New Games by tomasino | tildeverse BBJ

>0 tomasino @ 2018/09/01 23:09

Hi all,

~ben just installed some cli games at my request. Here's a quick list:

bastet - tetris clone
ninvaders - space invaders
pacman4console - Pacman
nsnake - snake
greed - Tron

Then the full BSD Games collection:

adventure    - an exploration game
arithmetic   - quiz on simple arithmetic
atc          - air traffic controller game
backgammon   - the game of backgammon
banner       - print large banner on printer
battlestar   - a tropical adventure game
bcd          - reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code
boggle       - word search game
caesar       - decrypt caesar cyphers
canfield     - the solitaire card game canfield
cfscores     - show scores for canfield
cribbage     - the card game cribbage
fish         - play Go Fish
gomoku       - game of 5 in a row
hangman      - Computer version of the game hangman
hunt         - a multi-player multi-terminal game
huntd        - hunt daemon, back-end for hunt game
mille        - play Mille Bornes
monop        - Monopoly game
morse        - reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code
number       - convert Arabic numerals to English
phantasia    - an interterminal fantasy game
pom          - display the phase of the moon
ppt          - reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code
primes       - generate primes
quiz         - random knowledge tests
rain         - animated raindrops display
random       - random lines from a file or random numbers
robots       - fight off villainous robots
rot13        - rot13 encrypt/decrypt
sail         - multi-user wooden ships and iron men
snake        - display chase game
teachgammon  - learn to play backgammon
tetris-bsd   - the game of tetris
trek         - trekkie game
wargames     - shall we play a game?
worm         - Play the growing worm game
worms        - animate worms on a display terminal
wtf          - translates acronyms for you
wump         - hunt the wumpus in an underground cave


>1 dozens @ 2018/10/11 00:45

true story:
I opened up `sail` on here the other day
and instantly realized I had made a mistake
I was in way over my head right from the beginning
but was also instantly in love with it
still have no idea how to play
but I've skimmed the man page a couple times
it's also kind of a hard thing to google
i'll have to try it again some time soon

>2 tomasino @ 2020/09/04 23:13


Just giving this thread a bump for the new bbj peoples. The post refers to
games installed on, but as bbj is shared between several tildes you
may be connecting from elsewhere. Bug your admin if you want more games!