welcome tilde.club!! by ben | tildeverse BBJ

>0 ben @ 2019/09/16 05:59

hello bbj friends!

i'm excited to announce that deepend and i are reviving tilde.club, the OG!

we'll be working hard to get things back up and running as well as adding some 
new services and getting people signed up that have been waiting for a long
time on that waitlist!

>1 hypron @ 2019/09/16 06:15


I posted a screenshot on my twitter of how I've been waiting 5 years for the invite, pretty cool to finally get in here

>2 gilest @ 2019/09/16 09:51

Thank you ben and deepend for the work you're putting in on behalf of this community.>>OP

>3 tallship @ 2019/09/17 08:45

Great thing that .club has opened up again, with new infra to boot!

Looking forward to a great tildeversed community with ever widening concentric circles from the point where the first ~ splashed into the lake!

>4 bupkes @ 2019/09/22 17:05

Thanks ~ben :)

>5 necrotechno @ 2019/10/30 16:57

thanks ben and deepend!

the server rules and so do you!

>6 deepend @ 2019/12/11 05:20


How are things looking from a user perspective on tilde.club?   

We are constantly working to improve and keep ~club a great system to be on.

>7 hexen @ 2019/12/11 17:02


I'm a new user here, so far so good! It would be helpful if the info you get in the prompt when you log in was available as default in a text file in your home directory. That would help beginners like me, I think.

>8 bacterio @ 2019/12/13 08:02


Welcome hexen,

Not sure if there is a better way, but you can do that yourself. Just copy motd to your homedir

cp /etc/motd intro.txt


>9 a @ 2019/12/13 20:47

Hey, people. I've been enjoing Tilde so far. This is so awsome. I hope the best of luck with you! Also, BBJ on here is quite cool and intresting. I'm loving it atm.

>10 bacterio @ 2019/12/14 17:19


Well, enough time to everybody here to see how dumb I am. hexen, a much proper and easy way to read the motd is... TA DA! use the motd command. So:


it's what you are looking for.


>11 peron @ 2020/09/08 01:04

Hello bacterio!
I'm recently here too. Have a nice day

>12 isvarahparamahkrsnah @ 2021/10/16 10:07

Holla holla holla!

dj isvarahparamahkrsnah has entered the club!