irc integration by aewens | tildeverse BBJ

>0 aewens @ 2018/07/31 20:49

Via my IRC bot, BabiliBot, the bbj forum will now be mirror to #team in the IRC chat over at

>1 ben @ 2018/07/31 20:53

does it also post about comments??

>2 brendantcc @ 2018/08/20 01:11

~ben: from what I can tell, yes.

>3 aewens @ 2018/09/15 23:32


Disregard, testing to see if it this works with the Python port (there may be more responses like this if it doesn't work)

>4 aewens @ 2018/09/15 23:38


Again, disregard, running another test for BabiliBot|py (may be one more after this)

>5 aewens @ 2018/09/15 23:59


Disregard, third time's the charm right?

>6 aewens @ 2018/09/16 00:07


Disregard. Looks like bbj is weird and takes in JSON as it's POST arguments and not url-encoded parameters. I guess axios in in node.js did this by default? In any case, this is weird and I'm just going to blame desvox for these issues. Hopefully this time it worked?

>7 desvox @ 2018/09/29 23:45


what are you trying to do exactly?

Here's the dealio: you send an HTTP request as a POST, the url is your endpoint, all the arguments for that endpoint are defined as a json object inside of the body. Maybe this is weird?

I dont know anything about nodejs. Wish I could tell you how to POST with a body on axios.

>8 aewens @ 2018/11/26 16:24

Bleep bloop, is this still pushing to IRC?

>9 ben @ 2019/03/01 18:42

does it use the right link now? :)

>10 xfnw @ 2020/08/19 23:34

did you turn this off? it seems to nolonger work