What's your New Year ritual? by xiu | tildeverse BBJ

>0 xiu @ 2022/12/26 11:11

Does anyone here have rituals around new year?

I never used to have one until a friend introduced me to Year Compass (yearcompass.com). It's a bit confronting at times, and not exactly champagne and confetti, but has become a household custom here.

>1 gasconheart @ 2022/12/30 08:40

Not really a ritual. My kid and I began it just last year. I hope it sticks.

Basically, we were at a hotel, alongside tens of other people, it was 2021 to 2022. Everybody was watching some kind of firework show, taking pictures and videotaping. So we began to shout "Happy 2023!"--while transitioning from 2021 to 2022. So when these people watch this videos years later, we hope they'd be confused as to what year they went there to that hotel. Hehehehe. We are somewhere else this year, we intend to do the same thing. So the tradition or ritual can become established.

>2 fenris @ 2022/12/30 15:54

Well done!

>3 xiu @ 2023/01/03 14:59


That's adorable! XD

>4 thisisjaymehta @ 2023/01/18 12:52


To complete my lasy 4 new year resolutions