Are you a winter person? by alex11 | tildeverse BBJ

>0 alex11 @ 2022/02/21 19:26

Are you a winter person? For me personally I'm definitely not, winter is usually an exercise in "please hurry up so spring can get here", but I do know some people enjoy it. What's your favorite season?

>1 anonymous @ 2022/02/22 16:10



>2 anonymous @ 2022/02/24 00:21


:/ Sadly no. I grew up in a sunny climate in the US and then moved to a place with winter, and didn't mind it much, 
but when I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I think it kinda solidified that, at the very least, that the city I was living
in wasn't for me. 

I think its the lack of sun that gets to me, I start to get depressed, mopey and lack motivation. I've tried exercise, sun lamps,
and diet tweaks. They all help *some* but at the end of the day I think I'd rather have a slightly cloudy day. 

The heat on the other hand has never bothered me, I don't think I love it, but I feel like I can get past it. I don't wish for
it; again, I'll take bright day or a cloudy day. 

lol - this answer was so long and convoluted :)

>3 gritty @ 2022/03/10 14:47

I was.  It seems cliche, but the older I get, the less I like winter.  However, due to global warming I'm more concerned that it's not as cold as I remember and would rather be inconvenienced than have to worry about that.

>4 fenris @ 2022/03/10 19:32

The problem with the summer is the high temperature.
So yes, I prefer winter time.

>5 jan6 @ 2022/03/17 00:04


same, I can't stand summer because it's hot and bright, and there's nothing to really do about the hotness
all other seasons are great tho, shovelling snow is a bit annoying, sure, but here, there isn't that much of it
of course, global warming's a b**h, and ruins the winters as of late, and messing with plants 'n stuff, going "warm-chilly-chilly-warm-chilly-hey, it's spring!...just kidding!...hey, have a few degrees below zero (C)...naaaah, let's not..." etc, for like, half the winter...

>6 grizzly @ 2022/03/18 23:07


for me, my favorite season is winter <3

>7 jacksonbenete @ 2022/03/19 01:05

I used to say that I liked one over another.
But I think that in the end I don't really care.

If it's hot I turn on the air conditioner, if it's cold I turn on the heater.

I'm used to something around -6 to 44 Celsius 
(street thermometer, sometimes it was even more,
and I didn't had air conditioner nor heater back then)

So it's quite cold but also quite hot.
Not Russian cold nor African hot, but... bad.

You get used to it.

I never saw snow, even in lower temperatures below zero
doesn't make it snow in Brazil.
Now I'm in Argentina and it also doesn't snow unless
you go more to the South I guess.

>8 reddish @ 2022/03/20 02:51

simple answer: no.

>9 ben @ 2022/04/26 18:45

i love winter sports (namely skiing) but i hate doing snow relocation so yes and no

>10 ffuentes @ 2022/04/26 20:08

I hate to admit it but I like the summer more, there's more light and it makes me wanna stay outside and I've probably had enough cold winters already (being at home and feeling cold inside).

>11 anonymous @ 2022/06/08 10:11

I really love winter.

>12 m1k3 @ 2022/06/21 01:16


100% winter person. Actually, Autumn if I could have that year-round but I would take
winter next. I lived in Florida for a year and couldn't handle the heat. I guess
I'm mostly acclimated to cooler climates.

>13 savoy @ 2022/09/06 23:29

I adore winter

My entire life has been spent in hot places, just once I want to live somewhere with seasons and an actual fall/winter.

>14 eggy @ 2022/09/11 12:08

I am the same way, I used to just like hangout outside in the middle of (northern US) winter, but more and more I think I like it less, especially with seasonal depression.  I think I like the cold up until new years then I am ready for the spring.  But I agree the lack of coldness makes me sad too

>15 danignat @ 2022/09/15 07:34

The winter is comming :) ....
and I don't like it at all. It's cold, sometimes under -20 Celsius deg., could be a lot of snow and I'm too lazy to get my car and my parking place cleaned, so I have to find alternative ways for going to work. And if it isn't very cold, there is a lot of melted snow mixed with dirt and dust everywhere.

So, no, I don't like it. I like summer, when I can go to scuba diving :)

>16 mirage @ 2022/09/15 08:50


For me, it really depends on the type of winter. I lived in New England as a kid and I really liked the snowy winters there - it felt very distinct from the other seasons, and you could do all sorts of unique winter activities such as sledding that you couldn't in any other season. Later on, I moved to many other places, including Japan (Tokyo metro region) and southern Virginia, and winter in those places sucks. It's cold enough to be annoying, but you can't do anything fun or special that you can't in the other seasons, it just makes life more annoying. So depending on the type of winter, it's either my favorite or least favorite season.

>17 tash @ 2022/09/22 04:03

Where I live, the winters aren't that cold and the summers are blazing hot
so i would have to say that I enjoy the winters wayyyy better since I'm not
practically melting all the time. Also with cold, you can always put on more
layers. With heat on the other hand, at a certain point you are unable to
remove anything more, at least not without peeling your skin off, which I
imagine is at least slightly unpleasent.

>18 bread @ 2022/10/24 12:39

Personally I like Spring/Autumn the best; nice breeze, not so cold that you need a heater, etc. I just find both extremes a bit unpleasent really.