched a few talks about it and read over some of the papers published by The Project on Computational Propaganda and it seems very interesting.

>Eventually, i have to get back on working on my music but i've really not been feeling it lately...  
I stalked your homepage and listened to a bit of "Overengineered solutions make my skin crawl" and some of your Augmentation EP , don't have the time now to give it a dedicated listen, but really liked what I heard so far.

>10 rmgr @ 2020/12/21 11:09

Currently I'm messing about with a multiplayer SWAT FPS in the vein of SWAT 4 written in the Godot Engine. If i ever get anything playable I'll probably open source it. At the moment I've got two players spawning in an area and an enemy T-posing around the level.

>11 dgy @ 2020/12/21 22:27

Thanks! I might put a new track out at some point between now and new year's

I've been making slow progress on the golang front (slower than i'd like) but
i'm liking it so far.

I'm also writing 3 blogs more or less at the same time too, heh.

>12 bastiaan @ 2021/01/17 19:23

I'm setting up self-hosted services with a reverse proxy.
Am thinking of a setup to first configure it on localhost that can be only accessed with Wireguard.
I'm writing a blogpost on that, I need to write more blogposts

>13 anonymous @ 2021/01/18 00:53


Would be interested in seeing your other blog posts if you have any. 

What kind of services? Running on the cloud or from behind your
local network? 

I just came into possession of a retired family PC
that I can use for dedicated hosting, and am interested in the
various opinions on gemini vs eepsite vs fediverse; or maybe
just using it as an open *nix accessible with i2p. 

Would be very relevant to see what your approach is.


(sorry I couldn't be arsed to log in)

>14 bastiaan @ 2021/01/18 19:30


Shaarli (a bookmark manager) and Hawkpost are currently on my list that I want to host.
I'll host them on a cloud VPS.
I'm having a setup now where I open the Docker Compose file on localhost like this:

In this way I can safely configure the webservice before I put it online in the open world. I'm thinking of setting up a Caddy server as a reverse proxy so I can easily open the ports in the Caddyfile.

Where I am stuck now is that I can't open the localhost from Docker in my Wireguard VPN connection with the Cloud VPS. Once I have figured that out I will post a blogpost with my findings :)

>15 voytek @ 2021/01/18 23:46


Sounds like quite a stack. I haven't even heard of most of those things.

Is this a "let's see how this works" project, or do you have a specific
need to manage TLS certificates? (This seems to be the selling-point of

The gemini protocol is TLS-only; but the typical approach seems to be
to use a single certificate; I'm curious as to the motivation for a
whole cert management system...


>16 anonymous @ 2021/01/19 06:52

I'm currently working on a simple way to find the average age of
a group of people without revealing the actual ages to any of the other participants
or third party.

>17 anonymous @ 2021/01/19 18:08


There's a long history of privacy-preserving statistics and privacy-preserving ML;
and the typical framework of use is differential privacy. Things like sums
and averages typically take the form of

+ Each user transmits their age plus/minus a random amount
+ The average over all users is taken

The noise (on averge) cancels; so the average age is correct up to a small
factor, while each individuals age is known only up to a much larger factor.

My own interest is in the field of genetic testing; and similar algorithms
have been developed for identifying relatives *without* revealing the location
or nature of shared mutations (10.1093/bioinformatics/btu294)

It's really a fun subject!

(Sorry I can't be arsed to log in)

>18 bastiaan @ 2021/01/19 18:26

Yes it is mostly a "let's see how this works" project indeed!

I'm interested in Caddy because it has a very simple configuration for what I'm trying to accomplish: to reverse proxy the services that run on my localhost to the outside world. Caddy is nice because it only allows HTTPS connections from the outside world (by default)

I didn't know about the gemini protocol, I will take a look; thanks!

>19 karx @ 2021/02/08 20:40

I'm working on a programming language I'm calling "sandwich". It's written in rust with brevity in mind. To this end, all the instructions are actually just single-character opcodes, just as p for print, a for add, and so on.

However, because of this, it's not the easiest language to read, and it's even hard to read for me, even though I made the thing. It's not really practical though, so I don't really care about it's "ugliness" (although you could say that this quirk is what makes it beautiful)

It's hosted on tildegit at https://tildegit.org/karx/sandwich. PRs or patches sent to my tilde email are welcome, I'm probably going to accept changes almost every time.

I look forward to your feedback/your PRs!

-- ~karx

>20 isvarahparamahkrsnah @ 2021/02/16 14:15

I haven't worked on any major projects this year.
Thanks for the reminder! I need to do something now!

>21 Krabs @ 2021/02/20 04:28

I've been working on and off again on this C++ productivity tool similar to apple's
calender app but open source. I made good progress but I got frustrated while trying
to link the makefile to a compiled Boost library.

Guess it's back to twitter and discord bots for me lol.

>22 chmod777 @ 2021/02/21 12:43

I've got one major project that I'm working on and an endless backlog of ideas and plans. My project is a dice notation interpreter written in Rust. It implements most of Roll20's syntax. Right now I just need to finish some of more obscure parts of the grammer.

With it you can write something like:
/roll 2d8 * ceil(1d6/2)

And depending on the rolls it might display as:
(3+5) * (2) = 16

I've made a little gtk app for it that I'm going to release as a flatpak soon(TM).

>23 hrnekbezucha @ 2021/02/24 20:35

there's a never-ending list of stuff i'm working on, projects in various stages of abandonment but these are the most current and active:

* experimenting with booze making and writing about it on gemini
* customizing freshly installed distro, that'll take a while
* daily yoga routine to generate some joy
* redesigning old diode rom pcb project for smd and usb-power

>24 chmod777 @ 2021/03/10 23:24


I just finished designing my second PCB for a game controller. This is part of a larger project to create a sort of switch light style handheld for emulators. The handeld will be based on the pi 4 compute module and the controller uses the pi pico micro controller.

>25 jmmartin @ 2021/04/03 22:18

I have started playing with Gemini CGI scripts. I have had some fun, and ended up making a script that fetches news headers of a given topic.
I plan to continue exploring the potential of Gemini.


>26 kalium @ 2021/04/04 09:27

More writing and worldbuilding projects than I can be realistically expected to complete. Somehow I keep going anyway. I have about... four on the go at the moment? Fantasy, a touch of xenofiction, some cartoony fun stuff.

Lots of maps too, I'm slightly obsessed with them: http://lilaclynx.net/maps.html