Where do you go for tech news? by gambit | tildeverse BBJ

>0 gambit @ 2020/07/01 23:03

Hacker News is my goto: https://news.ycombinator.com/

Wondering where others get their tech news from.

Note: I am currently boycotting reddit.

>1 tinfoil-hat @ 2020/07/13 01:56

I get my News the classic way via mailing lists and RSS Feeds. I have created a dedicated email address on my mailserver to be able to differ the messages. You can still find RSS Feeds for almost any page, you just have to know where to search and have to manipulate some URLs manually.

>2 blitzkraft @ 2020/07/20 02:22

I too get my stuff from RSS feeds. I follow some tech channels on youtube, and have a curated list of subs on reddit.

>3 caranatar @ 2020/07/21 04:49

mostly twitter these days sadly

>4 schlurp @ 2020/07/21 22:39

There are some great tech channels on Telegram, they usually feature articles from

>5 gambit @ 2020/07/23 02:18

@carantar who do you follow on twitter for tech news?
@schlurp thanks I will chekc out Telegram.

>6 isvarahparamahkrsnah @ 2020/07/30 14:37

HackerNews for software info.
YouTube for hardware info.
Reddit /r/privacy for privacy info.

>7 tubbo @ 2020/08/03 02:41


I like the discussion that happens on https://lobste.rs for tech news.

>8 rpdillon @ 2020/09/17 02:13

This is a cool question!  I was a Google News user for years, then moved to TT-RSS, and now use FreshRSS (self-hosted, sqlite).

Every site has its own quirks.  I've found that companies/organizations come and go, but _people_ tend to endure.  So my RSS feed is a mix of aggregators and blogs run by individuals that I trust.

Most individuals don't post that often: ImperialViolet, Sam Altman, Fabien Sanglard, James Hamilton, Chris Wellons, Peter Norvig, Mike Bostock, and Jeff Vogel post rarely, but I keep them in my feed reader for the times when they do.

I also follow the Emacs subreddit because I haven't found a better gathering of Emacs users.  I'd like to see that community move to something less...monetized, but so far that's just a hope.

A special case is John Carmack's Twitter feed.  I follow his work very closely, and Twitter seems to be the new .plan file.  It's a shame, but I'll take it.

Most of my tech news is from Hacker News, Slashdot (yes, I'm that old, and even though the site has declined, it still seems to cover stuff other sites neglect), TechDirt (I'm a big fan of Mike Masnick), Ars Technica, AnandTech, LWN.net, and High Scalability.

But the whole thing is tricky...I feel like, in 2020, knowing _who_ to listen to is the key.  There are very few corporations I trust: most will publish stuff for the clicks.  Personal blogs tend to be less profit-driven.

>9 tomasino @ 2020/09/17 18:42


Samsies. Lobste.rs is solid. And there's tilde.news of course.

>10 petitpoil @ 2020/09/17 21:20

I get my news here: https://www.developpez.com/ , it is in french though.

I also go to the programmingcirclejerk subreddit from time to time, it can also serve as a news source with a different point of view ;) .

Not so much of a source news (more of a wiki) but wiki.c2.com brings lots of interestring conversations on various subjects, by example : https://wiki.c2.com/?DesignByContract .

>11 deurish @ 2021/01/15 15:16

Mostly the Jupiter Broadcasting podcasts:
Linux Action News: https://linuxactionnews.com/
Linux Unplugged: https://linuxunplugged.com/
But also lobste.rs

>12 johnblood @ 2021/01/30 03:27



I'm one of the writers from It's Foss. Did you know that we now have a site
dedicated to FOSS news? It's news.itsfoss.com. :)

>13 gingertek @ 2021/02/09 21:14

I get most of it from LTT and there sub-channels TechLinked/ShortCircuit. Anything else is just from stuff I see on Twitter and sub-reddits I follow, like /r/webdev (I mostly work in that field)

>14 tomasino @ 2021/02/15 21:07


I like turning in to the Tildeverse News Hour on TildeRadio.org. Unfortunately
that's not actually a show yet. One of you could make it happen. Give us the
1-hour run-down of news in the tildeverse and beyond. What's happening in
pubnixes, in light-powered computing, in hobby electronics? What's the
fad-of-the-day in gopherspace and what's the latest mailing list feud for
Gemini? Inquiring minds want to know and YOU could be the voice.

>15 isvarahparamahkrsnah @ 2021/02/16 14:13

I have HackerNews on my phone for convenience