Filde: a search engine for the Tildeverse by luqaska | tildeverse BBJ

>0 luqaska @ 2021/12/17 21:56

So, some months ago, I was thinking, while I was working on a little search engine project, I looked at the enormous pile of content that is on the scattered Tildeverse and asociated websites, without a way to properly find them, so I thought "Hey, what if I do, using the code from this thing I was working something like that?"
This is the way this little Search Engine project born... So, after discovering this forum, and finally getting our first 300 indexed results, I suggest all of you to visit it, submit new websites and contribute, with ideas/code.

- Filde (search engine):
- Submit:
- Code:

You can send your suggestions and opinions below!!!

>1 luqaska @ 2021/12/17 22:00

I'll be uploading news about this project throught this Mastodon:
If you want to follow the further development of this project, along some possible ones.

>2 blakesmith @ 2021/12/18 03:46

Nice, is the frontend made in php?

>3 luqaska @ 2021/12/18 18:02


Thank you! Yes, the frontend of Filde was made on PHP (and a little of JS) (the JS doesn't works really)