using BBJ how do you translate any paragraphs of here? because I ... by jazei | tildeverse BBJ

>0 jazei @ 2023/04/20 08:48

If I resalt or highlight and then do  Ctrl-c with mounse I take off the paragraphs. but I am take off of BBJ too. but I don't want to exit from here. I just want to copy.
and BBj say somethng about anon...

>1 ultrachip @ 2023/04/20 14:43


A lot of terminal programs don't use the "standard" hotkeys for copy/paste. 

I think I remember you saying you're using PuTTY - if I remember right with PuTTY it will automatically copy anything you highlight to the clipboard, no hotkey or menu selection neccessary.

>2 jazei @ 2023/04/21 09:55

Wow yes! thank you!!! I use putty in win... I will test it in linux too, and if necessary I will reinstall putty on linux.
highlight text copy. Thanks>>1

>3 jdtron @ 2023/05/04 16:48


Why would you ever install putty on Linux?
You can use OpenSSH just fine.

As I can tell, Putty is just a thing on Windows.