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>0 ben @ 2019/02/25 19:25

hey hi hello everyone. not sure if this has been brought up here on bbj
but i thought it would be worthwhile to mention

if you've got an account on, you should be automatically 
subscribed to the list. if you want to 
change your delivery email address or other settings, you can make an
account with your address and adjust as needed.

one of the goals is to have one list per member tilde, plus a general 
meta-list, and other topical lists as needed. they're all listed on 
the homepage (

if you would like to have another list created, please let me (ben)
know, here on this thread or by email or irc and i can create them as

>1 fastidious @ 2021/03/24 17:39


> one of the goals is to have one list per member tilde

So, having each member to have its own list? Is there a reason behind it? I don't think it is a bad idea--for example, members could use their member list as a public mailbox--but would like to hear about what prompted that goal.


>2 defunct @ 2021/06/26 09:20

I think what the OP refers to is that each tilde on the tildeverse has a mailing list. has one, has one, and so forth

>3 jazei @ 2023/04/18 19:58

I need to send a reply by mutt for join mailing list?
Or I will get mails automaticly?

>4 fenris @ 2023/04/23 14:31

I think you're subscribed by default, at least I was when joining

>5 jazei @ 2023/04/26 08:09

That`s right, Thank you for you reply-hel>>4