Thoughts on making a Discord server for the Tildeverse? by reddish | tildeverse BBJ

>0 reddish @ 2022/10/15 03:47

it's seems like it would be a good idea to make one :P

>1 marval @ 2022/10/17 10:20

I think a Discord server would not be in line with the tilde/pubnix basic idea, that is to interact through the shared machine.
There are already a bunch of systems to communicate (irc, bbj, mailing lists, ...) that are already up and are used daily.
They are a bit less user friendly, but offer more or less the same services and are great occasions to learn something new.

>2 anonymous @ 2022/10/20 17:56


I also don't see why it should exist,
IRC works well enough

>3 tomasino @ 2022/10/28 16:14


More specifically Discord is a centralized system that can't be self-hosted and
managed. That is antithetical to the idea of a tilde. We run the IRC servers
and federate them together to form our network. We run the XMPP node.

Running a Discord chat would be like having a Facebook page. It's fine for some
use-cases, but not tildes.

>4 blongden @ 2022/11/06 19:07

agree with all of the above. Discord is not tildeverse (even though the servers are managed by the community, they're not owned by it). No from me even though I'm newly back from literal years away...!

>5 savoy @ 2022/11/08 15:33

I know some don't like the idea of Matrix due to its heavy approach (especially compared to something like XMPP), but even that would be much better software to use over Discord. Especially as the Conduit homeserver implementation continues its growth, as it's incredibly lightweight in comparison to Synapse and even Dendrite.

>6 bradbrownjr @ 2022/11/13 00:06

I concur

>7 anonymous @ 2022/11/17 00:51


>8 qugalet @ 2022/11/17 11:37


same, it would be great!

>9 cstml @ 2022/11/17 21:13

I like the absence of a Discord server.

>10 fenris @ 2022/11/19 14:13

Same here

>11 anthk @ 2022/11/21 13:09


- Discord "servers" are not servers, but channels.

- You don't own neither your data nor actual servers, Discord does.

- Even with Bitlbee, command line clients are sparse
and not as powerful an usable as an IRC or XMPP

>12 jacksonbenete @ 2022/11/25 18:28


I agree with everyone specially regarding Discord owning everything.
But if I know where you're coming from, which is that, IRC, bbj and others
are quite laborious to use, I agree.
Is not like I don't know how to use irc for example.
I do.
But it's not easy or intuitive at all specially if you're sometime without
using it.

I like BBJ but it's also quite laborious, as we have to ssh into to be able
to drop a message.
It's both part of the fun, but also what prevents me to participate more,
because sometimes I'm quite tired and just wanted to reply quickly.
Being able to do that in the web version would be good.

I like irc and I still use it sometimes specially on Dejatoons.
I don't use Discord at all, but I can see how Discord is way more comfortable.

Maybe it's only me though. :P

>13 anonymous @ 2022/11/25 23:35

alias bbjtv="ssh user@host bbjtv"

>14 mieum @ 2022/12/02 06:33


I wholeheartedly oppose any unholy matrimony between the tildeverse and a discord "server"

>15 mieum @ 2022/12/02 06:34


Also, runs an xmpp server, which you may prefer over irc.

>16 anonymous @ 2022/12/02 17:26


>17 quark @ 2023/03/09 15:36

Totally dislike Discord. I would pass, but have fun with it! :-D