Trying to keep going by Rushd | tildeverse BBJ

>0 Rushd @ 2020/05/12 00:54

So here we are in May 2020, most of us are still in quarantine. For the first couple of days, even 2-3 weeks, it was easy to cope with. But now this new life is driving me crazy!
Although I'm living in a war zone and I had a lot of time in curfew, I still find this more difficult. I don't know why. Maybe I'm too old to be patient, or maybe social distancing is driving me crazy. We are social creatures after all. 

Because I had a lot of spare time, I even got bored from my main hobby "reading". So I started to go back to my linux OS old computer, and ta da !! I ended up here guys !

Thanks for this community. I hope it will survive and keep us happy!

Take care all <3

>1 wgreenhouse @ 2020/06/06 14:57


I hope that you are hanging in there, ~Rushd.

I am also feeling a little crazy, but trying to make the most of it by playing music.