What do you expect from a Tilde server? by anonymous | tildeverse BBJ

>0 anonymous @ 2022/06/08 10:16

I know that some people only wants to "test" or learn some linux commands.
Also there are people that prefer socialize using bbj as an example or mail, but
what do you expect here?
Whats your idea of the perfect "tildeverse"? or what do you think that tildeverse will/should be in the future?
(Sorry, there are a lot of questions :) )

>1 exxxxkc @ 2022/07/12 17:54

web host n irc

>2 winterbreeze @ 2022/07/13 14:07


imho my idea for tildeverse would be a loosely-interconnected
federation of mostly-independent systems, each with its own
community and culture, that are built around old-skool, 
'traditional' technology like IRC or BBSes (or even NNTP,
why not?)

personally I'd like to be able to chat IRC-style with people
from other tildes, or discuss together in some sort of federated
BBS. in any case, the old-school feel should be preserved, as
a necessary 'barrier-of-entry' (and with that I don't mean elitism
or something, but a 'speed control' of sorts in adopting new users.
imho fast influxes of new people in any community without any time
for them to acclimate tend to ruin the communities long-term, like
usenet's eternal september). taking the time to learn the technology
forces the new users to 'slow down' and acclimate.

>3 peron @ 2022/08/30 19:14


IMO a tilde should be a learning community in a remote, cooperative,
minimalistic and non-commercial computer environment.

>4 bradbrownjr @ 2022/11/13 02:37


I was drawn in by the community aspect. I grew up with BBSes, 
and ran my own dial-up for a while. It was a very small 
community of a few local friends. My high school had a BBS
where I met friends I wouldn't have ever spoken to in the halls.

I hadn't been on a shared *nix system and thought it would be
neat to be able to type 'who' and actually see other people
in the system with me.

I've found a great community here. A diverse group of people
all over, many of whom have been helpful. I've already learned
a lot in just a couple of days, and I thought I had a pretty 
good handle on Linux. :)