Raspberry? by justin | tildeverse BBJ

>0 justin @ 2020/08/16 01:37

Anyone doing anything interesting with a Raspberry Pi? I've got one on the way and I always like hearing what people are doing with theirs.

>1 blitzkraft @ 2020/08/17 01:13


I use mine as a retropie - running retro games. One for a 3d printer, running octopi. Another one for just messing around.

>2 Geo @ 2020/08/17 22:42


I dunno if it's interesting, but my dad and I have been working on converting one into a digital picture frame, with a small little LCD, that you can make display any picture by uploading it to a folder through ssh or ftp and it auto rotates between all files in that folder. I think it'd be pretty cool to also add movie, animated GIF and wallpaper, and perhaps even screensaver support, but so far all it can do is display static images.

We've also considered getting a newer one and turning that one into a mini-arcade cabinet as well, perhaps with a joystick and such, but that's just an idea so far...

>3 klve @ 2020/08/19 12:57


I'm working on cyberdeck (it was a new term for me but browse reddit for inspiration) with multiple tiny
lcd screens. At the moment I'm only working on hooking up the screens but in the end deck should look like 
an ordinary ortholinear keyboard with screens on the top side of a keyboard. 

All cyberdecks look very cool but not functional, mine will probably turn out the same but the idea of it
is to act as macro keyboard with easily programmable visual response.

>4 xfnw @ 2020/08/19 23:28

pi-hole is pretty cool

you can also use pi hole to connect to a .tilde supporting
dns server so you can connect to .tilde domains