Looking for a Hardware or Architecture to call mine by jacksonbenete | tildeverse BBJ

>0 jacksonbenete @ 2022/11/25 18:43

(By Hardware I mean microprocessors and microcontrollers)

I've been looking for a piece of hardware to have some fun with.

But I'm completely ignorant regarding Hardware.
I see people very passionate about Commodore and Amiga, and how much
they were elegant hardware and such, but I don't really understand what
makes them more elegant than other hardware out there.
If you know those machines, please go ahead to express your love about them.
(Maybe they mean they love the Software? Because both were 
MOS 2510 and Motorola 68000, right?)

Let me tell you what I'm looking for and why.

I've tried to learn about hardware and assembly before, but never dig much deep.
I know that some of those old machines have very good and elaborate manuals.
I know people used to learn about computers (like architecture and everything)
just by reading their personal computers manual.
That's very fun, this is mostly what makes me interested about those machines.

On the other hand we have other things available nowadays.
ESP32, STM32, Arduino and so on...

I'm looking for a hardware that have good manuals or literature about it.
Easy enough to get my head around, even if that means it's 8-bit if that
would make things easier.
Preferably if it has emulators around or good software for macOS, because
I'm in a country which can be quite difficult and expensive to get the
real hardware.
(That's also why ESP32 and new hardware could be better maybe)

What I want is to understand the hardware, the architecture, the assembly
implementation, and play with it, like implementing my own interpreter
or compiler for something and build small programs either in asm or
this interpreter.

Pretty much explore the hardware.

I don't understand about hardware though, I don't know what makes something
good to pick one over others. I don't know if there is something else new
around apart from ESP32, or where to look.

Maybe I should just go for a Motorola 6800?
On the other hand newer hardwares might have a more modern/elegant
instruction set...

As you see, I'm completely confused.
Any suggestion?