Raspberry? by justin | tildeverse BBJ

>0 justin @ 2020/08/16 01:37

Anyone doing anything interesting with a Raspberry Pi? I've got one on the way and I always like hearing what people are doing with theirs.

>1 blitzkraft @ 2020/08/17 01:13


I use mine as a retropie - running retro games. One for a 3d printer, running octopi. Another one for just messing around.

>2 Geo @ 2020/08/17 22:42


I dunno if it's interesting, but my dad and I have been working on converting one into a digital picture frame, with a small little LCD, that you can make display any picture by uploading it to a folder through ssh or ftp and it auto rotates between all files in that folder. I think it'd be pretty cool to also add movie, animated GIF and wallpaper, and perhaps even screensaver support, but so far all it can do is display static images.

We've also considered getting a newer one and turning that one into a mini-arcade cabinet as well, perhaps with a joystick and such, but that's just an idea so far...

>3 klve @ 2020/08/19 12:57


I'm working on cyberdeck (it was a new term for me but browse reddit for inspiration) with multiple tiny
lcd screens. At the moment I'm only working on hooking up the screens but in the end deck should look like 
an ordinary ortholinear keyboard with screens on the top side of a keyboard. 

All cyberdecks look very cool but not functional, mine will probably turn out the same but the idea of it
is to act as macro keyboard with easily programmable visual response.

>4 xfnw @ 2020/08/19 23:28

pi-hole is pretty cool

you can also use pi hole to connect to a .tilde supporting
dns server so you can connect to .tilde domains

>5 Julian Marcos @ 2020/12/03 06:14

I use mine as ssh server to home with:
	docker (installed netdata), 
	nginx ( with various subdomains ),
	git server ( gitea ),
	mysql server ( Mariadb ),
	bind ( DNS Server ),
Runing debian ( On my mopi )

>6 anonymous @ 2020/12/05 10:24

I have an RPI3 and it works as an excellent plex streamer and a torrent box. One caveat is that it is no good for transcoding and all my videos are .x264 format.

>7 mieum @ 2020/12/07 12:58


The one I have now is mostly just a personal server for experimenting and learning about Linux and sysadmin stuff.

I have plans to use a Pi Zero as a weather station once I can get my hands on all the supplies (and the time).

>8 guy @ 2020/12/12 23:18

Jeff Geerling has a good video on YouTube demonstrating how to set one up as a high-end webcam. I'm tempted to go through that since it seems like a good option for having optical blur.

>9 rebello @ 2021/01/10 21:02

Yes! I happen to be using the new Pi 400 for all my programming and tilde usage!>>OP

>10 dgy @ 2021/01/11 04:26

i have an rpi4 that i use for retropie and possibly streaming said retropie-ing
i have a 3b that might get turned into a cyberdeck/small laptop-ish type thing when i get the money

>11 zce @ 2021/01/11 23:23


I have like 5 pis: a 1A, 1B, 1B+, 3B and 4 (4GB model).

I'm currently using the pi4 with pi-hole installed. Was experimenting with a couple
other things on there as well but so far pi-hole remains the only thing being
used 24/7.

>12 anonymous @ 2021/01/15 01:56

I am using one as a tor node, one as an archiveteam warrior.

i suggest all of you run an archiveteam warrior on some spare machine. it's a good cause.

so is a tor node, but some are worried about the feds bothering them about it

>13 chmod777 @ 2021/02/22 01:38

I am designing a PCB for the pi 4 compute module to make a custom handheld. It's all in the very early stages.

>14 The Free Thinker @ 2021/02/23 02:57


I've been messing about with an "Atomic Pi" instead, see here for lots of blabbering about it:

>15 erin @ 2021/04/02 23:13


I'm currently runnning a pi-hole dns on it,
as well as a few tor onion services for some of my sites.

Can't do this currently, but I've been wanting to make a small
pubnix focused around low-tech stuff.

>16 anonymous @ 2021/06/19 05:24

Currently using my pi zero as an everyday ultra low powered computer. 
I am posting this on tilde using pi zero. Not bad for such a small computer.

>17 Krabs @ 2021/07/24 20:39


I have been using a raspberry pi as an icecast server for a while. Bluetooth sucks at mid to long range so whenever I need to do the dishes or extend my desktop audio to a speaker or something I can send my desktop audio to an Icecast server via an alsa plugin. I was also going to use it for dns but an update to arch linux ARM broke my setup. It's not too hard to reinstall at least.

>18 jdtron @ 2021/07/27 17:03

Using a Pi 3B as a small home server for a while now.
There's not that much running on it... A Caddy webserver,
Docker containers and a few self built APIs and services.

>19 grawlix @ 2021/08/18 05:03


My Pi 3B runs RAudio so I can have a Spotify sink in the other room.

>20 ew0k @ 2021/08/27 20:54

My home server is a RPi 3B (possibly 3B+). I'm running apache, sshd, and gemserv on it. It acts as remote storage since I mount it on my laptop with sshfs+autofs.

I'm actually planning to replace it with a 1B, and use the 3B as media center/game console/dev box. We'll see when I get around to that and how it turns out.

>21 RunningUtes @ 2021/10/03 01:07

I've got a pi zero set up for pi-hole, another pi-hole for a web server, and a pi4 (it's much faster) as a minecraft server using PowerNukkit

>22 ogmios @ 2021/11/17 05:51

I have a couple of them. One of them is connected to the TV in my office in kiosk mode so that it automatically loads my local grafana instance and cycles through all my dashboards for my local network and server stats. Four of them are running various services such as bind9, ntp, apache, prometheus, grafana, nfs, web filter and proxy for the VLAN used by my kids and their gear. The ntp server is a stratum 1 server with a GPS HAT that is doing pulse per second measurements. The offset is typically ~25ns. I manage them with a couple of ansible playbooks. I have a playbook for upgrading them all and creating images of the storage cards on an nfs server.

>23 hakushu @ 2021/11/28 04:28


I'm in a project that uses zero Ws in a network to control distributed lights and speakers. I make stuff for myself and artists to create on these systems with.

>24 jdtron @ 2021/11/28 17:48

Today I found a Pi 2 in my living room (almost forgot I got that).
I planned on experimenting a little bit over the next week and build a IRC onion service with it.
First time hosting an IRC server and first time hosting something on Tor.
Little bit hyped right now about how it will turn out! And if I mess up or not :D

>25 wasolili @ 2021/12/04 04:08

i set one up to take pictures for timelapses, but have yet to have anything worth timelapsing :)

>26 thomas @ 2021/12/09 05:01


My dad uses Pis for his desktop and tinkering with OS installs and trying out things like external NVMe drives. I've used them for doing digital ham radio modes like FT-8 hooked up to a ham radio. I also have used them to run USB radio receiver sticks like the RTL-SDR.